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  1. It doesn't have a Saturn V lower stage. It has 8x Rocketdyne H-1 for the lower stage. Looking at the H-1 it's... something. 255 s ISP at sealevel. Which is about as efficient and similarly sized to like an R-7 (what would become Sputnik)'s RD-107 except that this mid-50s RD-107 goes to 313 s by the time it's in a vacuum whereas the H-1 made from 1963-1975 goes up to 289 s... oof. I think switching them out for a single F-1 might've actually improved the situation, which is really saying something.
  2. Well yeah but I'm not talking about direct ascent. I'm talking about getting landers from Tylo to Vall and Pol/bop, with enough Delta-V left after a landing to get to wherever the next lander is orbiting. At least if you are not stranding Kerbals. (And if you are, or are sending a probe, just bring 5 and little sub-tonne microlanders, but you get hardly any points for that).
  3. Hmm.. so can we just manually separate and start things?
  4. Ah but can you really use EVA pack or lightweight landers? You still need to maneuver around the Jool system which means you're still putting a ridiculous amount of Delta-V even into a Pol/Bop lander. And EVA pack requires refilling between landings. Which means you have to have a 600+ kg cockpit with you.
  5. 4 tonnes is kinda worryingly high though. If you figure you're gonna need four landers/transferers that size. That's 16 tonnes to low Tylo and Laythe orbit plus the return craft.
  6. Hmm is a Jool 5 viable I wonder?
  7. Build a rover using stock and DLC parts and head generally northward from the KSC. Once you get outside the KSC greens, you must stay above a certain surface speed. Trivial: stay above 20 m/s. Simple: stay above 35 m/s. Moderate: stay above 60 m/s. Difficult: stay above 100 m/s. Impossible: stay above 200 m/s. You may use any stock or DLC parts. Including jets, props, rockets, etc. Jumps are allowed. Sustained flight is not. Although that doesn't prevent you from using air control. Craft must be crewed. The goal is to get as far north as you can on the difficulty you choose before you end up too slow.
  8. Not necessarily. The drag cube for a thing need not even resemble its collision mesh. Many of the science experiments actually have very little drag if any.
  9. Hmm.. magnetometer boom might allow us to make (very weak put probably very light as well) Piston engines with only stock parts. Not even BG. It's supposedly very fragile but I kinda doubt it's fragile in every state and configuration. Re: flags. These could be a revolution in craft aesthetics. What they might also be a revolution in, is, well, revolution. I could see them having some very unusual behaviors and properties in regards to turboshafts and such.
  10. Maybe with copious amounts of .cfg editing lol. Nobody is gonna make a craft that big in sections a few meters long manually.
  11. Kerbin has 14 mountains over 6000 meters in height, separated from taller peaks by at least 500 meters in height (500 meter prominence). The goal of this challenge is to land the same Kerbal on each and every one of them in a single epic mission using any method you can, except cheats or exploits. Your Kerbal should reach over 6000 meters on every landing, and ideally reach the summit. A map of the locations of all fourteen 6000ers. A rather stylized image of some of them.
  12. I will add the new entries later. And wow. Only 322 kg away from being able to launch on an unupgraded runway.
  13. That's an impressive run! And it looks like you stayed under 1 km ground altitude the entire race. If you want to use kOS, you can. But, under the condition that you write the script and build the craft. No using off the shelf scripts that might be out there for automated cruise missile piloting or something.
  14. Wow. Supersonic on drainvalves! That's really impressive.
  15. Well, it should be possible to turn a KAL into a truth table simply enough. The problem I see is that setting a KAL's position is not an analogue action. So I'm not sure something like an AND gate works as intended. But it is very easy to turn a KAL into a series of single floating point parameter functions controlling other KALs.