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  1. yes that one i use tweak scale, but im more interested in how the legs are sequenced then the actual craft itself, so if you wanted to make a more stockish version i would be fine with that
  2. Hey ZodiusInfuser, do your example crafts come set up with sequencer settings too? im a bit interested in how you made the legs walk i assume it was done with sequencer.
  3. that thread sums up how i feel about the new drag perfectly.
  4. nukes have the worst ISP while in atmo so your high atmo to LKO transition would not work you still need regular rockets for the final push, once your in space though you should be good to go. you could make a plane with very little oxi and a couple LVN for that nudge then completely switch to nukes which are also very heavy so you would probably want to use these on a bigger SSTO
  5. heres the craft file, it should be stock i think all i used on this was stock revamp and tweak scale, but i removed those parts (rcs part and solar panels) so it should work for you im not sure which log file your after but this is the ksp txt file i have
  6. im using rapiers,can you elaborate why this is correct? the engines are still working when the stats go 0
  7. i added TWR and total thrust to the hud window and after a certain altitude they stop tracking those stats and just give me 0 for both
  8. when you cant do that in a GAME thats when its no longer fun, if you force the game to become more hard simulation you will drive away the people who like to design from the game, if ssto all wind up looking pretty much the same because drag values only make one wing profile viable it will turn off alot of people. even then if you want to build a composite wing, even as a delta it doesnt work well.
  9. my wing profile is actually more realistic then what "works" with the current drag balance as you can see the shape is pretty close to delta the only problem is that its a composite wing and the drag balance will not let it space
  10. yea i had a feeling cutting down on wing would fix it but then it would look strange, and unrealistic, i was considering using near, but its not updated for 1.0 i really dont want to use far as its getting to be too much for my cpu.
  11. you should provide a screen shot, but one reason could be as you lift your wings are flexing causing the gear to become misaligned and bouncing from one side to the other, one way to fix this is through the magic of struts, strut your main wing parts to body or the wheel housing to body usually fixes this issue. if that still doesn't solve it, its either uneven thrust but you would notice that or the gear is still misaligned.
  12. i made a large ssto, and from everything im being told (and my experience with far pre 1.0) this plane should fly, its got good TWR im doing a speed run correctly but i cant break 1 km/s on larger craft designs, only small planes work for me. ive come to think that its because i have a composite wing instead of a solid piece and the game is punishing my wing design with excessive drag, anyway heres some Screen shots with kerbal engineer stats that are relevant personally i think this design should be able to space
  13. my numbers are good but i cant seem to gain any speed 15-20k do you need like 20twr now? i have a hard time breaking 1km/s on anything but small aircraft with 2+ twr
  14. are there any mods that fit the round 2.5m modules in a plane cockpit configuration?
  15. hey roverdude will you be adding this to the usi catalog soon? since this is no longer in the WIP section of the forums. also if its not too much to ask but could you include the patch readiness for KSP in the catalog it would be nice to have a master list on the catalog page itself without having to double check each thread, im sorry i know its hard for you to support so many things but your such a "awesomerover" its hard for me to keep track of what mods are playable from you.
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