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  1. Go for it dude, show us some screenshots.
  2. I had to make a few revisions, but now it's easier to take off from the water. The jet engines kept pushing downward into the water so I decided to hid jet engines in the back. It might not look just like the PBY, I built it off of my memory. And yes, the tail may look a little bit on the large side, but this is KSP after all, it can't ALL be perfect.
  3. Hey guys, here's my PBY-5 Catalina boat plane. So, tell me what you think.
  4. Good thing I have a repair team close at hand!
  5. Well done yoshi0520, it always feels great to explore a different celestial object for the first time.
  6. Granted. The modding software comes with a deadly virus and your Hard drive dies. I wish I could plan an extensive KSP mission without running myself out of patience.
  7. No special circuitry in this, just cold hard steel and a ton of firepower.
  8. Krag's Planet factory mod has a planet with rings. Sentar is it's name, it's a blue gas planet with an interesting system of moons, the expansion also comes with a Black hole, a nice touch.
  9. Granted. The CPU overheats and fries the chip. I wish I had money to finish my payments.
  10. Denied, there is always a way to corrupt a wish. I wish I had some Pizza.
  11. I wonder if Squad even hoped to create something with NASA when they created KSP! Man, you've all come a long long way, congratulations to all of you.
  12. Granted, but your work hours have been reduced and your paycheck is lower. I would like to visit Eeloo sometime.
  13. I do believe that a space craft developed for interstellar travel could be possible, but it cannot go any faster than .1c because even the smallest particle of dust would shatter the spacecraft.
  14. Granted, but you cannot go back once you go. I would like a cup of Coffee.
  15. Sweet mother of Kerbol that's one heck of a plane...
  16. Thanks dude, setting up the stages properly was a pain, but it was not in vain! Dear lord, I'm sorry.. that was...*Ahem* My apologies.
  17. Sup dudes, here's my latest creation. The Behemoth Space Station Package! So tell me what you guys think!
  18. The Radeon R7 260X is what I'm using as of now, really good card. I like mine very much. What kind of Quad core do you have might I ask?
  19. 1: Why do you want me? I'm unimportant. 2: Can I go home now? 3: Will you let me keep playing KSP?
  20. Critical thinking, Adaptability, ingenuity, creativity, need I say more?
  21. Never used it before. I might try it out later, but right now, never used it.