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  1. Yeah, no worries. Just giving you a heads-up. You might want to take a look into your AN/DN calculation methods though. I've had KAC and Flight Engineer disagree on them pretty heavily when in orbits with inclinations greater than 90 degrees, to the point where KAC is about 10-20 minutes off on the Mun, Minmus, Ike, and Pol. This is even after repeatedly remaking the AN/DN alarms with no alarm delay (as well as a 1 minute delay). I haven't had an issue with Flight Engineer being wrong since it tends to always agree with KSP's own internal markers.
  2. Using, and I got a bug a bit like ZobrAA's. It only occurs on hyperbolic trajectories. Let's say you're going in to orbit Minmus, and your AN is in your trajectory path before escaping its SoI. Trying to create an AN alarm is fine, but switching the GUI mode to DN causes it to go blank and wonky like ZobrAA's screenshot. The UI can be reset just by clicking the Add Alarm button twice to reopen the window. If you don't have an AN in your trajectory before SoI escape, it just goes blank and wonky as soon as you select the AN/DN subscreen. Again, it can be reset in the same manner.
  3. I have to say that Schmoog's and Yargnit's segments were pretty good, full of entertaining content. I really appreciated Schmoog's attempts to explain where he went wrong whenever he messed up, and I think others appreciated the lessons learned. The Kethane showcase was just a complete wash, I'm sorry to say. I couldn't see the Kethane bits with all the Mechjeb windows in the way, and any meaningful views of the new scanning interface were very sparse, before the concept of actually being in space was abandoned altogether. I felt really bad for Majiir, as you could actually hear his disappointment and frustration increase as the stream went on. I swear that half of it was just building half-working rovers with old parts, a quarter of the stream was obscured by Mechjeb, and the remaining quarter was filled with drama interrupted by having to cheat kethane onto the runway to actually showcase anything. It could have been handled a lot better, and I think it did a disservice both to Majiir's fine work and the concept of KSPTV itself.
  4. So make actually posting on it require registration (that the devs make on a closed-testing basis, it's not that hard for most systems) but make viewing it available to everyone. I think you really need to loosen up in terms of the NDAs. This is a game in development, with customers that have already paid for the game, and a general feature set that has already been publicly announced. If you want to keep stuff like merchandising, certain major developments like expansions or a detailed career mode layout, or the source code NDA, that's totally fine. All I'm asking for is more transparency in a game development model that relies on it. Let's say you have to push resources back. Instead of saying "resources have been pushed back indefinitely, we're under NDA so we can't say more", you can say "resources have been pushed back due to issues x, y, and z, but once we spend time developing groundwork features m and n, as well as integrate other features such as a and b, then we shouldn't find any more significant problems that stand in our way." That is basic accountability and transparency towards customers. Heck, I'd say that the only reason Dwarf Fortress has lasted so long with such a patient fan base is because Toady makes amazingly transparent dev logs detailing his progress, any bugs, and any reasons for delays every few days. It's not much to ask.
  5. I fully expect and understand that there will be bugs during alpha development. However, that "just an alpha" argument loses a lot of its meaning when: There are scheduled 'releases' instead of nightlies or stables. Said 'releases' have 1-2 weeks of testing by an apparently crack QA team supposedly hand-picked for bug-reporting. Customers are kept in the dark about what exactly got fixed and detected by the QA team since the experimentals/internal bug tracker is kept secret and representatives (such as Skunky) tend to fly off the handle when said issues are brought up. Enormous and apparently obvious bugs like the recent lander-can/cupola explosion issues, the lagtastic oceans, and mismatched terrain/ocean levels on Laythe were apparently glossed over in the QA periods, and then barely get acknowledged and are never mentioned until after they get fixed. Transparency and just keeping people in the loop helps enormously. Stuff like Harv's recent "we found what was making things explode, we're fixing it now" and "the issue was fixed and was surprisingly easy once we found what was causing it" was well-handled. Note how he never said "deal with it, it's an alpha" or "it's to be expected, it's an alpha" or "we'll deal with it when it's a beta", he just acknowledged the problem and fixed it once the bug was pinpointed.
  6. As others have mentioned, the ISS is only "stationary" in its orbit because it is constantly moving and being boosted into higher orbits. You also ignore the fact that docking can be used to make anything other than a station. Think a generation ship, a LOR-type spacecraft, or simply a large mothership. Those are definitely meant to move around, and even with wide-spaced quad-node or hex-node docking they tend to have an unacceptable amount of wobble.
