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  1. Enable debugging for Weapons and AI in the settings and then check the log and on-screen telemetry when this happens to see if there's a problem with some of the craft.
  2. I haven't heard of that happening before. You'll need to look in your KSP.log file to see what exceptions are being thrown, which will likely tell you which mod is the root of the problem.
  3. Do you have "Keypad Control" enabled (near the bottom above "Edit Keybindings"), Zoom In/Out bound to keys and the "Zoom Speed" set to a reasonable value? v1.33.0 of CameraTools is now released. It has the following improvements / bugfixes: Add a slider for controlling how long after BDA's secondary dogfight target dies (for non-missiles) before selecting a new secondary non-missile target (to enable lingering on kills). Fix false positives of Krakensbane being active on vessel switches.
  4. The infinite ammo option is for gun, laser and rocket type weapons (you may also need infinite EC for lasers, depending on the laser). The infinite ordinance option is for missiles/bombs, but it only works for reloadable missile launchers, such as the "Twin-mount Missile Rail", "Deployable Missile Pod (Reloading)", "C-VLS-12" and "C-VLS-24" MissilePods and "VLS Quad Cell" from BDArmory-Extended (basically anything with the ModuleMissileRearm module in the part config. So, for infinite bombs, you could add some twin rails or a reloadable deployable missile pod to your craft and add whichever bombs you want to use to them and have this option enabled.
  5. Open the settings window with the cog icon on the weapon manager window, then expand the sections in the image. From the snippet of the log that you posted, it looks like Kopernicus is throwing an exception when handling the event of the ProtoVessel getting loaded (part of the spawning process), which might explain why an aircraft ends up partway into terrain if all the colliders aren't properly loaded (or take a long time to be loaded in the background), however, this is being caught and reported as an error (above the exception's stacktrace), so it doesn't interrupt the spawning process. Next, however, PersistentThrust is throwing an exception when the ProtoPartSnapshots are being saved (also a crucial part of the spawning process), but this isn't being handled, so it's causing the spawn process to break and BDArmory thus reports "[BDArmory.VesselSpawnerBase]: Failed to spawn craft Dove".
  6. There was an issue with attaching exhaust prefabs in v1.6.10.0, which should be fixed in v1.6.10.1 (in case that was the problem), though it seems there's still some issues there that we're looking at. I'm not sure about the muzzle flash effects, but examining the KSP.log file would be the first step. BDA+ usually gives errors or warnings if there's something missing. I don't think that's possible, no. There was some talk at one point about making custom turrets, but I don't think it ever got beyond just talking about it due to how complicated it very quickly becomes trying to handle the weird designs people invariably make. Check the KSP.log file or in-game messages for errors or exceptions. Enabling "Debug Spawning" in BDA's debug settings will add more details to the log, which may help. If it's completely failing to spawn, then there's most likely an issue with the craft file (missing parts or the file is otherwise corrupted). I'm not sure what could cause a spawned craft to end up sticking into the ground, but likely the log would give some indication as to why.
  7. Josue (one of the BDA+ devs), has just released an extended version of NKDR that's compatible with BDA+ thanks to KingNoob1337's efforts: https://spacedock.info/mod/3551/North Kerbin Dynamics Renewed-Extended (NKDR-E)
  8. v1.32.0 of CameraTools is now released. It has the following improvements / bugfixes: Improvements to death camera angles and transitions for dogfight mode. Add a button to switch from pathing mode to stationary mode while maintaining the current view. Adjust location of random mode options. Add a button for resetting the camera roll (in stationary and pathing modes). Optimisations to use vessel.CoM instead of vessel.transform.position where applicable. Apply maxRelV to the stationary camera when using random mode. Remove the low-altitude stationary mode override for random mode. Prevent the camera from going below terrain and water (when vessel is only partially submerged) in dogfight mode. Separate the auto-zoom toggle between dogfight and stationary modes. Adjust default settings for a dynamic dogfight mode. Add a slider for setting the minimum interval to check for a new secondary dogfight target if the secondary target is a missile. Don't restart the dogfight camera when switching secondary targets for smoother transitions. Krakensbane optimisations (from BDArmory). Finish adding English (en-us) localisation and tooltips.
  9. I don't think any jitter is intentional. It's likely an interaction between the mouse movement (when adjusting the camera) on rendered frames and the plane's movement on physics frames. I can add it to the list of things to look into. I don't see that much jitter when using the camera, even at 4x zoom from 10km altitude. One thing that can help is to enable "Lock Target" when the camera is close to the right position to stabilise it and then continue to adjust the camera to fine-tune the point before sending the GPS coords.
  10. They're working fine. The problem is with your install. Check the KSP.log for details of why it's not working. It should be Launch mass - BoosterMass - BoostFuelMass, i.e., BoosterMass is the dry mass of the boosters if they decouple, however, it doesn't seem to be working correctly at the moment and the mass isn't reducing by BoosterMass when it decouples. I'll fix that for the next release and add a mass readout to the debug telemetry. For now, if you have KER installed, you can switch to the missile and monitor the missile's mass during flight. This is almost always due to badly installed mods or missing dependencies. You need to examine the KSP.log file to determine exactly what is installed incorrectly/missing. You'd be better off asking @SuicidalInsanity about that. He has a much better understanding of the radar locking and target acquisition side of things. However, gun turrets will continue to estimate the position of targets that have been detected in the last 30s (for air targets, can be longer for ground targets) based on their last known position, so that might be what you're seeing.
  11. v1.31.0 of CameraTools is now released. It has the following improvements / bugfixes: Fix NREs from atmospheric audiosources when not in atmosphere. Don't reset the original camera parent's position when reverting (fixes weird camera angle). Override the camera restore distance with custom distance (from BDA) when reverting due to auto-enabling for BDA. Add support for a new BDA helper property for inhibiting camera tools. Add support for new BDA helpers for tracking missiles' targets in dogfight mode. Minor tweaks to MouseAimFlight helpers. Some internal restructuring of utils. Begin adding localisation support (not yet complete). Begin adding tooltips (not yet complete). More localisation/tooltips and the feature mentioned in the previous post should be coming in the next update.
  12. That sounds like a good part request for BDArmory-Extended.
  13. Switching from the pathing camera to the stationary camera without any of the flyby or target options selected ought to start the stationary camera in the same position and orientation that it's currently in, but it looks to be shifting the camera down a bit for some reason. I'll look into why it's doing that and add an explicit option to transfer the current view from the pathing camera to the stationary camera. In the meantime, moving the camera up ([7] on the keypad by default) should allow you to bring it close to the position it was in when you switched.
  14. Yes, but if you later remove it, then trying to load any craft you've made while it was installed will warn about missing modules (which isn't actually a problem) or missing parts (which makes those craft unloadable).
  15. BDA+ can fire missiles via holding the main fire button (WEAP_FIRE_KEY, which is the left mouse button by default) if the trigger is armed (firing guns doesn't require arming the trigger), or you can assign a separate button to firing missiles (WEAP_FIRE_MISSILE_KEY) to arm and fire them with a single click. You can also assign a key to toggling the trigger armed state (WEAP_TOGGLE_ARMED_KEY). There is a toggle in the pilot AI to disable extending for A2A. It should be being stored in the craft file (canExtend = False) when you save your craft in the SPH/VAB, not getting reset. No. That's a major undertaking that I don't have time for. I haven't really looked into how BDAc handles the multiplayer support, but there'd be a lot of data that'd need to be synced between clients for proper multiplayer support.
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