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  1. You know, that could have something to do with it, but I'm not sure. All I'm doing is setting fields (which already exist) in ModuleProceduralFairing to persistent and hoping the dev's code behind the module does the rest. So far it works as expected in every tested case except revert to VAB. Does auto save have some kind of issue with persistent fields? //pretty much what's going on pf = getProceduralFairingModule(); pf.Fields["fieldNameHere"].isPersistent = true;
  2. Oh MAN I'm glad someone came up with clamshell fairing breakaways. I've been MIA for a while with medical problems, so I haven't been able to look into it. Regardless I'm not well versed in Unity and from what I can see in the source code xEvilReeperx is quite the ninja. I like the idea of adding texture options. I will definitely look into it. I've spent some time trying to figure out why "Revert to VAB" forces the tweakables back to their defaults with no luck so far, and it's driving me nuts. I might shelve it and move on, though, seeing as how there is a reliable workaround.
  3. Still no luck finding out what's going on here. Although manually re-loading the vessel after a revert-to-VAB is a reliable work-around, I'm still haunted by the apparent secret code that gets fired (or not fired) specifically with revert-to-VAB. I would assume all it does it change the scene to the editor and then load the autosaved vessel, but in that case you'd think manually re-loading the vessel wouldn't help anything. I'm not well versed in this, so any insight would be appreciated. Otherwise I think I'm going to shelve this unsolved mystery.
  4. Oh SNAP! I'm SO glad you did this. I really wanted to get clamshell style breakaways working, but I've had some medical problems and haven't had time to really take a look. Looks like I'm off the hook!
  5. Thanks! I don't currently have any concrete plans for adding more overlays, but I have been experimenting with modifying overlay textures and importing my own. I've run into a few weird hitches having to do with unfamiliarity with Unity, but who knows! If it gets asked for enough and I feel like it's a good fit, there's no reason it won't happen in the future.
  6. I keep hearing everyone talk about how "time warping isn't fun" or "you've added 5 seconds to gameplay, congrats". I don't really understand this because by the same logic a thousand parts of KSP could be stripped down or streamlined that would remove the need to time warp, "shove a couple of solar panels on" or any other number of apparently mundane and overly realistic tasks that drag gameplay down. Electric charge just makes you slap on a few extra parts, why not get rid of it? Why is oxidizer a thing, why not just have one resource called fuel? We can pretend it's the right kind of fuel fo
  7. Nah, time warp doesn't cheapen time. Lack of life support or maintenance costs do. But time is still important in KSP the way I see it, with transfer windows and such being a thing. If you play with many simultaneous missions time becomes even more important (I luv me some kerbal alarm clock...) With that same logic I suppose they should just do away with electric charge altogether.
  8. I haven't really voiced my opinion on the matter on the forums yet, but I guess this thread is as good as any. KSP is a balance between realism and simplification for gameplay's sake, but I feel like they missed that balance this time. To me, the current resource scanning system (the initial survey portion with the M700) seems inconsistent and doesn't teach the player anything, removing the hands-on discovery that made me fall in love with this game. Why do I have to be in a polar orbit? Because the thingy said so. The current system limits choice. Sometimes I'm only interested in scanning for
  9. Well, i actually set ModuleProceduralFairing's own fields to persistant. I guess there might be code somewhere that only fires on Revert to VAB that doesn't expect those to be persistant, but that sounds weird to me. You didn't misread, i just didnt clarify
  10. I've got a mod that allows you to tweak some of the fields in ModuleProceduralFairing. It also sets these fields to persistent so that on vehicle load those changes will, well, persist. When you load a vessel in the VAB, everything's fine. When you fly, return to the space center, and load from the tracking station, everything's fine. When you revert to launch, everything's fine. ... When you revert to VAB, all the fields revert to their default values. Is it normal for persistent values to act weird when reverting to VAB/SPH, or could this be a mysterious quirk with ModuleProceduralFairing?
