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  1. You can delete the Life support folder and play without it.
  2. Don't thing about getting WT, its nothing but a "pay or grind 100 hours to get this one plane you really want". And wowp is just a joke. IL-2 1946 has a ton of mods and stuff for it I think, and its a sim.
  3. You put in on the lander, there's a cargo platform where you can put 2 rovers on, then a ramp for you to roll them off.
  4. they tell you how many cookies you have, so 1 green bar= 1 cookie and so on
  5. There was this MC server I used to play on, I was good friends with the admins and players. Then One guy said he was going to start a new server, and asked if anyone wanted to be mods/admins on it. So I few of us, including me, starting to work on a spawn and stuff he wanted on his server. But then his other friends from another server got on as well..... Lets just say they built statues of them self's and banned us...
  6. Bobcat Made a community project that made the ISS, it was done, but needed to be updated. But since I been gone for a few months, maybe its fixed now? or abandon
  7. What about jobs for them? My favorite would be "I like this Kerbal name, so I'm going to put him on my Space Station for the rest of the save game till a Kraken attack." No? Just me? ok....
  8. If I built the Mir, can I still update the mod without losing it?
  9. In career mode, the buran, and a few other crafts can't load, because of "missing or locked parts", even if I have 100% unlocked? (I have the robotic arms) edit: nvm, I fixed it.
  10. I don't understand what is going on with this? Bots?
  11. The pie kids where all over the just cause 2 multiplayer mod, lets just say it was bad.... But this game isn't multiplayer, so you wouldn't need to be around them. But on the forums.......oh no.
  12. I know it hasn't died forever, but 3 days without a post, just wanted to bump it.
  13. Hmm, those craters look like the holes those bugs make and wait for ants to fall in them, then they eat them.......hmmm Jk, there pretty cool pictures.
  14. Yeah, its not really about cold or heat, its just the no sound without it.
  15. Where you can't sleep without one of these? Its just to quiet without it, I remember the last time I had to sleep without one of these, only got 2 hours of sleep that night.
  16. I would like to make something on a server without the fear of someone destroying it. Or stupid admins There was this one tekkit server I played on a long time ago. It was based on making a business, and selling your goods. There was one city, you had to buy a lot of land, once you did that it was own too you. And that all there was too it, no pvp, no griefing (useless you went out of the city) But one day the server just vanish, the forums where gone, everything was gone. I would love to play on another server like this, but most people just care about pvp and raiding.
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