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  1. Wait Sal's an Aussie? Blimey! I knew there was something about him that I liked haha. In all seriousness it's good to see so much work being done. Can't wait for the update.
  2. Dodgey

    Silisko Pictures presents...

    Nope nope nope, I bailed a couple of minutes in, I simply could not handle it.
  3. Well it isn't whether or not they are serious, I'm worried about how different it will be.
  4. Dodgey

    Video editing software

    Fair point, I'm running windows 10 and have no experience what so ever, so i am really looking for a good beginners software.
  5. Dodgey

    Video editing software

    Hey guys, does anyone know of any half decent free editing software?
  6. Remember this is the media, I wouldn't get too hyped. We don't know how faithful to the books it will be.
  7. Dodgey

    Welcome to the new forums!

    Urgh, is it just me or does there seem to be a lot of wasted space with this design? I need to zoom out to 75% just to make it seem normal.
  8. Dodgey

    Forum Migration Nov 27th!

    Just over 4.5 hours to go now. Gettin close.
  9. Dodgey

    Fallout 4 Bethesda....Bethesda Never Changes

    Oh yeah because that worked so well last time.
  10. Bill I'm pretty sure he is referring to the personwho said.
  11. Dodgey

    happy Veterans day everyone.

    Happy Veterans Day
  12. Dodgey

    Fallout 4 Bethesda....Bethesda Never Changes

    Mate if you are complaining about graphics than you are talking about the wrong series. Aside from the ascetics the only other complaint you have is about the ai which if I'm not mistaken is pretty stock standard these days. Fallout has always taken gameplay over graphics.
  13. Dodgey

    Ask the Mods questions about the Forums!

    Is there still a 10 character limit on posts? Somehow i managed to post "soon." With no problems.
  14. Dodgey

    ETA For 1.0.5?

  15. Dodgey

    How to Play Fallout

    The story is a storey of the world. Each game is pretty much self contained however they are all in the same world. I don't think that there is a story from one game to another aside from 1 and 2 which i haven't played. To be honest i don't think it matters what order you play it in. I played New Vegas before 3 and it didn't really matter. Edit: Unless you want to play an isometric turn based game skip 1 and 2. Number 3 is the first open world game.