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  1. I hadn’t thought of that. The use case for me is mainly placing an item in a Kerbal’s inventory but I can’t keep the key pressed and use the mouse at the same time. Maybe for this function to work it would require an inventory to be open then you press ‘I’ (maybe make it so that it keeps this mode until ‘I’ is pressed again) and click on the part you want to put in the inventory you are then asked to select an inventory slot to place the item in (this could also be useful for laptops where moving the mouse and using a key is sometimes not possible). Apologies if I have misunderstood what you have asked
  2. @IgorZ I think this mod is gread any chance I could make a feature request? When adding an item to the inventory you have to press g along with clicking the mouse and moving the mouse from the item to the inventory which I find difficult to do any chance you could make it so that you could press for example to 'I' key and click on the item so that it is automaticaly added to the inventory (if the mass and volume will allow). Thanks for the mod again
  3. To add trim press the alt key and one of the control inputs (a,s,d,q,w,e) , press alt and x to reset trim to 0
  4. It turn out the new extendable airlock makes a good lift for rovers I need to fine tune the plane but the rover is capable of being deployed multiple times to gaver science
  5. Ok first of all load up steam and find Kerbal. Right click on Kerbal and a list will come up, find properties and click it. Another list will appear find browse local files and click that. This will take you to were Kerbal is saved (the root file). Then in this file there is a folder called saves, open this folder. There will then be a list of files, one for each of you saved games. Make a copy of these before the next step incase you alter the wrong setting. Now go into the file of the save you want to change and find the persistance.sfs document. Open this document, use an edditor such as notepad to open it. Now scroll through the file untill the dificulty heading appears (it quite near the top) and there should be a line with the text AllowOtherLaunchSites = False, change this so that it reads AllowOtherLaunchSites = True make this change and save the file. Now open Kerbal and the save file you altered and you should be able to launch from the other sites
  6. @Cheif Operations Director You know the folder that Kerbal is saved to? Go into the folder then into the saves folder then into the save you want to change and there should be a file called persistance which you can open in notepad. Once the persistance file is opened go to thet difficulty part and alter the setting you want. If you have never done it before I would take a copy of the save
  7. It is possible to enable it but you have to go into the persistance file. Scroll through the file to the difficulty part and chage allow other launch sites from False to True and it should work
  8. I'm sorry to dig this thread up but I'm trying to install this in version 1.4.1 but for some reason both the 3.5 meter Cupola and 2.5m docking port don't show up (causing two ships to be deleted) I've tried changing the module manager version, B9 parts switching version but I can't seem to get it to work. Anyone got any ideas? EDIT: found a workaround and edited the persistance file to change the missing parts into other parts
  9. I'm thinking of putting into orbit of the Mun and examine it for science
  10. I managed to capture my first astroid and stop it from impacting Kerbin
  11. As far as I am aware none of the engines produce rotational torque. A picture of the plane may help to diagnose the problem
  12. @Azimech just checking if my entry is allowed This challenge actually seems harder than the kerbal dakar in terms of the vehicle design
  13. Nice submarine, what mod is that you are using for the small cargo bay?