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  1. 4 hours ago, Galileo said:

    I don’t think you quite understood what I was getting at. 

    The stock skybox is pretty bright and has an even brighter galaxy band running through it, enhancing the line at the end of the atmosphere. 

    A darker custom skybox does a better job of hiding the line. 

    To summarize, you are more likely to see the line with the stock skybox and less likely with a custom dark one. 

    Adding distant object enhancements hides it even more.

    This is probably something that has been there all along and has just been noticed by a couple users. 

    Yes, SVE also has hard lines. It has since I can remember. 

    Try a darker skybox and see the difference 

    I tried a lot of skyboxes and i still see the line just as clear with all of them. My current one from the screen shots on the Spectra thread is Galenmacil_Skybox if it matters.

    However, I.m definitely not seeing that line in SVE. I have a separate install with SVE/SVT and there is no atmosphere hard edge and no line visible

    Comparison (normal and contrast enhanced) i know they're not the best screenshots to compare but i was in a hurry...



  2. On 12/24/2017 at 5:52 PM, Avera9eJoe said:

    Ooohh.... I see that line now. Do you see it as a fixed point in the skybox or is it only visible near kerbin/other planets?

    Back with info on the line/discontinuity

    I finally managed to make a gif that shows it throughout an orbit. At first it seems to be skybox fixed but once you orbit you actually see it's tied to the planet's orientation.

    It only happens on the dayside of the orbit, and only at below approx 120k altitude. This is on a fresh 1.3.1 install with only Spectra and its dependencies (no Windowshine) 

    Also, at the exact moment/altitude this appears there are these lines in the log. The log entries below are between the screenshot without the line and the first screenshot with the line from the gif below. There is also the noticeable loading hiccup/glitch when getting closing to a planet between those two shots

    [LOG 20:14:18.297] SCREENSHOT!!
    [LOG 20:14:18.414] [EVE CloudsManager]: CloudsPQS: (EVE Clouds: Kerbin-Main) OnSphereActive
    [LOG 20:14:18.414] [EVE CloudsManager]: Clouds2D is now MACRO
    [LOG 20:14:18.423] [EVE CloudsManager]: CloudsPQS: (EVE Clouds: Kerbin-High) OnSphereActive
    [LOG 20:14:18.423] [EVE CloudsManager]: Clouds2D is now MACRO
    [LOG 20:14:18.423] [EVE] Applying _MainTex Cubemap
    [LOG 20:14:18.424] [EVE CloudsManager]: CloudsPQS: (EVE Clouds: Kerbin-Aurora) OnSphereActive
    [LOG 20:14:18.424] [EVE CloudsManager]: Clouds2D is now MACRO
    [LOG 20:14:18.519] [Scatterer] Sky switched to local mode
    [LOG 20:14:19.149] [Scatterer] Mapping EVE volumetrics for planet: Kerbin
    [LOG 20:14:19.150] [Scatterer] Volumetric clouds error on planet: KerbinSystem.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
      at scatterer.SkyNode.mapEVEvolumetrics () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 
    [LOG 20:14:19.150] [Scatterer] Volumetric clouds error on planet: KerbinSystem.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
      at scatterer.SkyNode.mapEVEvolumetrics () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 
    [LOG 20:14:19.151] [Scatterer] Detected 1 EVE volumetric layers for planet: Kerbin
    [LOG 20:14:19.417] SCREENSHOT!!


  3. First time trying a new install with Spectra and it looks amazing!

    I do have one issue. On the day side of an orbit there is a hard separation between what look to be two different shades of skyboxes. Been away from KSP a while so this might be a well known issues with one of the mods, but I don't know what to check.

    This happens with the default Spectra skybox and with a modified skybox. The effect is much more noticeable in-game due to motion so I increased the contrast for this image to highlight the effect 


  4. 15 hours ago, Pavel ☭ said:


    My landed landers and various bases still sometimes pop off the ground when physics loads, flip over and bust half of their equipment. It seems that heavier landers (bases, reactors), especially when connected together via connector ports (kourtesy of KAS), appear to bounce less often or not at all, and the light ones that do bounce on physics load seem to not do that when they are flipped over and subsequently have no landing gear on the ground (or at least are on the side of said gear). I will try disengaging landing gear when I have landed to see if this stops the problem.

    (Landing gear kourtesy of Ven's Stock Revamp, possible that they just don't work with KJR)

    I initially wanted to say i'm seeing the same with a clean 1.3.1 install and just KJR.

    But now this little jump at physics load seems to happen with just base KSP, no mods.

    I'll keep checking

  5. 1 hour ago, pawulonn1 said:

    OK the issue returns if I add RealPlume and SmokeScreen.

    I made another video that shows this issue. The first part of the video ( 00.00 to o6.1o ) shows the flight of a rocket, Mun lander and Minmus lander . . . everything works fine. The second part of the video ( o6.1o to the end ) shows what happened  if I add RealPlume and SmokeScreen... I am doing exactly the same as in the first part of the video. If I delete RealPlume and SmokeScreen issue disappears and everything works fine.

    I do not know what to think!?




    Yes, i just finished testing and it's due to RealPlume. I checked and it was also reported on the RP thread on Friday.


  6. So I can't tell if this is a know issue or not:

    When switching to a landed craft via the Tracking Station or launching a craft (more visible on the runway) the craft appears at ground level, then the "Physics Easing" text comes up, the craft disappears and reappears a few meters higher, most of the times tilted to one side. This only happens with KJR installed.

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