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  1. If you've got the RAM and CPU horsepower, a 'brute force' method I've used with reasonable success for upscaling an image is to first enlarge it REALLY big. EG:2560x2560 Then you can do some easy, broad blurring and/or painting strokes using a very large brush around the details. Then rescale it back down to the size you need letting the editor do the final smoothing of the image that way. It looks horrendous while you are working on the big image but the end results can be surprisingly good for MUCH less work than pixel by pixel editing. MANY sins are smoothed over and made invisible in
  2. Yes. fairings and wings. I removed both and still see the effect. I suppose it could still be some other mod interfering as well. But this mod provides the button... If I disable the engine shrouds they disappear. When I re-enable them, the button goes back to enabled but the shrouds are still missing. Not invisible... Missing. FAR debug voxels dip in around the unshrouded engine. If I then click launch, they are still missing on the launch pad. Only reloading the craft in the VAB seems to bring them back. Then the craft behaves as normal again.
  3. That looks pretty good. I've only fiddled with it a few minutes so far but I didn't see any of the issues from before. EDIT: Found an oddity. If you toggle decoupler engine shrouds off they don't redraw when you toggle them back on. Had to save and reload the craft in order to see them again.
  4. OK. The new dev build loads fast. Although I get no staging stack on the right in VAB after loading a craft. But that appears as soon as I add or remove an engine or some other part that affects it.... (easy to work around. )
  5. I will keep an eye out for it. Though having loaded up the current partial form of voxel FAR and due to less burn time on the NASA SRBs it looks like this ship may not be workable in it's current size/shape... Or maybe I'll have to launch it with no fuel in the core tanks and refuel them once in orbit before docking with the colony/station it's meant to push out to some distant planet.
  6. Looks like the simple parts do. Some don't though. EG: The NERVA engine is problematic attaching anything under it in the stack... The attachment node will attach to the BOTTOM of whatever is placed underneath it so it overlaps the engine. Then THAT part attaches to stuff at the TOP. Very odd behavior...
  7. Hmm... The ship has 10 docking ports (2 small, 2 regular and 6 large - all 6 large used as decouplers with 2 of those disabling cross feed), many decouplers and loads of engines & SRBs that are not tweaked.
  8. Hi again... I loaded the new 1.9.1 TE and that slow loading issue came back for my 600 part craft. The dev build you posted for me to work around this problem still seems to be working OK (warts and all) in 1.02. So unless I find any game breaking issue I guess I'll be sticking with that build for now as it looks like that big craft needs a rebuild from scratch due to the changes between .90 and 1.02. All of the solar panels, sepratrons and vertical decouplers in the craft have disappeared (still poking around to figure out what else went awol)... Their icons still show in the staging stack
  9. Undo is easy... 1: save craft (use a temporary name if needed) 2: break symmetry 3: check/verify all is correct and as expected (only desired parts were affected). No need to undo anything? 1: save craft again Need to undo: 1: reload saved craft
  10. Yes! Trying to locate a mystery server located somewhere in a haystack of over 1200 other servers distributed in about 220 racks... Getting the switch name and port ID that was assigned from the networking group and then ever so gently tugging on network cables as you work your way slowly dragging a step ladder down the rows of racks to finally find a server that was renamed/repurposed but that no one ever bothered to actually change the physical label or update our server location database. I LIVE for such days... NOT!
  11. It also holds true in data centers. Me: "Say, what's this old server with no label on it?" Other Admin: "Ummm... I think that might the temporary server for project XYZ that was brought online 3 years ago..." Me: "So why is there no labeling of any kind on it?" Other Admin: "Because it's temporary and should be gone in a few more weeks..." Me: "Argh!!!"
  12. Cool! The craft is back to loading with no delays in the VAB and on the launchpad with the dev version you posted above installed in my game. Thanks! EDIT 1: OK, just did a bunch of testing and found the following. 1: Not sure if this is an issue with your mod or "Crew Manifest". When using CM to change/remove kerbals from the ship while on the pad, it goes back to taking several minutes to refresh/reload the craft once CM is done. Just wondering if there is a craft reload function call or something that is still using the old scanning method. NOTE: Removing all kerbals in the VAB crew assi
  13. That's great! I really need tweakble everything running for this craft as I am using a Sr. docking port as a stage decoupler because I need crossfeed enabled through it. If I didn't need that crossfeed I could use a regular decoupler. I suppose I could also use octagonal struts and fuel lines to work around a regular decoupler as well but that is a less elegant solution.
  14. Sounds like an issue we had with running reports on large databases. Adding in some indexes and partitioning the data dropped some of the report generation times by like 95% vs. the old full table-scans. --- Anyway, the delays happen every time I load or reload any large craft in the VAB or on the launchpad. Does not affect craft save times. Once loaded, no further issues. Encountering other large craft "in the wild" does not trigger it for pop-ins either. I think I can drop the mods used down to 2 or 3 pretty easily with a bit of ship editing. Then I'll see about posting it for you. Bas
  15. Hi All, Got an odd one here that I can't figure out. Tweakable Everything 1.8a and 1.8.1 cause my VAB and launchpad craft loading to take a really long time. For example, I have a ~600 part ship that loads into the VAB in about 15 seconds when tweakable everything is not installed but it takes that same ship 5+ minutes to load in the VAB or launchpad when it is installed. Smaller ships of 50 parts or less seem to load with no noticeable delays. Only the larger craft seem to have the issue. I was wondering if this was normal behavior for tweakable everything? And if not, does anyone knew if i
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