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  1. Not really. But the person who only wanted realtime was talking about planes only. You're not going to get to Eeloo in an atmospheric plane flying around the KSC ever.
  2. A second reality check will reveal that the Kerbal system isn't real, and in fact acts exactly like it would if it were ten times larger in every way except the motion of the point masses.
  3. Whenever the game updates, I have to install a bunch of mods just for it to be playable.
  4. That same reasoning could be used to avoid ever altering the solar system. Kerbin didn't need a Mun because it's Kerbin, not Earth. The Kerbal system doesn't need Eve, Moho, Duna, or Jool because it's the Sun [kerbal], not the Sun [sol].
  5. I'm using "bigger" as a synonym for "more massive", because in orbital dynamics where everything is approximately a point mass only mass actually matters.
  6. I'd like terraforming, but before we could even think of that we'd need massive orbital infrastructure construction to be implemented, too. Which sounds awesome. Let's terraform the whole Kerbal system!
  7. I think brown dwarves really need to be bigger than gas giants for them to even register as brown dwarves, rather than just rogue planets. Though that gives me a really cool idea - what about a gas giant orbiting a brown dwarf, at some very far distance from the Sun? It'd be really cool (it's a gas giant! but also a moon!), fit established physics, and add to the game since it works as a difficult endgame destination for crazy youtubers.
  8. Jool needs a vast number of minor moons, like Jupiter. Possibly even procedurally generated. It'd be fun to get a Kerbal in an ion chair and hop between them.
  9. You know those poetic descriptions of Pluto where you hear about it being really cold and that the Sun just looks like another star in the sky? Something like that in Kerbal Space Program would be great. And the rest of the gas giants, because just having Jupiter is no fun for anyone. There aren't even any rings, which are like the best part of the solar system! No pleasant-looking blue orbs to hover ominously above retrograde moons!
  10. Definitely. I want my screenshots from orbit to look like photos from orbit.
  11. And while we're at it, let's add square orbits, infinite fuel and a moon made of cheese. After all, physics doesn't apply.
  12. Yes, definitely. I barely play KSP any more because it's incredibly frustrating to do anything beyond going to orbit without having access to delta-v readings. Being completely in the dark to the capabilities of a rocket isn't fun.
  13. Very large space station and base modules. Possibly assembled or manufactured in-situ, though that would require new mechanics.
  14. More places to visit = more good. I'm for this.
  15. Alternately, it could be made easier to judge the duration of said trips by adding new UI elements in the tracking station such as proper mission planning and porkchop plots. ETAs are already displayed during normal missing planning in-flight. If the player doesn't know something, the solution is to tell that player that - not keeping everything dependant on that information out of the game. It would be like failing to implement the Mun in the days of old because it's hard to visit without using the map, and then refusing to add the map because of a concern thought that players are too dumb to use more than one type of screen in-flight.
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