  11. Thanks for all the support! It's been a lot of fun putting this together, and it's been fun playing with it. I'm glad others are getting some enjoyment out of it also. To tell you the truth, getting the biome overlay working was stinking easy with the new stock resource overlay system. The KSP team did a great job making it general-purpose and easy to hook into. I expect ScanSat is taking longer because, among other countless reasons (that mod is CRAZY complex and very impressive), they aren't going to be displaying a full overlay all the time. They have to chop it up to only reveal what port
  12. Thanks for all the support! I just finished a decently involved update for another mod of mine, so I'll probably dig into this one again and see what else I can come up with as far as customization options and improvements, as well as getting rid of some annoyances. Yeah, I doubt that KW uses the stock fairing module. But, even if they did, my mod wouldn't affect that by default. Currently I'm inserting my own module manually into the stock fairing parts (with ModuleManager) that accesses the stock fairing module indirectly. I haven't checked out KW's proc fairings at all, but in the long-sho
  13. Shameless promotion: If the way the orbital surveyor works really bugs you, I made a mod that tweaks the surveyor to make it take longer to scan, as well as provide a biome overlay toggle along side the resource overlay toggle for planets that have been scanned. The "scan progress" runs in the background so you can set your orbit up and then go do other things.
  14. Updated to 1.2 It shouldn't break previous saves, but I can't promise anything. Just make sure to clear out all of the old files before installing the new ones. Biome overlay is now available! (without using the cheat menu!)
  15. I'm thinking about incorporating something like that into one of my current mods, an unlockable option to show the biome map after a body has been scanned by the orbital surveyor. I'm poking around to see if I can shove it into the knowledge base menu somehow instead of putting it in an app toolbar button. Edit Got a biome overlay button working, accessed through both the orbital surveyor's context menu and a toolbar button. Check out my Orbital Survey Plus mod.
  16. Thank you! I automatically assumed the resource map functions were all specialized for resources, I didn't realize you could just throw it a texture. That is... extremely handy.
  17. Sorry if I wasn't clear; I meant accessing the function through code in a plugin, similar to toggling the aerodynamic force arrows and heat overlay through the FlightGlobals class (iirc). I've rummaged through several static and non-static classes relating to flight mode, map mode and celestial bodies but I can't find anything that controls the biome overlay.
  18. I actually think proc fairings look and behave a lot better than stock fairings, but I really love the level of customization the stock fairings offer, plus the exploded view that allows you to access parts underneath is beyond awesome. And being stock, the guarantee that they play nice with other systems is a plus. I've also heard a lot of people complaining about the way stock behaves with regard to inline fairings, but personally it's never been a problem for any of my vessels with inline fairings. My plugin alleviates some of the aesthetic issues a bit when compared to proc fairings. I'm h
  19. Does anyone know where to access the debug menu's biome overlay? I've been poking around for quite a bit with no luck.
  20. Ha! Niche market I guess? I tend towards using the stock option whenever available for whatever reason, so I threw together this plugin for my own sake at least.
  21. Stock Fairing Tweaker After some digging around and experimenting, I familiarized myself with a few part file fields for the module that handles stock fairing creation. This plugin allows you to tweak a handful of those fields in the VAB via the right-click menu, without having to muck around in the actual part files. These fields were also made persistent so they will stay with your saved vessel and behave as expected after unfocusing and refocusing a vessel. The fields I chose to make tweakable are the ones I both fully understood (through testing)
  22. I remember going through a short rage-phase after installing FAR in alpha/beta because my rockets were flipping, which forced me to learn more about aerodynamics. It just takes some time for people to adapt to new rules, I think. In the end, for me a large part of KSP is about discovering parts of how the real world works by crashing goofy rockets, which is why the new aero system is awesome. Add simple aerodynamics to the list of things I understand a lot better because of this awesome game.
  23. Check out the "settings.cfg" file in the "OrbitalSurveyPlus" folder. The first value in there called "orbitsToScan" represents how many orbits it takes to do a full scan, which you can alter to your liking. If you do change it to something like 5, let me know how it goes! I haven't tested it on any higher number than 2. If it acts wonky I'll be sure to hotfix it. It's not currently, but I'll look into it! Edit Got the process started for getting this mod on CKAN. If I did it right, it should be registered as "OrbitalSurveyPlus" soon.
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