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  1. It has been stated in the original post that you can do both. It is said to build your own plane, but there is an offered alternative with no penalties to use a pre-made combat plane that is given with the save file.
  2. I'm really excited for this, unfortunately it seems my computer (and it ain't a punny "computer", its more!) can't handle the massive part count. I'd suggest that instead of reducing the number of vessels, you remake them with less part. I know it's more work than to simply remove them, but it would keep the difficulty. Also, it would be neat to have some way to measure the level of achievement through a scoring system.
  3. The current solution for EVA parachutes is this mod: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/25305
  4. Check your surface scattering slider in the graphic pannel of the option menu. Turn it to the max and I can guarantee you'll see plenty of rocks.
  5. Constructing buildings in dangerous zones seems like a very kerbal-ish thing to do.
  6. This is so beautiful I cried manly tears. EDIT: I'm having a problem with the Quantum Vacuum Thruster: no matter the configuration, it doesn't fire up and says: "ElectricCharge deprived!". Anyone knows how to fix this?
  7. Banned for banning with little to no reason.
  8. Horus, from what I saw in the code, this module isn't the one appropriate for engines. I've tried adding the module that seemed to be responsible (sorry, no code here, I need to re-install the mod) for air-cooling to radial air intakes, but in-game they always appear to be "offline". I must admit that this engine overheat because of super-sonic speed is what really bother me in this mod. Would it work with radial intakes, I would have no problems with it.
  9. Yes it is! I placed it there for the science crew.
  10. What's the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow? Well, it depends on wether you are talking of an European or an African swallow. For the European, it is estimated to be around 11 m/s and it is yet unknown the air speed of the African. However, the Kerban swallow is pretty badass, with an average cruise speed of 1,691 m/s at 26 km, it has nothing to fear of the puny swallows of the Earth. This little bird is highly stable and agile at low speed and altitude and maintains a good stability at high altitude (compared to other planes, you still have to watch it). Be aware tough that this is a
  11. If you are still looking for a programmer for the geiger, i'm in! I just need to know what system and/or language should be used, after this is cleared, we can ge on to more technical details.
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