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  1. The parts look and function great, but the prices are insane in 0.24; all the parts need a price rebalance for career mode.
  2. This is exactly what I was looking for in a weapons mod: mouse aim! Great job on the mod so far, I hope you continue with it. Another thing to think about is incorporating how the Skillful Weapons mod increases the physics load distance so you can engage targets from up to 100km away.
  3. My most unexpected failure happened after I placed a brand new orbital fuel station and remote tech communications array in Kerbin-stationary orbit and sent the first kerbals to man it. As soon as the crew module got within the 2.5km load limit the entire station exploded. Reload after reload, and it kept happening. It still worked as a communications array as long as I didn't look at it. It took me a month before I figured out that the game had copied the station in the exact same spot as the original, and whenever physics loaded it insisted that the two stations simply could not share the same volume of space, which led to the violently explosive separations.
  4. I downloaded the zip file from your wiki and the modules still sink in, though no longer explode. Your connector tunnels and cubes work fine, though.
  5. Great mod. this is what was really needed to flesh out KSP for me. Bug report: The MKS Kerbitats from the zip in the first post sink half into a planet and explode if dropped from any height.
  6. So I've been following this for a year or so. First off, great mod. It brings an incorrigible smile to my face every time I brachistrone to Jool. But the extra textures have never worked in any version for me; every time I unzip the OrionTexturePackv1 and merge the its game data folder to get TurboNisu's beautiful art into KSP, the pusher plate won't shoot bombs and I just fall off the launch clamps. Can anyone help me?
  7. Before I made the OP, I made sure to check the the part in the KSP VAB as well as the wiki to see if the process was explained. It was not. Heck, I still lost 90% of the science for that Duna mission because I didn't know to transfer science by kerbal before cleaning the science part, thinking (erroneously) that "processing" the science in the modular lab did that already. This is like slamming my lander into the Mun over and over again before my first successful touchdown; like getting my first interplanetary transit encounter; like my first interplanetary aerobreaking maneuver. Totally FUBAR. It's a new learning curve, which is ultimately why I like campaign! It gives me the opportunity to do amazing things with unique restrictions that I don't get in sandbox. I'm still going to use the mobile lab, low part count is as important a quality as low mass, even with the "disastrous*" learning curve. *the mission was unsuccessful due to the lack of science, but the crew made it safely back to Kerbin, so "disastrous" not "catastrophic".
  8. It's weird reading posts defending the "no documentation, it takes too much time" stance, as the game is already documented by Squad. Every progam of even moderate size needs comments to tell other programmers on the development team what it does; indeed, every game feature is documented before it is programmed to make sure the programmers are on the same page. Now that documentation is probably in Spanish, but that's OK; even a hilariously garbled online translation is better than, well, nothing.
  9. I was uninformed and very upset when I posted. I'm still upset, now at my own stupidity for not testing the rig on Minimus. But I hit on another thing in the OP; as long as you need to go to 5 or fewer places on you interplanetary voyage of science, take this: Each masses 0.65t, 0.68t with six other radial instruments.
  10. So, yeah, I totally wasted my life. I will never use this part again; what a waste of everything! I don't know what I thought it was going to do, but I specifically brought one to Duna in campaign. I attached it to my interplanetary drive ship and everything. The idea was that It would "process" the science modules of my reusable lander, and honestly I thought that was it. Turns out "processing" a science module is a 3.5 ton albatross that adds "+15%" to the science transmitted, and the science modules are still dead weight and useless for the rest of the mission! I was going to take the interplanetary stage back to Kerbin anyway so the kerbals could go home, and now the entire mission and two days of real life are scrapped because now I'm at Duna and there is no more science to be done! Damn it, THAT WAS THE ENTIRE POINT! If there was any documentation on the part or on the WIKI I could have just passed on it, and put 5 dockable science capsules for 5 different landings for a grand total 0.475 tons LESS THAN THE MOBILE PROCESSING LAB! It's just so.... worthless...
  11. I have an IDEA! I'm gonna totally skip an asteroid across the Mun/minimus by putting it in a fast, shallow orbit and having it skip into orbit and strike continuously, forever...
  12. I can lift anything to LKO. You know those multiple hundred ton space stations that people build in orbit? I send them up in one piece and send it up in one boost. If you need something boosted, PM me and we'll work something out. I'm also a master at docking. I try not to use RCS anymore and just flip around burn the main rocket motor.
  13. I'll see what I can upgrade the crew module, although it should've been super hard to get a good angle on it when it is in combat; i'll put some struts to firm up the command module. The thing about the SRB salvos is that they are upgradable to fit alternate mission profiles. On turning: use the RCS, it is there for combat turning. It is too big to use RCS for docking, and it has those powerful RCS thrusters to overcome its length; the ASAS/command pod torque is for combat rotation or non-combat positioning.
  14. Guess where this thing just went. Go on, take your time; this one's a stumper.
  15. Submitted for your fighting pleasure: The Kerbal Space Patrol Modular Cruiser D, as it is evidently Laythe capable! Yes, I am just as surprised as you. The Kerbal Space Patrol is a interplanetary organization dedicated to protecting shipping from predation of all kinds, but is against kerbals shooting other kerbals for basically any reason other than self defense. As space is really, really, really big, it has tacitly allowed space based corporations the use of deadly force in protecting their assets should the KSP be unable to render assistance due to the really, really big distances involved, as the because as space is (as said before) really big and patrolling its really, really bigness is hard. As long as it has good intel on the situation at Laythe, the KSP joins the fight on Spiritwolf's side, but the KSP is obligated to defend Hanlan's assets should Spiritwolf attack when a patrolling cruiser is nearby. For realz, I didn't think it could do it. Heck I did it wrong, missed my phase angle launch window, and still made it. The mid-course inclination correction. Yes, this is how I Laythe. Gently aerobraking at 18,802m. Nothing to see here; move along. Achievement Unlocked: Laythe Orbit.