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  1. What do kerbals' measure energy in? Jools.
  2. A year on from my last request and I ask if you could put this: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/125410-Music-KSP-music-Collection-of-original-music collection into the library under the title 'KSP music collection', thanks in advance!
  3. But the animation is half the appeal! Plus it doesn't take that long, only about 1 hour from finishing editing to finishing uploading, speaking of which. I'm uploading my third symphony (titled:"first") soon, all four movements. I'll post it when it's uploaded. EDIT: oh... a 74 minute upload time... after 45 minutes of rendering? You were right EDIT2: 224 minuites... ummmm...
  4. It was intentional, and I typically don't listen to music as I compose UNTILL I am completely finished, then I go back and make revisions to it. Unless it is something large like my 22 minute symphony, in which case I would write the movements one by one and then listen back. It's all theory. On my level of theory knowledge, I have been offered composing lessons by a known composer... After only being able to read music for 1 year. On the other hand, my music is completely emotionless, I derive all of it via methodical mathematical processes, which yes sometimes turns up dissonance as a chord progression, but very rarely do I use dissonant intervals that are more dissonant than a major second or minor 7th. Especially tritones. But thank you for your kind words! (Should I upload my 2 symphonies?, they're quite long, the first is 16 minutes and the second is 22. If so, should I break each down into each movement as a different video?)
  5. *rolls up sleeves* I would make one about rocket thrust, but I'm just EXHASTed. I could make one about the moons of kerbin, but it would have minmusal effort put in. The SPH is PLANEly the better building, even though I sometimes runwaway with these puns. The mission control seems to have CONTRACTED an obsession with explosions. EDIT: What do kerbals measure energy in? Jools. How do kerbals mass produce things? They use a laythe.
  6. No limits? A new form of calculus (badum tish). On topic: Probably a monorail between all the planets and moons in a giant net. Or artificial rings covered in solar panels around Jool.
  7. Dat hidden rust pun though. 10/10. 1v1 me rust, LV-45s only, no RCS.
  8. [insert scott Manley quote about the soviets experimenting with cork as a heat shield material in the 1950-60s] On topic: I love this! It's like an actual flight sim, do you know any hydraulics engineers that would be willing to build a system that tilts the simpit when you turn the joystick? Like an actual NASA sim.
  9. Don't get me started on 'THE kerbal space program', that annoys the hell out of me. You don't say 'The runescape', 'The club penguin' do you? It's just 'kerbal space program'
  10. I used Sibelius 7 to write them and the animation software can be downloaded here: http://www.musanim.com/player/
  11. That pun in the title rocks. bauxite If anyone tries to steel my puns, just remember, they're mine (as in, a mine)
  12. KSP music Orchestral music 'First' symphony: 1st movement: ** 2nd movement: **** 3rd movement: *** 4th movement: ***** This symphony is actually a programmatic work, it tells a story; the story of the first kerbal to go into space, get distracted by a jazzy melody, fails to notice his orbit decaying, undergoes re-entry, skips off of the atmosphere, re-enters again, and then splashes down. Kerbin overture **** Sounds nice Chamber music Fugues Fugue in E major for string orchestra: **** A fugue that captures both the light-hearted nature of the game and its complexity (I mean, 5 independent melodies at once is quite complex!) Bob's fugue in Ab major: ** No meaning, just sounds nice Other chamber music The kerbal *** The awe of the kerbol system, through the eyes of a kerbal. Any comments, criticisms or suggestions are always welcome!
  13. No steam update for me, even after restarting steam. Restarting computer
  14. AAAAAAAAA no update! Why steam Y u do this to meh
  15. Operation riot in full swing. Commence hype.
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