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  1. That is legit. Does this happen to draw inspiration from ACE Online's Sonic Binder and Ace Combat 3's COFFIN system? The cockpit design is something I might have to do on my Harbinger when 1.0.5 is out. The wannabe Learjet cockpit is going to ruin its "high speed, high altitude" appearance, at least until I make a separate craft with the old cockpit when the mod for it shows up.
  2. I noticed on this video you posted you had the mouse on the staging list. Whenever the mouse is on the list it locks the staging.
  3. With the absurd amounts of work I get from my university on a daily basis, trying to make time for Borderlands 2, and now this, my head will be in a world of hurt. It'll be worth it though. Outstanding work with this update.
  4. It also depends on the delay it takes between keypresses to trigger the parking brake. I highly doubt one mashes 'B' as if they were playing Tekken or Street Fighter. If you do, then definitely follow what Ted is saying and build for stability.
  5. Which brings up a menu that gets in the way of the screen and freezes the camera. The idea is that you have a pause that does none of the things that ESC does besides stop time. Why does that matter? It allows for screenshot bundles like this. That's the entire mission field turned into screenshots five seconds after the timer began. Obviously, this is impossible to do if the camera is frozen.
  6. I find it extremely silly that this is even a concern when the game has yet to shift into the next development phase. From nearly 22 years of gaming, the obvious games that quit working in my experience are games from Commodore 64, Amiga, and most games that would run on Windows 3.1 or 95/98. Digital distributors like GoG.com and Steam provide a library of games that are likely to not work by conventional means (Running from the disk) at this point. For other games like those that run on DOS, or PC-9801 in the case of older Touhou titles, there's emulators. In other words, these are games that are of a similar age as most people on this forum, assuming that I remember that poll correctly having people of high school age as the majority, that I can still play. Even if KSP is to have reduced or no support in the future (That is, when some time has passed with the finished game), this game already has a large modding base to continue providing additional parts and functions for players.
  7. It's actually quite useful even without a campaign. I'm certain people with a shared computer wouldn't want their orbiting craft moved around with someone else's flights, they can do that on a second set of saves.
  8. And yet we have time compression. This was something I suggested some time ago, an interactive pause function so you can pause the game and still be able to look around with the camera, without having a menu display on the screen.
  9. The last few screenshots may be pretty awesome, but they can't hold a candle to this last one.
  10. This says otherwise. 1.5 million just to comfortably make the game, and they're just barely reaching that from Kickstarter pledges at this moment; if it started at 1.5M, they'd probably have less than they have now from causing scepticism. Don't forget that PayPal donations do not count to what they make in Kickstarter until after the pledging cycle ends. They're fortunate that they stuck with a goal that is still higher than the average Kickstarter project and managed to not only meet their initial goal, but nearly reach what they first planned on requesting. This is one of Uber's developers saying that they probably needed more money to start the project, so guess who's actually wrong? Stretch Goal, get! About 15 minutes ago, the team reached 1.5 million pledges. As previously mentioned, this was planned to be the original goal for the Kickstarter event, until they reduced it to 900k. With this, they have met the stretch goal for metal and lava planets, bringing back two very familiar territories last seen in Total Annihilation. The next objective: Galactic War. Four days remaining. Here's hoping that the PayPal donators have offered enough support to make even this a possibility.
  11. Those last two persons that submitted for the $10,000 backing are credit to the team. Now the wait for the first stretch goal, they should get at least that far with two and a half weeks remaining. Boats boats boats.
  12. The blog post of names won't change anything, people will still suggest different names. About the cockpit view, in the same way that a craft becomes uncontrollable when the crew is outside, will cockpit view be inaccessible?
  13. That makes no sense to me. There are very few games that I know of that are centered on (Atmospheric or space) flight that impose a third person-only view. Style has nothing to do with it the way I see it, it's a matter of what the game is / will be: A multi-genre simulator. Immersion is important in this case. Take the slogan from older MFS titles, "As real as it gets." Other simulators like MFS and X-Plane or MCFS and IL-2 wouldn't be immersive in any way if they had a minimalistic HUD UI on a permament third person view. As already said, there's also the functionality aspect to having the first person view through the IVA system. Even though KSP started in third person (It also started in 2D, then 3D on a flat chunk of land; the hint is progression and addition), I believe the first person view would be considered anyway, IVA system or not, simply because of the immersion it can bring.
  14. inb4unrealismhaters. Actually I don't care what they're going to say, I think that sky is awesome. Can't wait to see the cockpit with instrument detail, this will without a doubt be my most-used view. It's the only way to fly.
  15. The TA/SC inspiration is clear as day in this, but the additional base expansion to other celestial bodies, its tactical implications, and weaponizing asteroids is ridiculous. Ridiculously awesome.
  16. Well, given that a possible part of this update is to add physical time compression up to 4x, an ion engine would then be four times less useless.
  17. Because he makes mistakes just like any other human does, as the list Nova posted shows. Kerbin third, the desert planet fourth. Bop, I love that name.
  18. You can EVA with this lander now. The lander fuel tank has to be rotated 180 degrees so using the ladder makes more sense (Otherwise the Kerbal climbs on nothing )
  19. Welp. Time to train the Kerbals to form the Kerbal Confederacy.
  20. He posted before that Eve has a good chance of being the name.
  21. A person like Kurt will have a lot of people watching their live streams regardless. Mind you, it's not the person streaming that I avoid, it's the traffic. I like being able to talk with the host and even 50 active viewers sending IMs on the chat would make that difficult. And Steam...that's interesting. Greenlight if I'm not mistaken?
  22. Those can be found here as well, though the gas giant will have some changes to it. Unless the one posted there is the changed one...I haven't looked and I don't really care for streams that have thousands of people on it.
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