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  1. Hmmm... This makes me want to ignore 90% of the challenge and do it in RO.
  2. Yeah it's deliberately designed to make cost a very subtle factor. The difference between a craft costing 1000, probably the cheapest that could reach orbit, and 1000000, some giant monstrosity of mammoth spam, is a factor of 2 because it scales logarithmically. The idea is more "subtle encouragement not to overdesign" than "cost is as important as thrust limiter." Think of cost as a tie breaker.
  3. Nice. Yeah sorry about the confusion scoring method. @ralanboyle your score is 5.26. I like the choice of using all SRBS until the upper stage. They definitely have both the TWR and the cost for this challenge. @EveMaster your score is 8.82. I like the idea of the ladder upper stage. Reminds me of interplanetary missions in the Caveman challenge. Do be careful not to push against a wall with Kerbals on ladders or they will generate phantom thrust, but this one is clearly fine. It is kinda amazing how strong the vectors and mammoths are for this challenge, but I guess the cost does s
  4. "Kerbal Scale is half of human scale" "4.2 meter parts" Nowhere is this stated ingame or anywhere. 4.2 would also be a very awkward size to actually use, being unevenly between the 3.75m and 5m sizings, and would be probably be better to just add procedural parts. Additionally, there are many ingame counterexamples to 50% scaling. Shuttle parts: the real SRBs used by the shuttle are 3.71m. that's a scaling factor of 34%. The real shuttle bay is 5 meters. Ours is 3.75m. scale factor is 75% Command modules: Vostok has a diameter of 2.5 meters while the M
  5. Yeah long burn Tylo lander was where my scenarios showed the Dart beating the Vector pretty convincingly. Even managing to beat it in cost at Tylo.
  6. The distance readouts in the F3 menu have been broken for at least 6 years. There are mods that can accurately calculate downrange distance, and calculating surface speed isn't difficult. Nor is some trig on the pitch angle of the prograde vector to convert that to horizontal speed or linear altitude scaling to compensate for that for the speed over land category. So why, then, does KSP's F3 menu frequently tell me a completely ridiculous answer for my F3 distance and why haven't the Devs fixed it? You can literally be going at exactly 100 m/s in straight and level flight, press F3, then
  7. 2000 mi in 20 minutes is like.. 2700 m/s average speed. I suspect this is a case of believing the F3 distance readouts which you should never ever do.
  8. Install KRASH and make a custom profile that makes simulations free.
  9. Mission Get a Kerbal to orbit with as low a thrust limiter setting as possible. The scoring will be done by dividing 1000 by your thrust limiter and the natural log of your cost in the VAB/SPH. If you have multiple engines with different limiter settings, the highest thrust limiter will be counted for the final value. Score = 1000 / (Thrust Limiter*ln(cost)) Rules 0. Stock, DLC, and informational mods only. 1. No reactionless drives, Kerbal EVA packs, KAL-9000 outside slider range bug, or abuse of heat shield lifting properties. 2. Lander leg can
  10. Wow so one entry and we're already well below the cost of the big containers.
  11. So.. are we gonna do what they do with buildings and add super skinny barely useful spires on the top of everything actually necessary that nearly double the height? Edit: reread the rules. Command pod would need to be on the spire.
  12. Yeah in fact I would say it's basically a viable noob challenge to AVOID that "go to Minmus/Mun/Gilly/Ike/wherever in a rocket that's physically incapable of directly burning to Kerbol escape from LKO." I would say Duna as well but I'm honestly not sure that's actually possible.
  13. I meant converting ore but feel free by all means to try to design some crazy machine that consumes or manipulates ore in an unusual way.
  14. Nice! My attempts so far have similar glide ratio and speed. I will admit reaching the island might be a tad optimistic if we can't get much better speed and glide ratio.
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