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  1. You can try this, but it is from ksp 23.5, may need an update: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/iv7dsr1evxmbjqo/AAAWEsXUsQLS89lJwMHG1z1Ua?dl=0
  2. Try these: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/35xcus40j7xzu1y/AADIcrMXdEBoeihRSIb1aUNha?dl=0
  3. Great mod! However, I'm writting to tell about a small issue, which I discovered (apart from the engine exhaust FX not scaling) Here you can see it: The attachment nodes, that should be "small" (size one) are "little" (size 0). All other attachment nodes sizes seem to match. Keep up the good work!
  4. Nope! Ctrl is for selecting multiple categories. It is most certainly should be Shift, because selecting mods from n to 10+m is pretty useless and looks like a bug. Anyway, have some more icons! I wish they were better, but for now it is better than nothing. https://www.dropbox.com/s/07wnjxxzqntrnui/PartCatalog%2B.rar
  5. I don't get one thing... I was using an older version, where you could select mods from 11 to 20 by holding shift, but in this version 'shift+number' opens ALL mods from previously opened to '10+number' one. How can I open, for example, only twelfth or forteenth mod?
  6. I have made some icons of different quality for some mods some time ago. There are some that I couldn't find and some for replacement of those that i didn't quite liked. Finally got to share them. https://www.dropbox.com/s/gqgcw46ke3jb4gn/PartCatalog.rar
  7. Zomg teh clone! Another version of a similar plugin is now available.
  8. Looks like it is a more advanced version of this, but it is sad that this one can not remember the position, unlike the older version.
  9. Hi, I want to say some words about your Stock-Like Parts Project. These part are nice without any doubt, but the download weights 81.6 MB!!! Isn't it way too much? Still not sure why you get so few downloads on Spaceport, but 82 MB for 6 parts, really? Not all people have enough free space and power to run such heavy packs. Maybe, you should consider some redux textures and even low poly models? For now they are more like some 3D models for a si-fi film than parts suitable for a game. Just IMHO, of course, but I would really like to use them if they were less memory heavy. For example, the who
  10. When will the toolbar support and integration be added? I feel like it is time...
  11. Hello! I'm not a modder in any means, but I've had a idea of tweaking the texture of the centrifuge, as I didn't quiet like how the trusses look like. So, I've tried to modify it and found that the original texture isn't quite in place! Here, look at the pictures: Note, that first issue can only be seen from the bottom. I tried to replace the original texture with something that can be seen on the last page, I think this texture make the trusses look a little sturdier. (still not anough, though:huh:. maybe, solid columns would fit better) I'm not saying that you should use mine, they are not
  12. You had not? But the author have already posted the link here Anyway, I didn't try to make things exactly mathematical. Just moved some values below or above than the others. BTW I've found that some 2 meter parts don't have the apropriate breakingForce = 200 breakingTorque = 200 that all the others have, and so tend to break off more often. Had to add them manually!
  13. Do you know this thread? The same idea is popping out everywhere! And I'm not an exception I have a SpacePort page which contains basically the same changes, plus tweaked attachment nodes. Not that it is somehow related to you, but I think some of the thoughts were already meant to be implemented in the stock game quiet a while age. Its a pity that Squad keep leaving loose ends in their work... *EDIT: Oh, I see, you have. I read the thread more carefully, everything here is like a music to my ears. I didn't make really careful mathematical calculations on my own changes, but the points and co
  14. But... There already are MK3 Cargo Bays! Just in case somebody didn't know- MK3 Expansion pack
  15. So, it is impossible to turn off? Probably would be better to add a Toolbar icon to hide the window.
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