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  1. Huh, I go to my account, click on "download" and I'm prompted to re-buy the game. Am I supposed to download from somewhere else?
  2. And where does one shop for mods these days? Google says curse, and "kerbalstuff"? What the 2nd? Ad one last thing. I hear that the new aerodynamic model is pretty challenging. How does it match up to stock pre-1.0 KSP and Far pre-1.0
  3. Hello. I had been playing for quite some time, until a few months ago. Now with the release of 1.0 I've decided to restart. However, I have some questions. First and foremost, what will happen to the 400+ crafts I've made over time? Most, if not all include mod parts, from mods such as tweakscale, firespitter, mechjeb, spaceplane plus etc. For one, I know spaceplane has been integrated to the full game. What about the rest. If I were to reinstall them, would I be able to play? Secondly, has anything changed considering non-steam updates? I had purchased from the website and wasn't able to transfer over to steam, for better or worse! Thanks a bunch!
  4. I did try downloading this but it didn't work for some reason. Are you using any other mods, and what game version do you have? Wow, this looks awesome! Could you post a pic of the whole space station?
  5. Steering? What steering? Only the ones before the wingtips, right? They are huge as well, too use on a 1.25 ship.Then again, I guess, if you wanna do 1.25 don't get B9.
  6. So, I've downloaded this mod and after a day of using it, this is what's in my mind: Hugamongous! It's really fun building these big aircraft. I didn't really try out the HX parts. They seemed too intimidating ^^. Although I'd really like to make some sort of something. Maybe a Spacebase (not spacestation). I don't know how I could get it up in space though. A small annoyance that I had was with the aerodynamic control surfaces. Everything is so huge...! The control surfaces are so massive they seem they'd more likely pull the aircraft down than make it fly. Even the SE ones are as big as wings. What's the reason for this? Personal taste of the creator? Anyway, I think this is a great mod, which deffinately needs more than a day! p.s. the attention to detail in the IVAs is amazing.
  7. Do I choose the mod depending on the game bit version or OS? I mean I got the 32bit game but my OS is 64bit. Also, I didn't quite get it. This mod will change how things look?
  8. So recently I've been testing ODST-type vehicles. At some point I must've screwed up somethign and now jeb is MIA. Is there anyway I can resurrect him by manipulating the game files?
  9. I assumed it would lead me to the 25th of March version! Thanks.
  10. Where could I get the latest version of this mod? I can only find a repack on curse, that, if you trust comments, is terrible.
  11. Didn't make it with the video thingy after all, so voila. It looks sleeker because it is! You can notice how it gets rounder to the back cause that is the normal 1.25m part. The fuselage is the firespitter's "oblong" shape.
  12. No idea what a scramjet is ^^. I'm trying to make a video of it, to get use to my new program as well, I'll upload and post it as soon as I manage it. If I don't, screenshots will have to suffice!
  13. So I was playing around with various mods, and thought I'd build a F-104 Starfighter. After launching hundreds of rockets to the VAB and the Astronaut complex I'd thought I'd test how it does. I was using the firespitter tail engine so it did poorly above a height. A few modifications later, I was going 2.158m/s Adjusting my climb rate and throttle I managed this. The periapsis is about 38.8km And here is the spaceplane I know it's not something amazing, but it's the first time I've actually done this so I thought I'd share. I could've used two of the hybrid engines on the side fuel tanks and it would've been a proper SSTO! Mod's used for the construction of this: Firespitter Spaceplane Plus TweakScale Edit: Naturally, since it never was meant to be a SSTO, I just ran out of electricity...
  14. I want to install the actual firespitter add-on. Do I have to do something with the Firespitter of this add-on? Replace it probably, just asking to be safe.