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  1. I too just discovered that I can no longer play 1.3! Can I still run my 1.3 mods on 1.3.1? If not, then Steam has actually broken my game. Which isn't acceptable. EDIT: Nope! It seems that KSP players on Steam can no longer play 1.3.0 or make use of mods for it. I just don't get it. Not all the mods I've got have been updated. If I want to play 1.3.0 again, I'll have to pay if I want it legally. Come on! I've already paid for it once!
  2. Amazing. It seems to be working so far. I didn't do the XML edit and I couldn't find whatever the world stabiliser is, but I did take apart and rebuild one of the smaller supplied craft files which is now doing an orbital insertion burn. Will report back if I encounter further difficulties.
  3. That's really weird, I thought I had KerbalJointReinforcement already installed! Must have been on my old computer.
  4. Yeah, I'm having problems with these parts. The ships that come pre-made explode during physics easing on the launchpad, and adding autostruts just seems to delay the problem. I tried building a partial rocket myself, and it started exploding once I added the boosters. Adding autostrut and launch clamps then prevents my custom ship exploding on the pad, but it then explodes about five seconds after launch anyway. Something is way wrong, the parts seem to be ridiculously fragile despite me going through the part config files and greatly increasing all the breakingForce and breakingTorque values I could find. I'm playing 1.3.0, here's my modlist:
  5. Thank you very much! I know this could result in all sorts of wierdness, but I'm happy to try and engineer around them.
  6. So I'm wondering how I'm supposed to get this to work, there appears to an option in this .cfg file to enable TweakScale for all parts, but the instructions are unclear. It says "remove the leading "//" to activate", but since I am unfamiliar with the syntax it just looks like a jumbled mess and I have no idea which set of of double slashes to delete.
  7. Is there a way of preventing hydrogen boil-off when using stock tanks? As in, can I do something like add radiators to keep the hydrogen cool? I'm not bothered if it uses up EC/MegaJoules while doing so.
  8. Being able to tell how much delta-V a rocket has made me better at rocket design. I'm not too bothered by the lack of such a readout in stock because I'm more than happy to use mods, but this idea that having less information somehow makes one a better rocket designer just makes absolutely no sense in my experience.
  9. I play Sandbox mode 98% of the time, so I have no reason to feel dirty about using the Mobile Processing Lab. It makes for a pretty good-looking habitation section for my space station.
  10. Well, I've tried re-installing the mod and it still says that the ships are incompatible with 1.3.0.
  11. I've found that if I drag around the box that comes up when right-clicking a part, I can access the rest of it. Problem solved.
  12. I've also encountered another problem. I have Kerbal Inventory System installed, and right-clicking on SpaceX BFR command module causes this to happen: This presumably obscures a fair amount of options and information.
  13. When I installed this mod, the pre-made ships are apparently incompatible, and I'm fairly sure that some of the parts are missing. I'm running 1.3.0, but I assume the 1.3.X in the OP means that it's supposed to work. What's going on?
  14. There don't appear to be separate rover controls when I look in the settings. What should I be looking for exactly?
  15. So I designed this rover and managed to design an interplanetary transport vehicle for it. But while it handled fine during test on Kerbin, it behaves very strangely when in low gravity: Hitting W to make it go forward also cause it to tip forward, as illustrated. How do I get it to stop doing that? I just want the wheels to turn.