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  1. What is the enemy OS?
  2. they suddenly built the steam engine you mean
  3. m56fcompile.exe /interactive /file - blasterworm.m56file Hijack.exe/run:server(hijack)
  4. C:/cpluscompiler.exe /administrator compile virus.cfile -Added 1 bonus virus, able to do a task without using up CPU, but 50+ cpu tasks will have a high chance of failing.- Also, you can only do it once a week.
  5. Oops, sorry wasn't up to date
  6. False. The user below me is false.
  7. C:\svcupdate.exe "run" Updating options... (+2 options added)
  8. Me too. I have alot of past experiences with moderator and admins on different games. Such as minecraft and other sandbox games.
  9. Banned for using Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle
  10. I made one of the posts in the facepunch threads untill i got banned for some reason but here is my contribution. The villagers are scared by the strange language written into the rock from the sky and have decided to worship it to avoid greater trouble from the sky. They have also learnt how to milk cows
  11. It kills everyone due to nobody being named anybody. I wish for something that cannot go bad, but can only go good in the best way possible.
  12. Granted, danny decides to destroy the universe by crashing into jool.
  13. hax you cannot defeat kerbal, this is only thing you can defeat kerbal
  14. Whats that?? Another laptop?
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