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  1. Banned for too many ponies. Show some restraint!
  2. I do not. The user below me does not own KSP on Steam, like me.
  3. Banned because I cannot allow such devious colors to be used in text.
  4. Banned because Chilled Chaos' stream just ended
  5. Banned because it has been a while since someone has posted here.
  6. Call me Ferdinand Makerbal! Actually... no... The user below be enjoys messing with people.
  7. I might be... The user below me takes medicine.
  8. False. I don't own a car. The user below me enjoys philosophy.
  9. 10/10 We're friends, and it's magical! *Puns*
  10. Banned for muddying the waters. Literally.
  11. Pros: Best mechanic ever Cons: Improving technology too fast is dangerous. The ability to blink and be completely rested.
  12. 1/10 I've seen you once a long time ago.
  13. 2/10 I just saw you elsewhere, but other than that I've never seen you. I don't see many mods on forum games these days.
  14. Banned for moderating. We are free! Kerbal gu bràth!
  15. Banned for stretching out the "y" to the point where it is only logical to assume that you are intoxicated. A.K.A: Go home General Rarity; you're drunk.
  16. Banned because I don't care for your wordplay. I'll eat you like a Pecha Berry.
  17. Pros: I can do anything Cons: Absolute power corrupts absolutely. The ability to change anyone's hairstyle with your mind.
  18. Banned because I hate Nostalgia Critic. And Gallifrey. And Doctor Who. And stuff. But not Mudkipz!
  19. Pro: Soda Con: Not Mountain Dew. The ability to digest anything that is not your organs.
  20. Banned because you have not come to accept our Lord and Savior, Joe Mama.
  21. Nope! It's the Muddy Mudkip! Super, probs.
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