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  1. It affects how much system RAM is allocated to the IGP to use as graphics memory
  2. This shouldn't be in the general KSP forum methinks... Most definitely yes, my laptop has the same IGP as yours and only 8GB of RAM and it runs without a hitch. KSP isn't GPU heavy at all, so it should do fine
  3. RSS, FAR, DRE, RT2 and MFS are some of the ones I use, I would not vouch for RSS unless you like spending long amounts of time on ascent and in the VAB
  4. Ah, glad you got it worked out. I haven't been to Eve with this current set of mods (mainly RSS, done DRE though).
  5. Asked this already in requests and support, but no one really views that subforum. Does anyone have a config that makes AIES's probes need a connection through RT2? I'd do it myself but it looks like it edits the entire config of probes using ModuleManager, and I'd rather not mess up my game
  6. From what I understand you're lowering your trajectory for the final approach?
  7. Well I just bought this, by Siebenburgen. They're a gothic black metal band from Gothenburg (quite a lot of good metal from there actually), Sweden. Just need a Swede to translate lyrics for me as google just doesn't do it justice
  8. Just got four communication satellites into a 2000m circular orbit to support my geostationary launches, they don't provide continuous coverage of Kerbin, but they do cover half the planet when one has a link with KSC. Pictures: And after letting the capsule return and launching and circularizing two probes:
  9. I use RSS. I need around 10k to get to orbit, and the Mun's at an inclination of 23 degrees (iirc). It's hard!
  10. Try and design a rocket that has enough delta v (around 20k, including landing, is my estimate) to land a probe on the Mun
  11. I just use Windows Defender. I don't know how good MS's antimalware was before 8 though, but I haven't heard good things
  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=shvxezxnFvA Maybe not exactly but still.
  13. Let's not get into politics and interracial discussions... It wasn't a genocide. It was stupidly unfair, yes. Think black people weren't allowed to use the same beaches, resturants, jobs, education, toilets, parks, anything really as white people. They had almost no rights, and were treated like animals. Now there are a few racist black politicians, google Julius Malema for one, with his "shoot the boer" song (boer being a term for an afrikaaner, or someone who is Afrikaans). What aggravates it a bit more is there are two main parties, the ANC (African National Congress, which is the party "that brought freedom to the people" who have not lost an election since 1994, who are mostly corrupt and have the support of the uneducated (and the education department is a joke, which is why I'm in a private school and also leads to them getting more votes because people trust them blindly). To win an election the ANC basically reminds everyone of 1994 and promises the poor service delivery and housing that never happens. Then you get the DA, they are the "white" party. They are run by a white woman called Helen Ziller (now that's already a problem with 99% black population). The DA always win the vote in Cape Town (which is the best city imo). They get all the white votes (that's an approximation) and quite a lot of votes from educated black people who see past the ANC's promises. Eventually it turns into some sort of sick joke where the ANC promises the poor houses while they drive around in expensive cars (think a few multi-million Rand cars a year like a BMW M6, Mercedes C55 AMG, that sort of thing) paid for from tax payers money. And the because only around 3 million people pay tax out of the 51 million who live here. And you can guess who makes up the majority of the tax payers... (white people) So that was a slightly biased explanation of how current politics works in South Africa, mostly because some people don't know the first thing about how it works
  14. I think the worst part about it is that the ANC will find some way to use it to help them in the elections... Inhumane *******s
  15. And a million times harder... It takes me around half an hour to get a rocket that can get some cargo to orbit. Tried to stock game size a bit today and it took me five minutes to build a rocket that landed on the Mun with a separate ascent stage... I wish there was something in between lol. And I just didn't feel like messing around with off center CoG and all that, there are no engines with the thrust and gimbal needed to do a real full sized Shuttle
  16. FAR. Also just about any of the mods in my sig. Just not RSS, that makes the game a bit too hard
  17. I like leaving debris around, it's cool to see it fly past, and it's interesting to rendezvous with them as a visit
  18. I'm not so sure about flying well... There's a 50% chance of the pod falling off as physics kicks in, but if you're gentle it has enough delta-v to get to orbit, and enough left to deorbit. That's with real fuel masses, I have no idea if it would work in a stock installation. Also you can't do much cargo as the VAB barely fits the rocket in
  19. While messing around with stretchy tanks today, I thought why not make the Space Shuttle's external tank and SRBs to scale? I eventually came up with this, it has enough delta-v to reach orbit (12k to be exact, I use RSS though) with the 3 man capsule, heatshield and parachute; weighs just under 4000 tons and has 4 of the most powerful KW Rocketry engines below the orange tank. I used procedural fairings to adapt the 2.5m pod to the 8.4 (don't remember) meter tank. It's interesting how small KSP is compared to the real sized stuff.
  20. IL-2 Sturmovik 1942, Star Wars Empire at War, Star Wars Battlefront 2, Star Wars: Republic Commando, GTA: San Andreas... I can go on for quite a bit, most of the games I really like are quite old Those are the ones I still play, Abe's Odyssee was my all time favourite back on the PS1
  21. I understand the maths, some of it is a bit above my level though (currently doing IGCSE, and A levels next year). I just want to be able to mathematically calculate the trajectory of something returning from orbit, to the point that I'll be able to land at KSC
  22. So one of the big things I've been trying to teach myself the maths behind calculating reentry. There's one hitch though, and that the coeefficent of drag changes as you slow down through the thickening atmosphere. I can get just about all the data needed from FAR, and I'm using the Earth sized Kerbin mod so the numbers should work. Basically this is the thing I'm looking at http://www.faa.gov/other_visit/aviation_industry/designees_delegations/designee_types/ame/media/Section%20III.4.1.7%20Returning%20from%20Space.pdf, pages 8 through 12. Could someone just show how I would do it? EDIT: Also need to get the deceleration so a mod that shows that would be useful
  23. I find that if I manage to mess up my sleeping pattern, just trying to go to sleep half an hour earlier or so every night fixes it eventually
  24. Still makes me laugh a bit, but yeah, it's well known here. And wrong area as well
  25. I'm mostly into black/death metal nowadays, with Graveworm, Enslavement Of Beauty, Agathodaimon and Omnium Gatherum making up most of my plays. Didn't listen to the Omnium Gatherum video so I can't say if it's audio is up to scratch
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