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  1. But that would mean it'd happen on most every computer and it isn't. If someone says they don't have the problem then they don't have the problem. I've never seen a FOV setting so if people are going into the config and changing it manually or by some other out-of-game method then that would be causing the problem.
  2. yeah I found a few tutorial threads including that one, but I have some difficulty getting oriented when I start a project. That's why I asked for some guidance. So thanks, I'll try and stick to those threads and find that video. Anyway Space Cowboy is just acting childish pissed off at me because I asked him to explain some incredibly short suggestions he made in different threads.
  3. Yeah, it'd be fun,. but that just ins't a realistic suggestion. Maybe it'd work for DLC, but i'd never expect to see it happen. At least Warsoul made a slightly different suggestion than usual this time.
  4. just trying to troll me now? Quite mature of you.
  5. This is a very odd problem. I tried for quite a while to get it to happen, but couldn't reproduce it. Everything looks fine visually for me. 1920x1080 resolution and GTX 680 on Win 7 x64 here, btw.
  6. Not only that but just a day or so ago someone made a thread to promote a bunch of minor graphical improvements that included comets (although he didn't intend to interact with them.) Still, would be nice to see!
  7. I'm pretty sure I've seen this EXACT thread already, but either way I still love the idea, also being biased cause I'm a computer science student. lol
  8. While I'm new on the forums, I still find 3 users annoying to no end and you are one of them. Just give up and do something new, you obviously have some level of talent. Just put it to good use.
  9. I'd love to see an auto-save implemented just before every launch, but what problem are you having with your whole program getting deleted? I've never had anything like that happen. The most I've lost are those last few edits I make to a ship design because I hit "launch" too fast after hitting "save".
  10. lol, This would be fun. I'm not too hopeful for seeing it implemented, but it would definitely be fun.
  11. "Some issues remain" don't say? It's in Alpha. It's not bias to say that the last update improved performance and fixed bugs. I don't think you know what the word "bias" means. What, exactly, am I biased against/for?
  12. I'm with itsme86 on this one. The .21 update improved my frame rate very well and fixed many bugs and yet many people weren't happy with it. That's the problem with such a public alpha/beta. You get lots of people who know nothing bitching about wanting everything and not wanting to wait.
  13. Since this modding community is so active I though it'd be a good idea to ask ya'll for help. I'm a senior computer science student in louisiana, but honestly I have no idea how to apply what I know to anything practical. Pretty sad education, eh? I'm kidding, my concentration is Web Design, not game design. lol Anyway, I know how to use 3DS Max and one of my classes starting in 2 weeks is on Maya. I also know Illustrator/Photoshop very well. On top of that my coding knowledge is several years of C++ and the various web languages like HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, etc etc. The sad thing is I have no idea what to do with what I know (unless it's for a website, lol). So, with all that in mind I want to get into modding cause I'm bored out of my mind with school and want to learn something practical. If someone would like to help me learn I'd really appreciate that and would return the favor in any way possible. Any guides or help for getting started?