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  1. Hope you are doing well, been a long time.

  2. I made an experiment and I don't see any problems here - the only misaligned thing is the green sphere. The test construction uses all kinds of attachment: axial, radial to the end of the girder, radial to the side of the girder, and both radial either with angle snap on and off. They're all perfectly aligned on the other end.
  3. Main problem with uneven gear height is in my experience that the game will drop the plane on runway from greater height and parts may start falling off. My best experience is with putting two wheels slightly behind the plane's CoM (so the plane does not turn under its own weight but it needs only a little force to do so), one wheel at the same height below the nose, and one elevated wheel at the back to protect the engine from touching the ground on liftoff/landing. The model below has also two stabilization wheels at ends of its wings but these are not mandatory.
  4. Could you post a screenshot of your ship? (you need to upload it to an image hosting site such as imgur and only post link or appropriate BB code for the image)
  5. I am glad to notice that you agree with me that male characteristics of Kerbals are the core of the problem - at least for certain, sensitive people. That's why I think they should be removed, and that's what I meant by my post. I can remember from our previous discussions that you're great realism enthusiast. As such, I am surprised to find out that you're not welcoming that idea as you are sure aware there is no scientific support at all for the idea that eventual alien race, should we ever meet any, will have two genders, and if it happens to have, that it will use typically human stereotypes like hairdo or makeup. Adding these elements to the game constitutes sexism.
  6. Sorry for stupid question but to determine where the problem is, I have to ask: Can you point the ship at the maneuver node manually?
  7. Lego pieces definitely do scale (meaning are available in the same shapes and colors in at least three different and mutually compatible sizes) and some KSP parts would be great to have in different sizes as well. It's just not something I'd want most at the moment.
  8. There used to be an immensely useful thread stickied, containing fixes and workarounds for numerous bugs in the current game. I wonder where did it go and why. Anyway, try to look into this thread, maybe it will help you.
  9. If you have not launched it yet, you can recover it for 100% refund. You only lost some time on the game clock.
  10. It is kind of funny how we keep applying human stereotypes on a fictional alien race. How can we be sure that eventual alien race would really have two sexes? Perhaps they would be hermaphrodites just like quite a few Earth species are. Or they could have seven sexes with strict rules which ... can mate with which two other sexes...? Of course devs can only blame themselves as they made Kerbals so human-like that people can apply these stereotypes on them. I don't think it would make the game all that much less fun if they looked kind of like [this] (or cuter, this is best I found in a quick search) and I believe few people would be asking for a version of opposite or different gender. Of course I'm sure we'll be getting female Kerbals in the current state of things. Not because Kerbals need females. It is because we need them to feel being politically correct.
  11. Rotation of the attachment node is irrelevant for radial attachments. The node is not used in that case. And the girder appears to be aligned perfectly in that picture (horizontal/vertical). That of course does not mean it is fine, I'll take more detailed look at it when I get home.
  12. Not all parts have a right-click menu. Those which don't do completely nothing when you right-click on them. So it would be probably good to describe in greater detail what part do you have on mind and perhaps provide some screenshots.
  13. I don't see anything wrong on my statement. TWR of course plays role, too. I was not arguing with that.
  14. Majority of designs experience no problems at all if you leave all functions turned on for all control surfaces. Actually it gives you more control authority.
  15. There's a link under the "BB code is on" message at the bottom of this page. Search for "imgur".
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