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  1. Hi folks, It's been brought to my attention that there's continued interest in Kethane, in particular the part models and textures. The plugin source code is (and has been for some time) open-source under permissive licenses (BSD). (This includes the 'GeodesicGrid' source.) The art assets, however, were licensed differently by the original artists. At least some of the parts were intended by the artists to be used only with Kethane. This has effectively prevented others from publishing Kethane forks, which is not the intention. Therefore, in order to allow for continued work on Kethane while respecting the artists' wishes, I would like to name taniwha the successor of the Kethane project, and in effect to sublicense the rights to all models, textures and other assets to taniwha for distribution and modification as needed to maintain the project. If there are questions or if this statement is insufficient to "unstick" the project, feel free to get in touch with me in #kspmodders on IRC. Cheers, Majiir
  2. I own the server in question. I don't know exactly what it's doing, since there are a number of services running on that IP. It's possible that a mod (or mod manager) is checking for updates or downloading new versions, since I'm hosting some projects for other folks. It's also possible that you have an old copy of ModStatistics floating around. If that's the case, you can either (a) set "disabled=true" in GameData/ModStatistics/settings.cfg or ( delete all copies of ModStatistics.dll in your GameData directory. That said, I don't touch that server these days, so I wouldn't worry too much in either case.
  3. It's perfectly alright for thomson to release the modified DLL. He's correct that Kethane itself is released under a classic BSD 2-Clause license. As for me, I'm preoccupied with other things, so I'm hands-off right now. It seems the community is taking care of things just fine. When I get a moment, I'll be happy to accept a pull request and rebuild for a proper release.
  4. It was down earlier for ~15 minutes before I was notified and brought it back up. The application server crashes occasionally. I've raised the issue before, and it was regarded as a "fluke", but I think it's clearly a more regular thing. There's currently no watchdog process to make sure the application server stays running. As far as I know, the root cause of the crashes is unknown.
  5. Agreed. It's not "packed" into a single download. (That's certainly possible, but probably unnecessary.) "Adapter" mods can usually provide the necessary customizations. Plus, this paradigm encourages modders to create better APIs so that internal modifications aren't necessary.
  6. And this is when the people buying beer decide to move and buy beer for a different game.
  7. If you aren't hosting the mod on Kerbal Stuff, then why have an entry at all? Conversely, if you want an entry on Kerbal Stuff, why not host the mod there?
  8. The OS is CentOS 6, but it shouldn't matter much. The server is incorrectly counting requests with Range headers (which result in HTTP 206 responses). The stats will be regenerated after that's fixed. Consider them phantom hits for now.
  9. Older versions of Internet Explorer don't support the encryption Kerbal Stuff uses.
  10. Charles Rogers (Umbongo Time) has put together a new official trailer using Kethane 0.9.2! Take a look:
  11. You'll have to be more specific. The download link is working fine. (It links to Kerbal Stuff.) Which link are you clicking, and what error are you getting?
  12. I've seen a few variations on this: With a lot of mods, the AppLauncher bugs out, but each of those mods individually works just fine. To me, it smells like a bug in AppLauncher itself, and it's aggravated by minor bugs in individual mods. Honestly, the AppLauncher API leaves a lot to be desired, but I doubt a stock rework will ever happen. Perhaps there's interest in a wrapper API?
  13. Friendly reminder to please use the Kethane issue tracker on Github when reporting issues. Additionally, those with the toolbar issue: please post your output logs on Github. I am reworking some of the toolbar code on this end, but I'm unable to reproduce the issue you're all having.
  14. For all engine PartModules: var engineModules = vessel.Parts.SelectMany(p => p.Modules.OfType<ModuleEngines>()); For all parts which have engine PartModules: var partsWithEngines = vessel.Parts.Where(p => p.Modules.OfType<ModuleEngines>().Any()); This is off the top of my head, so capitalization may vary.
  15. These mods implement CompatibilityChecker (as do many others) but not all of them disable when the compatibility check fails. (Kethane, at least, does not.)
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