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  1. Thanks for the craft, It'll serve as a good reference for inevitable struggle I'm about to experience, and I've already managed to explode it in a high speed attempt at a pugachev's cobra , and a little quick question, can you actually get out of the cobra using just pitch or you have to use the afterburners? In terms of the extra fuel tanks, I was at school at that time and only had 15 minutes to try and test something quickly, and i quickly realised that adding tanks was a bad idea as it struggled to throw a stone at mach 1. So I've decided on removing some of the less important wings (under the main fuselage) and replacing them with things that don't produce lift and removing more wings if that dosen't help (but will still keep the "actual" wing). I'll probably spend a bit too much time on this during the weekend...
  2. Hate to nitpick even more ... But the OF-40 is a MBT Great job otherwise.
  3. Well I managed to get the aircraft into a pugachev's cobra.... It didn't recover before it stalled (might be able to do it at higher speeds). Anyway, i had to add 6 extra fuel tanks which also lowered the thrust/weight quite a bit, and I'll have to adjust the wings a little (since I'm reluctant to change the shape). MOST of my aircraft so follow the CoL being and above the CoM technique, this is the one exception that does fly. also would be be so kind to give me the wing loading of that aircraft? thanks for the tips as well. Kudos (shame I've forgotten how to give rep in 2 years...) I've done that, the 4 flaps clip into the rear of the cockpit, so if i ever made my own cockpit they'd either have to be replaced or relocated, I'll still change the DL to it though (when i get the time), and rotating the flaps vertically moves it forwards and at 90 degrees move it slightly back, but I'll see what I can do.
  4. I plan to make a cockpit, if you've seen some of He_162s aircraft (kudos to him), it'll end up resembling those cockpits. Not sure about the vertical stabilizers, I could try the FAT tail, but then the vertical stabilizers are just a big as the wing (I'll try it though)... Care to share your idea? No Kerbals were murd- *cough* INJURED in the flight testing of this craft.
  5. So I've made a few modifications to the aircraft,I aligned and changed the probe core (from a OKTO 2 to a OKTO) inside the service module to be aligned with the horizon whilst removing the , changed the I beams on the end of the wings with ramp intakes, and moved the basic fins on the tail to the bottom, removed the and snuck in some sneaky solar panels behind the service module. At school yesterday (don't worry, it didn't affect my work ) i was experimenting with the locations of the small wing flaps, and eventually settled for canards slightly behind the cockpit (looks good too!), too far forward and it can do a lovely 180 degree pitch maneuver... It can do a Pugachev's Cobra-ish thing, except with the KSP aerodynamics lacking critical angles (its hard to pinpoint exactly, but the AOA in the maneuver is in the 15-20 degree mark), so it reaches the pitch required for the maneuver with ~20m gain in height, and a critical angle with ~10m gain in height before it reaches the pitch, but then proceeds to just fly upwards. Maybe with an aerodynamic model like FAR it would work... if i wasn't so reluctant to mod my game. and it can take off from the second set of piano keys fully laden with fuel... a pleasant surprise to say the least.
  6. The second cockpit isn't actually on the aircraft, it's just a thing I thought about and just looked if it would fit (because su-30, but I'll probably build my own cockpit for that) I'll try your pugachev's cobra suggestion Tommorow and report back tomorrow, life is getting in the way of things. And I'll probably attempt some structural modifications (make the rudder slightly bigger, see what i can do with the curved section near the tail connector etc. etc.
  7. So I was just up one night, tired from intensive spacecraft testing (which I'll post on the WIP thread soon) and decided to throw something together... It ended up looking like a Su-27 and went, stuff it, i'm doing this. No, it can't "really" do a Pugachev's Cobra, but by definition it still has supermaneuverability, in true, slow speed russian fashion, Max speed at sea level is 285m/s, bleeds speed ridiculously in high speed turns, can do ridiculous maneuvers at low speed (<50m/s), and horibbly unreliable in 4x physics warp (at x3 its on the brink of falling apart), but physics warp is fine at high alt. Can reach 8500m in dry mode and 15000m in wet mode (17000m with low fuel). 1=Afterburner 2=Flaps 3=Close all intakes (immediate engine shut down) 0=Disable Reaction wheels and engine gimbal Sugoi 27 is the original version, Sugoi 27K has the canards on the front DL: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/g22yj0mgpk3tu13/AAD_B0piE8NQjfYaQlUwil8la?dl=0
  8. Ehhh.... My last post here (on a thread that wasn't a game) was 3rd march 2014... So, no not quite. But I'll probably keep a low profile for a while until i get some crafts worth posting.
  9. 2 years and your still making dropships cupcake... At least there is still a familiar sight after my absence.
  10. Banned for banning something that is good
  11. Granted, but since stupid people cannot do stupid things and your company can't make money because there are no stupid people to buy stupid things! I wish for more corrupt wishes!
  12. protons and neutrons start to tear apart from the nucleus of atoms and matter starts to vaporise
  13. To torture people (jk) Why do people post posts?
  14. Instead of water... the place where fire can't burn, where there is no oxygen... in SPACE!
  15. granted? but you are the one that gets murdered? I wish I didn't like creepypasta
  16. In your fingers Why do people think I'm weird?
  17. my metalwork ash pan... hmmmm... not exactly made well... i guess i could... screw it, its useless, unless i'm going to clean up afterwards...
  18. banned for saying .21 in your sig when its .23 Surprise?
  19. banned for still being here!
  20. SOON! and i just remembered i made a mistake when i logged in so its 1915 as my berth (puns!) date... well, g'night
  21. too long ago, i think it was like last October, oh, and i still have your quote in my signature XD
  22. welp, seems i missed 1 update, and maybe over 9000 crafts I blame the movie gravity for getting me back into ksp (in fact, i tried to put it in the bottom of my signature, you can see the face i put there )