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  1. Pds314

    Climbing Keverest

    I managed to reach the summit in about 53 minutes ignoring quickloads and quicksaves. Just wow. It's a very circuitous route. You definitely need to zigzag around a lot. But it's all very beautiful... and possibly very dangerous if you fall. (although none of my falls, including quickloaded ones, were lethal, even with helmets off, just caused damage to the craft). Val stares out at the horizon, further than she's ever seen it with her feet on the ground. The run: 61 degrees, 30 minutes, 52 seconds north. 39 degrees, 29 minutes, 30 seconds east. At least, that's where I started. There are other possible routes.
  2. Pds314

    Climbing Keverest

    Lat: 61.5784 Lon: 46.3733 It is 6761 meters high. Yes. Just no rockets/jets/ions/props/ladder drives/kraken drives. At least not for propulsion or sticking to walls. If you want a jet with the exhuast obstructed as an alternator then that's fine.
  3. Your goal is to reach the top of the tallest mountain on Kerbin, starting at a beach, without using a thrust engine or something that works like one. (I.E. Letting you accelerate in mid-air like a rocket or jet or propeller, not by pushing off the ground). Coordinates of the peak: Lat: 61.5784, Lon: 46.3733 The view from the nearest beach. I hope you like sheer cliffs. There is no specific scoring but try to do it as "well" as you can. Pic from the nearest beach.
  4. Pds314

    The Ramjet Challenge

    Ok. So you want an LVT-45-based expendible launch vehicle with no jets or nukes and no mass, size, or partcount limitations, right?
  5. *wonders if we will see an under-5-minute run with your Mach 4 racing egg thing.*
  6. I never said no turboshaft engines so yes. Although from my experience the power/weight of turboshaft engines is broadly inferior to that of optimized electrical ones. Not to mention that the torque on the aircraft is extraordinarilly high compared to electrical engines using magitech reactionless torque wheels. Keep in mind however you shouldn't use the jets to generate net thrust. "Race the the Island on Juno Power" is a completely different category than turboshaft engines.
  7. Oh hey Bradley Whistance, I didn't realize it was you at first until I saw the plane and I was like "I've seen this plane/egg/whatever before, was it on the Odyssey by Bill? No? Maybe?" I suppose your Jool "Lander" isn't really a plane either. >_<
  8. Nice! Although keep in mind he started with a plane / giant egg with a tail and a prop that was supersonic. So if your plane currently does 200 m/s, it isn't gonna suddenly do 1200 just by using all three axes together. My carrier gets nearly 600 kN stationary thrust with just 20 large reaction wheels. It looks to me like his engine may use more than that, AND get sqrt(3) times more torque from each. Even at 23.7 m/s it can get 455 kN.
  9. Not exactly related (other than that all craft shown, including vaporized carrier, are/were prop-powered) but note-to-self, do not, under any circumstances, using Vessel mover on a craft which is parked on a carrier.
  10. I think you either are better at landing or less sleek but accelerating than my craft. My Turboelectric Racer II can do 190 and it only has 20 small SAS wheels.
  11. I'm impressed you managed 7:23 without actually going over 200 m/s. (Unless you did lol)
  12. 8:02 in the Turboelectric Racer III: Pfailure edition. Also no damage, which is genuinely very surprising considering the non-propstrike takeoff and landing speeds are like >65 m/s. This plane is painful to land and take off with in a way that's fast and doesn't destroy an engine. (I.E. you can't use aggressive windmill-braking).
  13. Pds314

    No Cockpit SSTO Challenge

    Attempt #2. Also a failure to reach orbit. Reason: ions have terribad levels of thrust. Craft can't even do 1 m/s^2 acceleration in space, so it would take almost 20 minutes to do the required burn. But hey at least I made a recoverable ICBM with Jeb strapped to the outside. Warranty void if Jeb not strapped to the outside. Unable to remove helmet: too hot.
  14. Pds314

    No Cockpit SSTO Challenge

    Not quite orbit but it's pretty high speed and altitude.
  15. A very bouncy landing but I managed to one-up chargan's plane. My camera is glitching out because of positional errors, i.e. the Kraken, due to BDArmory.