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  1. Yep, I agree, but with what I'm doing I can't avoid it. I actually just found exactly what I'm looking for. So long and thanks for all the fish!
  2. Yeah, I didn't think it'd be easy or else the answer would have shown up from my first hour of googling. Well, it did, in the form of reflection. I guess it's time to look into the reflection API. Thanks for the replies. Honestly, this wasn't even directly KSP related but there are a lot of talented programmers here so I thought I might get a good answer, which I did, thus why I am quick to dismiss module manager. Once again, thanks for the help.
  3. Yeah I know I could do that, but I'm trying to avoid it. The question is more theoretical than something I intend to use in a practical mod. I don't have the .dll open atm so these are just made up names but let's say the .dll has a Wheel class with a method named Roll(). Is there any way to make it so when the game calls Wheel.Roll() it actually calls MyNewWheel.Roll(). For this example let's assume MyNewWheel : Wheel and only the Roll method has been overridden. Again all theoretical, any resemblance to real people or places is purely fiction.
  4. How would one go about overriding a built in class? Like, let's say I extended Wheel, overrode a method, and now I want KSP to use my wheel rather than it's own? I've looked into Reflection but, well it's a bit confusing and a LOT of code for something that seems like it should be simple.
  5. @RoverDude I just wanted to point out that the github link in the OP is incorrect. Its http://www.github/com/BobPalmer/Karbonite and it should be http://www.github.com/BobPalmer/Karbonite Not a big deal obviously just a QoL issue for anyone wanting to use it. Nice work with this by the way.
  6. Right you are. Thanks for pointing me to learn something new. The books I taught myself with didn't cover do-while loops or the difference. Thanks for correcting that and not letting it just drift away, I appreciate a learning opportunity. The best documentation I've been able to find is: http://wiki.kerbalspaceprogram.com/wiki/Category:Community_API_Documentation https://github.com/Anatid/XML-Documentation-for-the-KSP-API I don't know exactly how up to date either of those resources are but they seem to give a good stepping off point.
  7. Yeah, I kind of figured that seeing as I can READ other's code decently. The issue I'm worried about is adapting to the few differences, like keywords. Actually, googling around a bit has waylaid some of my fears on syntax, I guess some of the differences I saw were just different modder's preferences (like using do while loops rather than while {//do stuff}). Yeah, considering that, I'll just jump in and try it. Time to get used to Visual Studio, probably the most daunting part of all this, learning a new IDE. It's like a new pair of shoes, the old one is all broken in and comfy and you feel
  8. Ok so I guess I'll ask here. Was going to start a thread but I figured I'd see what this was first. My question is, how hard will it be learning C# coming from a background of java? I see many similarities in the two looking through other developers source codes and a I also see differences, obviously I'm talking about syntax as the keywords are quite different. Can anyone point me to some decent resources that aren't aimed at beginner programmers but still cover a good portion of the c# basics using semi-advanced concepts? Lastly, should I be focusing on learning the .net framework or is plu
  9. So... after screwing around a bit with my settings and managing to increase my FPS quite a bit (from 25ish at KSC screen to 60) I noticed that I no longer had the right click or staging issues on the x64 build. I'm not entirely sure HOW relevant it is. I'm assuming it's some kind of Unity bug stemming from not updating user input while playing catch-up in rendering but don't listen to me as I don't really know what I'm talking about (I've only built command line and simple gui applications). As for the framerate improvement, I was just fiddling about in my settings.cfg file and came across PLA
  10. Pretty much everything you said. It's just disappointing that rather than the 100 page thread on a forum dedicated to the game and run by the company the first direct information shows up somewhere else. I'm glad there was/is communication just slightly disappointed that it wasn't here first. It's not a huge deal at all just irksome. I do however appreciate Rowsdower showing up to confirm pretty quickly.
  11. I don't know about the other mods but I know that you can't redistribute Kethane's files as it's against the license, you may want to look into that before offer modpacks.
  12. @CaptainArbitrary @Robbii6 Did you guys go into the VAB and place a root part? The little button doesn't show up until there's at least 1 part placed in the VAB/SPH.
  13. I recall reading somewhere that squad doesn't want to release features that will only be available to a select set of customers (in this case that would be steam customers). Not that that's the whole reasoning behind it but I'm sure it has a part to play in that decision.
  14. Wow, I can't believe how hard on this guy you guys are being. Obviously Petumies is proud of what he's managed to accomplish thus far and just wanted to share his progress. Sure that progress isn't a lot but he apparently felt he reached a milestone and posted to gather some encouragement. Everybody has to start somewhere. @Petumies Keep up the good work and I hope to see more progress from you. Don't mind the sarcastic and/or negative responses.
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