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  1. Well, now beating them at complexity should be much easier.
  2. There is more than one way to combine part functions, and more than one way to eliminate the need for them.
  3. hmm. It doesn't do that for me. I had a funny bug the other day where the brakes locked in reload but I think that was from mods.
  4. Impossible on partcount? We shall see about that.
  5. oh nice. I'm a bit confused at the use of KSP 1.3.1. 128 m/s is a pretty respectable top speed.
  6. At least not in level flight. Though I didn't exactly specify it had to be level flight. Although some engines like separatron can get that high. and props at 1% are plenty useable. Also since ground craft are explicitly allowed, you can always try to go for land speed record.
  7. Mission Realizing that the next great conflict shall be settled by aerial gun chariots animated via the electrical airscrew, we have commissioned you to build such a contraption or a team of such contraptions in order to secure victory in battle against other such craft. Required Mods Reasonably Modern version of KSP with Breaking Ground DLC. Ferram Aerospace Research Continued, 16.0.1 or latest, and dependencies. BD Armory Continued for Runway Project, or latest, and dependencies. Aviator Arsenal 1.5 or latest. Optional mods B9 Pro
  8. Mission profile: Quite simple. Build an aircraft, groundcraft or other vehicle which can move. Set the thrust limiter and/or motor size to 1%, and go as quickly as possible relative to Kerbin's surface. See how fast you can get. Rules: 1. No KAL abuse. 2. No perpetual motion machines. 3. No Magic Wings. 4. Node occlusion abuse is fine. 5. No cannons. Craft should be self-propelled. 6. If you use reaction wheels as a power source, set them to 1%. Categories: Crewed. Have a Kerbal pilotting the craft. 1st: SWJR-SWIS: 128 m/s. Drone. Hav
  9. Ok yes a single nerv isn't that costly, but if we're going for cost optimization... Nerv is probably not the ideal solution for a low delta-V mission. Also KAL tweaking outside slider range is obviously unfair. Just use the drain valves as a resource intake if you're gonna do that. ISP of who cares and thrust of too much.
  10. Is the weight on the 13mm turret historical? That thing feels a bit bonkers. Like, you can put 8 of them on some tiny SPAA and it'll just rip planes to shreds even with damage multiplier set to 100%.
  11. Rules: I need screen shots for proof. No other mods than the ones listed above (unless upon request). Am I missing something here?
  12. The trick is to hack gravity and Alt-F12 it to the shore.
  13. "oh, sorry for not telling you about this, a space station, would have at least 1000 units of liquid fuel, and oxidizer, and it needs to not be used, it should have a cupola module, 2 mobile labs, and has 12 kerbals on board. and rocket+space station should be under 50k bucks. " Is that 1100 u of LF and 900 Ox, 1000 LF and 1000 Ox, 1000 LF and 1222.3 Ox, or 450 LF and 550 Ox? Also you should edit the OP with clarifications Putting them in a comment means people will need to read the full thread to understand what the challenge is. Something many won't do.
  14. wait... Kerbals can combine lifting capacity? 1.11 makes so much more sense now.
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