  7. Amusingly, I can reproduce this. It's not really the mod's fault, but the game's fault. If you set texture sizes to anything below Full Res, you get those blurry icons, probably because the game applies the texture resolution settings to everything in the GameData folder. At Eighth Res the icons become solid blocks of colour.
  8. Tested it out and everything looks pretty great. Things are a bit slower to react to being clicked on, but otherwise the plugin isn't overshooting or missing its time-warp stops. It does tend to come out of time warp rather faster than before, so it freaked me out the first few times. I haven't encountered the slight maneuver-node restoration errors too, so that's definitely a plus! Thanks a bunch for all your effort and for your upkeep of this mod.
  9. Yeah, but I ran into much the same problems as Mihara. The plugin tends to overshoot or entirely miss set alarms about one in four times or so. The maneuver node restoration works, but I'm getting a few errors that change projected apsides and inclination a bit. Probably just floating point errors or some wonkiness from the game itself, so nothing too big to worry about. The error margins themselves tend to be on the order of a km or two, sometimes more, sometimes less, depending on the scale of the maneuver and projected orbits. Manageable, but I didn't get it with and 0.19.
  10. Well that sucks a bit more. Playing without this mod makes me realize how much I depended on the maneuver node restoration functions, as well as the apsides notifications. I do hope you don't lose patience in updating this mod. I can't speak for others, but I'll have patience in this. You haven't pushed out a bad release so far, so I'm confident you'll be able to give 0.20 a good kick in the pants in due time.
  11. This is not any sort of meaningful or mature response. Nor is it a way to handle bugs. Part of alpha-testing a game is to refine the bug-reporting and bug-killing process. This is presumably so that by the time the game hits full release, the processes are refined enough to handle a large amount of reports in a fast and efficient manner. "It's an alpha so don't whine about bugs" is not a useful solution to this problem. It does nothing but put people off from reporting bugs or speaking up about deficiencies in the bug-quashing process. These players, these paying customers do deserve a response to their worries about all these enormous game-killing bugs, both from the developers and from the rest of the community. And this response should only be "we are working on quashing the current bugs quickly, and we will refine our QA processes to ensure that nothing this big slips by in the next release" and definitely not "bug off and come back in the indeterminate future when the game is fully released."
  12. This is something we have to keep in mind. The QA testers had over a week to find massive game-breaking bugs, yet in the first few hours I encountered the lagtastic FPS-eating oceans, the "large decouplers refuse to have any sort of structural stability" bug, the "flags explode on reloading if they were placed on slopes" bug, two ships mysteriously disappearing, and the "switching from ship to ship within render range using the [ and ] keys makes a ship disassemble completely and its parts reach escape velocity" bug. That's from an hour or so of playing, simply involving nothing more than going to the Mun, and docking in orbit. No plugins, purely vanilla. I have a very, very hard time accepting the "it's an alpha so you should ignore game-breaking bugs even though there's week-long experimentals and QA periods" excuse in that case.
  13. Oh snap, 0.20 just wrecked your pretty new graphics loading system. On the bright side, apparently the new database will make your graphics loading system kinda unnecessary since it was just working around the old database system. It still sucks. Best of luck in your coding.
  14. Well this is certainly a big update. Glad to see all those suggestions got rolled into it, including the one about having alarms disconnected from ships. Keep up the great work. This is an essential mod for KSP, in my awful biased opinion.
  15. Gee I would love to see a guy whose main shtick is to yell and scream random obscenities play a game which requires thought, planning, and concentration. The influx of his entire awful fanbase would not be a detriment to KSP at all. Nothing could possibly go wrong.
  16. Great, thanks. Any way to set planetary transfer alarms without having to assign them to a particular ship? Right now I've just got a little useless rover at the launch site that I've assigned future transfer dates to.
  17. Does 1.3.5.x have the GUI generation changes that we went over a week ago, or should I stick to
  18. I say this without any intention of hyperbole or exaggeration: You are legitimately the most skilled, detailed, and focused modder I have ever seen across any game. The IVA spaces are absolutely fantastic, and your unique part style manages to blend into the vanilla game well while still being its own thing. Keep up the amazing work.