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  1. Hi fellow Kerbinauts, I'm looking for a career mod which changes the way we receive funding. I find the contract system a little too restrictive but I want to have to deal with a budget. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  2. Glad to see you have your priorities in order... erm...
  3. I see ... I had to wait until all conditions were met before activating the engine. Contract complete, thanks!
  4. Just tested it again and there is no Test option
  5. Hello, I have a mission to test a rocket I think its LV-909 or something and the requirements are to test the rocket between 77,000 and 85,000 meters and on a suborbital trajectory. Well during my mission I got check marks for both of these things but then when I landed they weren't checked anymore. What did I do wrong? I just flew up and activated the engine then came down and landed. Thanks.
  6. After roughly 500 hours in the game I've somewhat lost interest. An update would probably bring me back to check it out ... but when??? It's been quite a while.
  7. They all pretty much follow the same design no matter how heavy the payload is.
  8. 8600kg payload Lander - - - Updated - - - 10,000kg Station Tower and Habitat
  9. Get to 7-10km turn 45 degrees, go until apoapsis is 85km then coast and circularize?
  10. I'm not sure if my designs actually qualify as asparagus staging but I tend to make a large center rocket, usually 3.75m and then have two fuel tanks on the side with fuel lines going to the center tanks which fall off during ascent. Even for very small payloads this seems to be the only solution and this is the only way I've been able to get to the Mun, land and have enough dV to come back. Is there something flawed with this design or is this how its done?
  11. You can't say spoilers in your title WITH the actual spoiler lol.