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  1. Many? There are only a handful of parts that haven't been revamped, excluding the mk2 and mk3 parts, which are being left alone.
  2. The latest dev build has a really kickass 2.5m nuclear engine. SO COOL.
  3. I never heard of that problem before. Must be a bad install or some other mod.
  4. Unless I'm overlooking something there's no engine called the "Behemoth" from this mod.
  5. That gap seem to be related to the tankbutt generated by the Poodle. Some 2.5m parts have no gap (the 2.5 Cryo LFO tanks are fine, for example). Interestingly, if the Poodle is your root part and you connect a 2.5m part to it, it doesn't generate a tankbutt and won't have a gap.Some visuals.
  6. Holy Moly that looks great! Excellent work on the textures.
  7. Nothing on the forums, yet. But here's the reddit thread.
  8. Where did you place the pruner file? It belongs in the main KSP directory, not GameData.
  9. Which version are you using? The latest release on Github doesn't have this issue. Barring that, it could be another mod causing the issue.
  10. The shading on the model clearly show supports jut out on both sides. I never in my life would have imaged I would be nitpicking the visuals of an antenna, but oh well.
  11. That doesn't refute my point. the supports are at the back of the dish, and despite being wire mesh the inside is still smooth.
  12. I'm just going to throw in my two cents and say that Squad seriously needs to address the inconsistent quality of their models and textures. It was understandable when KSP was still in alpha and beta but now that it's a "fully-released" title they really need to polish the visuals. Have Porkjet redo the rocket parts, or hell, hire Ven since he's almost done with his own revamp mod. I can tolerate having inconsistent models and textures between fan-made mods and addons, but not when it's from the professionally made product. And regarding the antenna, it's not great, not terrible. The material for the dish is bad, I can't tell if Roverdude was going for sheet metal or carbon fiber. Either one seems questionable for an antenna. The dish itself is weird, I'm no expert but a quick google search shows that dishes are consistently smooth on the inside. A smooth, solid gray, dish would be an improvement in my opinion.