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  1. I think Dispatcher just brought up the most important pieces.
  2. Gotta love the magic boulder. They should expand it's collision box
  3. "Crappy" doesn't count as mild language. Mild language is the occasional cuss and ****. It would probably still be E-10+ for the explosions and what happens when a Kerbal hits the ground. It would be considered "Animated Blood", I think. I've seen similar games that are like that.
  4. Well, legitly or non-legitly. Well, legitly, I once got a 450 ton battlecruiser into space. Non-legitly, I made a 2000 ton spacecraft, hit the launch button, saw it on the launch pad, and it bounced up to space at 200000 m/s, then somehow got on an escape trajectory. It is now peacefully orbiting Eeloo. If I click "Switch To", the lag will be so bad i can't do anything to it, so no pics, sorry. There are 2 kerbals stuck on it, by the way.
  5. Somewhere On Bop... HOSTILE PRESENCE DETECTED. INITIATING DEFENSE PROTOCAL Local Alert Probe: Strange signals originating from all over the planets surface. Course of action? Jool Defense Agency: Find the sour... Radio goes dead Local Alert Probe: ... The alert probe is suddenly destroyed by a huge laser coming from one of the signal sources. HOSTILE DESTROYED. MORE DETECTED THROUGHOUT SYSTEM Nearby Defense Vessel: What the... *BANG* KRAKEN 1179 ACTIVATED KRAKEN 1900 AWAITING ORDERS KRAKEN 2367 RESPONDING KRAKEN LEADER- MISSION--DESTROY EVERY HOSTILE PRESENCE IN THE SYSTEM. The KRAKENS have awaken.
  6. For all you experimental players, I just wanted to ask for a more in-depth explanation to Research & Development. I just wanted everything to be restated and more elaborate than what I've been seeing. I understand that there is science modules and that there is the tech trees and that they unlock new parts and the subassemblies, but what do they actually MEAN? How do they WORK? Thanks (in advance) for answering.
  7. I would like to ask for people to stop sharing opinions in this thread, and instead share factual information. Don't get me wrong, some of you are very right in your statements, but for the others, at least do a little research before you start making claims. NASA and the USAF have been very busy developing experimental alternatives to the space shuttle program. They plan to make "space-planes", which will be the size of a small fighter jet and launched on a rocket covered in a fairing. It is unsure if they will ever even be successful. And, as you SHOULD know, most of NASA's rockets are PRIVATELY MANUFACTURED. Even the fuel, NASA just has the mission control and launch sites. These companies, like Orbital Sciences in Virginia, and Boeing, could launch their own space programs if they really wanted to and thought the investment was worth it. If NASA shuts down, it's very likely that a rich company will come along and start a private one. There are ALREADY private ones that offer tours of space. How do you think Bieber got a music video in space? Just look at everyone who WANTS to go to space. JAXA and the European space agency are off to a great start, and I would bet you that the ISS will be soon replaced after it has crashed down, probably in the ocean to avoid causing any disruption. At the moment, Orbital Sciences is manufacturing more craft that allow NASA to go to the International Space Station for a cheaper price that it would cost them to launch a shuttle. A shuttle requires 200 million dollars to service after each flight, and that doesn't include the launch vehicle, which is another 700-800 million. The Buran program would have cost more than that if Russia ever decided to continually use it. In summary, humanity is FAR from ever giving up on space exploration, if we ever do. Even when there are risks, humans continue to do it.
  8. The HIAD (Hypersonic Inflatable Aerodynamic Decelerator) is something that you may want to think about when Research & Development is introduced, because you get more research points for collecting actual samples than just taking pictures of them. You may ask, "What the heck is an HIAD anyway?" It's simple: it's pretty much a durable piece of cargo on an inflatable innertube with a parachute that deploys at the last second. Most people would consider this a heat shield (now you know what i'm talking about), except meant for use on Kerbin, not A planet with a ridiculously thick atmosphere. The idea is to collect samples, fly a ship back to kerbin, and dock it with a space station. Then you would decouple or transfer or whatever you want to do to seperate the samples from the ship, then attach a heat shield with a parachute and an engine to de-orbit it. Then, when it's near the ground, instead of jettisoning the heat shield, you simply deploy the parachutes, then go to the tracking station and hit "recover". You will get more research points that you would just transmitting a picture. If you had a rover that would stay on the planet for a very long period of time and it had an antenna or comms dish or whatever you put on it that had radio capability, you might even get more points for all those pictures it could send back.
  9. Name: Tomfred Kerman His famous quote: "Where the galaxy ends, the universe begins." (He put that on a flag when he landed on Eeloo, but when he went to lift off, the command module broke away from the rocket, and since Eeloo has no atmosphere and parachutes don't work there, he crashed into the surface. He will be remembered.)
  10. If you really want to, and you DIRELY need to get him home, there are three methods I would use. First, get out and push. Second, FORGET the spaceship and use his pack (hit R) to get him into Kerbin Orbit, then lauch another spaceship to get him. Third, hit Alt + F12 and enable the "Infinite Fuel" cheat, if you don't mind cheating. I almost always use number 2, and I've never used number 3. Just some ideas.
  11. I'd have to say fractions, beacuse you can have decimals IN fractions Like this --> 2.5 --- 10 (Which obviously equals 1 over four, it was just for demonstration purposes.) There are many other reasons, too. It's alot easier to write proportions with fractions instead of decimals, and even more things. The only advantage I see that decimals have is that it's easy to convert to a percent.
  12. Ok, sorry. Just hadn't heard much about the subject. Thought it would make an interesting addition.
  13. I would like the ability to "take notes" about a mission's progress and success. It would be nicer to write down all these coordinates and my findings, AND how well the mission went IN GAME instead of in a tiny little notebook. I'm sure others would find this useful and I definately would, too. It would probably have an infinite amount of pages, too. It wouldn't be hard to add to the game, just a little thing to type words in to and save what you wrote, so you can continute next time. I would greatly benefit from it and it adds a certain "homliness" to the game.
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