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  1. OP When I worked at a car dealership I would use a heat gun to remove stickers. I wonder if a hair dyer would work for you apple sticker. for the record I never tried the hair dyer but did use the heat gun.
  2. I started a BLOG to track my mission with the mod Better Than Starting Manned. http://ksp-oops.blogspot.com/
  3. Two nights ago I saved my game with a flight to Mun in progress. It was about 1/2 there. Last night I resumed that game. I went to tracking, selected the flight and clicked on fly. When the ship loaded all of the part disconnected from each other and flew in a star burst pattern away from the capsule no explosion or anything. F3 showed nothing. This left the capsule traveling on the same course completely unaffected other than every single part separated from it. So is this a Kraken or is it some other bug? Thanks Side note: I restored a back up and the only way I could get to the flight wit
  4. I just came across this today and I was wondering this - How do you know what your stack size is? exmaple Stack size: 2.5 m When I look at the wiki for the Rockomax Jumbo-64 Fuel Tank is does not mention the size. Thanks
  5. To me KSP is like Legos. You build something than take out in the world and play with it. like Legos, this is a game where you decide what your fun is.
  6. I think it is great that you do it. For I look at my computer as a big calculator when I use KER. But I do designed what my rocket needs on paper all the time. I just let KER do the final delta-V for me.
  7. Last night I got they same feeling I did when I docked the first time. I am use Better Than Starting Manned mod. There was limited Life support, Fuel and Mono propellant and I had to launched from the surface of Mun, Intercept the command module, dock with out running out of Life Support or fuel. To make matters worse during the docking I entered the dark side of Mun and could not use any light in order to save on electricity. But I did and return safely to Kerbin. My heart was racing and I was so stocked last night!!!
  8. Well in KSP, the one time my thrusters failed to fire during a docking maneuver, was the time I forgot to install them. So i had to dock main engine only. I guess that is out of the question here.... or is it
  9. LOL so true. On a related note my brother and I played with this back in the day
  10. Doh I did not even think parabola when you wrote that. I was still thinking a full orbit. Now it make sense
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