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  1. hello Beale i have a question in this picture of the ASTP what engine is that on the Apollo analogue? i can't seem to find it
  2. if you're into some turn-based strategy or just games with true difficulty, try XCOM: Enemy Unknown, it took me weeks to stop being addicted to it, even after beating the game multiple times. This is coming from a guy who is a fan of FPS games but i still love strategy when i get it. i would also suggest getting it with all DLC included as the DLC actually does what it is suppose to do and utterly change the gameplay without making it feel like playing the same game. may cost $50 (with DLC) now on steam but since its steam, you can wait for sales I would also suggest that you try Space Engineers if you liked playing minecraft. Its another procedurally generated sandbox game but with an intense amount of space thrown in, you could build space ships, space stations, mine asteroids and has thousands of mods to use on steam. it cause about $25 so its pretty cheap and really fun once you wrap your mind around how to design your craft and bases. And if you get tired of building stuff and want action, check out some of the servers for any war games or battle the randomly generated ships that pop out every once in while (although they are easy)
  3. what i ask is a light weight external command seat that comes with top and bottom nodes, preferably the top node would be a .625 node and the bottom be a 1.25 node. What is this suppose to accomplish: hopefully if combined with some landing legs and maybe thrusters, a cheap, lightweight drop pod like structure for landing on worlds with/without an atmosphere. it would also lower part if i tried to do this with stock or other types of parts from mods. wait wouldn't this require a bit more new parts to truly be a drop pod: well if you mean to avoid being overpowered then yes although i imagine it wouldn't require much fuel if the frame is simple and light enough and the thrusters wouldn't have to be too powerful as they will not have to support much weight. Is there an simpler way to approach this request: yes, a frame for the already existing stock external command seat would also do well as a substitute for an entirely new command seat. Are you aware of the parts that are already small, light and utilize glass bubbles by NohArk: yes i am but his parts are although one of my favorites, they are not truly the lightweight frames that i really want.
  4. Hmm, if I can make a suggestion, Alexustas what i found to actually be a good alternative to building sky cranes for the ERS is to make some fuel carrying versions of the crew module and use rockomax thrusters attached to the sides. I would show screenshots but I'm repairing my drives right now. I also would have rcs thrusters on the top corners to help steer it to land.
  5. first off, if this has been suggested already then please ignore, if not then listen and consider (unless i suddenly lost sense and grammar) if it already exist as a mod, you can post the link for me if you choose as i really need some at the moment Why the need for the larger heat shields: This would not only work for shielding larger parts but also for things such as shielding longer/taller payloads and ships who, due to their irregular shape, would be hard to land without having outlying parts burning up due to a lack of heat shields of course i could the configs myself with stock parts but it would bother me too much that i am just using resized parts....
  6. that seems like something that can be done via a simple config edit if the code is set up correctly
  7. do these have an animation where they are inflated from a smaller package (as seen in the picture's i think) or is that down the road?
  8. i would suggest using the landing gear module (not for the suspension just the portion that allows for the part rotate out) on the lower portion of the grid fins, you may have to remake the model which shouldn't be difficult, links to tutorials: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/94638-Mod-Development-Links-Compilation-START-HERE http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/72802 http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/24738 http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/77991
  9. i just have to ask am i the only one having problems with part nodes? To be specific, the V-N6 Structural Hub seems to not want me to attach any parts to its side nodes, the top and bottom nodes seem to be working but it is making it impossible for me to build a station with the structural hub. Anyone have a fix?
  10. well there is a submarine mod from hooligan labs but i think it's dead http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/53961-0-22-Hooligan-Labs-%28now-under-new-managment%29-Featuring-Airships-Subs-and-more
  11. i don't know, maybe, i have seen pictures that would suggest that it works but due to a lack of reports of this overall, i say use at your own risk
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