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  1. Which one do you not see? The account settings or the option on the left for signatures?
  2. This post has been translated to English. Please use English outside the international sections or include a translation in your post.
  3. The previous post was edited to put the riddles in a spoiler tag.
  4. As much as I'm hyped for the incoming update, I'm quite sad to know it will be the last one I still have a hard time believing it's been so long since I launched my first rocket in the game(using the world's most efficient ascent profile: straight up at full throttle to get out of the atmosphere as soon as possible then horizontal burn until orbit is achieved) and all those times the launch tower eagerly reminded me not to abuse the aspargus staging; back then, the game was still free and, because of how the drag was calculated, nose cones increased drag instead of reducing it. And, of course, you had to be careful not to anger the Kraken. I guess I'll just need to focus on the bright side: it will be the last time I'll have to cross my finger and hope all the mods I can't play without are still working.
  5. The OP has been translated to English. Please use English outside the international sections or include a translation.
  6. First of all, welcome to the forum! This is, without doubt, a very good mod and bring a lot of interesting challenges and goals to the stock game. When looking at the mod's GUI in flight, I noticed there was two "modes": climatology and weather. It looks like switching from one mode to another results in different weather conditions as well as a significant performance difference - the weather mode being heavier on the CPU. What's the difference between those two modes?
  7. KSP is on sale again on Steam. 75% off for the base game, 64% for the game and the DLC, 30% for Making History and 25% for Breaking Ground. The sale end on May 25th
  8. I started the day by downloading 1.9 and a careful persistence file editing so that I could remove Kopernicus without losing anything. After launching the game, I discovered one of my craft had parts from a mod I haven't installed yet for it's not updated to 1.9 yet. After a cautious craft file editing(and being glad said parts were radially attached and didn't have another part attached to them), I managed to remove those parts. I started the "playing" part of the game by flying my quadcopter on Duna. At first, it was figuratively but it soon became literal when a mountain got in my way. Thankfully, thanks to the magic of revert, nothing was lost. Then, I switched to my Duna lander and flew Bill around in the small aircraft included in the lander. Jebediah was pretty jealous at first but he quickly calmed down when ground control reminded him that he had his turn the day before and that, anyway, they still have more than a year to fly around before it's time to come back home. Also, it turns out deployed solar panels produce lift, which allowed Bill to push the craft to 60m/s. I'm starting to think Jebediah has a bad influence on the rest of the crew. Finally, I noticed the fuel depot on my space station wasn't aligned correctly - the modules required to dock my space shuttle would get in the way of craft attempting to dock with that depot - so I made a quick mission to realign it. After docking with the station, I noticed the module was actually aligned the right way so I returned to Kerbin without making any changes to the station. Unfortunately, while I was getting ready to send another module to the space station, I realized I was wrong: the fuel depot wasn't aligned correctly. Having no choices, I docked with the module again and discovered how "fun" it was to dock something when all the RCS thrusters are at one end of the spacecraft and far away from the CoM.
  9. That look beautiful Can't wait to send a few probe over there!
  10. This thread has been moved from KSP discussion.
  11. You could use the ambient light boost setting in the "regular" flight setting menu. If you set the ambient light boost: map to a lower setting, it will reduce the brightness of the map view without changing the brightness of the flight view.
  12. Wait, you're telling me there's actually a fandom for [fandom subject]?
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