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  1. Yes, that's exactly what I did the first time. unzipped TBG, put the TBG folder in gamedata, then tried runnign the exe from inside the TBG gamedata folder. And yes, kopernicus is also unzipped and inside gamedata as it should be. From what documentation and tutorials I can scrounge up, I believe I've installed everything correctly. As is evidenced by the generic config working just fine; Planets, stars, etc. The flare when zoomed way out in map view is still a bit bright for my liking, but way better than what it used to be. I can at least see the other stars now. haha.
  2. Well, I've tried running the exe from the mod folder (which generates no message at all, just crashes) and I've tried dragging the exe (just the exe, all other files left inside the mod folder) outside the folder onto my desktop (windows 10) and that generates an error message "line: 71 (in main module) invalid handle. Continue?". Hitting continue gives the same message for lines 73 and 81. I thought I saw a post with a similar issue at one point, but couldn't track that post down again. I believe I'm also running the latest version of TBG (downloaded from github, Forgive me, but I'm
  3. So I cant figure out why, but the galaxy gen exe will NOT work for me no matter what I try. It immediately crashes upon trying to open. Help would be appreciated as I'm about to give up on this mod altogether if I cant find a fix. I can get the generic config that it comes with to work It says there's planets, but there isn't any. Just stars. EDIT: Ok, so without having changed anything I have stars and planets with the generic config...what. Still can't generate my own galaxy, though. Really getting annoyed with this BS.
  4. I'll make whatever the sekgjbes;gkb you guys want me to make, buuuuuuuuuut 1: I'm not sure how good my configs are in others' opinions (I only use the prefabs) 2: See my previous posts... 3: Your username made me chuckle. 4: I'm working on stuff more or less in the order requested, so it may be a while before I can even start on that pack because I only work on this stuff in my free time. Edit: Grrr. I can't figure this Linear Aerospike out...but the twin turbo and nerva are done..
  5. Well, if someone would help me with the issues I'm having, then I'd be more than happy to honor your request. I've gotten the hang of creating the configs..just not uploading them..Heck, I'll whip up those configs now! I use Mk4 and Near Future too. Edit: Got yer configs. Mk4 systems: Done Sounding Rockets : Done Near Future Propulsion : Done (with a few annoying exceptions)
  6. Any chance for more "realistic" performance values? I'd really like to use this as a little mini shutte for my other large spaceplanes. Tried editing files myself, buuut i kinda broke it when i did that.
  7. Submitted a Pull request for NovaPunch parts. Only 5 engines in it for now. Any constructive criticism or other comments? aand uh..how do i update it after i've made some new configs. Also, my install fro creating plumes is included in the repository. how do i just upload the specific files i need to? sorry..i know i'm blowing this thread up, but i'm an absolute novice, but really want to conntribute..
  8. Problem: I add a plume to an engine in novapunch and it is there in-game,but it's offset. i used smokescreen to offset it correctly and make some other tweaks, but when when I go back to the space center, then back again to the craft my changes aren't saved.. Am i being dumb or is it something else?
  9. ok, thanks for the tip. i'll dig around and see if i can fix it on my install. my install also has a metric F*** load f mods, soo yeah.. - - - Updated - - - Perhaps you and I can collaborate on NovaPunch Support? - - - Updated - - - ok, question is, then: add or delete a bracket and where? edit: deleted the second open [ bracket and that seems to have gotten rid of the error message. Not sure of any other repercussions, though. anyone else find a different solution?
  10. No Novapunch support? this brings shame upon your goat..jk. seriously, though. this i s frickin cool, so I'll make an attempt at integrating NovaPunch. Given that I've only ever dabbled in C++ and a little bit of config file editing, this may be a time consuming and difficult process that I may end up abandoning.....BUT Imma try anyway...Wish me luck! Edit: So I was playing around with adding plumes before I try to tackle NovaPunch and i managed to insert a few different plumes (one at a time) into the XE101 engine from the Instell mod and got each one working, so that's good, but module ma
  11. Originally, I thought it was a mod conflict, but after trying again in a fresh vanilla install I find that I still can't transmit any science from the lab or even recover any for that matter. The craft is a pod with a kerbal, solar panels, an antenna, and obviously a lab with two scientists. Data can be sent to the lab and research happens at a decent rate. Science gradually builds up as well, but when trying to transmit the science the antenna deploys and instantly says done without having sent anything. I'm at a complete loss here. Any ideas for a fix or even just a work around? EDIT: I'm an
  12. Clouds are way too thick on my install. How do I thin them out?
  13. This needs to happen! I downloaded DMP just for this! Whats's the server info? I want to plaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyy!!! From your video I can see it works! I'll be target practice on the ground! I don't care! Just let me in on the action!
  14. Question: if I were to delete all fairings and fairing bases from all the mods I have installed and replaced them all with PFairings would that save me some RAM?
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