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  1. I started playing in early 2012 (never joined the forum till December and then my account died in the great forum massacre of april 2013) One of the things i remember is getting to the Mun but not being able to do anything there because EVA and rovers weren't in the game yet. So instead of going to the boring Mun i decided to stay on Kerbin and build the most ridiculous rockets that the engine could hold at the time. I built the biggest rocket that was possible to build and maybe if it wasn't for that stupid launch tower i could've gotten it off the ground. That launch tower was the #1 cause
  2. I ALT+F4'ed after this so i guess that counts.
  3. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=244525119
  4. This might be the only recorded time someone really made it that far into Jool, you are the first person with evidence to do this. If the craft did not already explode, did you start going back down once you got to the other side?
  5. The universe is to big and to many things are possible for us to be alone.
  6. I wonder how much the system requirements will go up if you win.
  7. You think Dres lacks craters right now? When this update comes out its gonna get the chicken pocks
  8. How do you take a picture of a planet's surface without landing there? And if they did a lot of work to get a station on a planet, i say they deserve bragging rights for all the effort and if they built a colony they should get a quadruple high five.
  9. I think Whackjob found a new friend. You guys should do missions together when multiplayer is released.
  10. I joined in very late 0.15, 0.16 came out a few weeks later. Around 0.17 i started lurking around here as a guest and joined the forum in either late 0.17 or 0.18 only to have my account die in The Great Forum Massacre Of April 2013 I mourned my account for 4 months before finally rejoining because the science update had so much hype that i wanted to join the community again so i could enjoy that hype with everyone else.
  11. Everywhere, its the most interesting planet in my opinion and has more biomes and anomalies than anywhere else.
  12. I remember that BIG RED LAUNCH TOWER. If just one part on your rocket hit it the whole rocket would tip over and explode.
  13. I have the exact same problem except its with parachutes.
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