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Found 6 results

  1. Modular Climate & Weather Systems (MCWS) is a plugin that provides a common interface for climate and weather data/simulations to interact with KSP's physics systems. The "Modular" part of MCWS comes from the fact that it allows climate and weather data to be easily added through an integrated binary file reader and a flowmaps system for those who prefer textures. An API also allows data to be added via external plugins, and this same API can also be used by other mods to read climate and weather data for whatever they want to use it for. This data is then used to influence various aspects of the game's physics systems, primarily through wind, temperature, and pressure. Currently Supported Bodies: Stock System: Kerbin, Duna, Eve, Laythe Outer Planets Mod: Tekto, Thatmo Tidally Locked Kerbin: Kerbin Kcalbeloh System: Mehtna, Rouqea, Suluco Anyone is free (encouraged, even) to add their own climate data sets to MCWS if they desire, up to and including replacing/overriding the included data sets. Installation Download from: Spacedock: https://spacedock.info/mod/3597/Modular Climate %26 Weather Systems Github: https://github.com/CashnipLeaf/ModularClimateWeatherSystems/releases Dependencies: ModularFlightIntegrator Toolbar Controller Click-Through Blocker HarmonyKSP (Bundled with download) ModuleManager Source: https://github.com/CashnipLeaf/ModularClimateWeatherSystems Mod Compatibility Recommended Mods: KSPCommunityFixes Compatible with: FerramAerospaceResearch: If installed, MCWS will defer all relevant aero/thermal calculations to FAR and supply it with wind, temperature, and pressure information. Most, if not all parts mods Conflicts with: Other mods that modify the stock aerodynamics system. General API Information Below is a very brief overview of the API for anyone who may be interested in registering a plugin with MCWS. Far more detailed information can be found on the Github Wiki (linked below). Multiple mods can provide climate/weather data for a given body, but no two mods can provide the same type of data for said body. For example: if mod A registers wind data and pressure data for Kerbin, mod B can only register temperature data for Kerbin, but it can register wind and pressure data for another body. There are no restrictions on how many bodies a given mod may register data for. Other mods can read data through the same API. Externally-provided data will always be preferred over internal-stored binary data or flowmaps. Documentation: https://github.com/CashnipLeaf/ModularClimateWeatherSystems/wiki This wiki also includes information on using MCWS's flowmap system and integrated binary file reader. Other Features MCWS adds a few extra features to help you out when flying, including: A GUI which displays wind, temperature, and pressure information, along with other relevant aero- and thermodynamic information. A new pair of Navball indicators which display prograde and retrograde adjusted for wind, which will only appear if you are in an atmosphere, the Navball is set to "Surface" mode, the wind speed is greater than 0.5m/s, and the craft is in motion. To make craft recovery easier (or perhaps even possible in some cases), MCWS's GUI includes a setting that disables the wind effects if the craft is landed or splashed down, and moving at <5m/s. Gameplay Valentina going sailing on Laythe. Strong gusts in Eve's lower atmosphere take this lander for a ride as it descends towards the surface. This actually seems like a half-decent way to get extra science. Landing a VTOL is hard enough without the wind! (Admittedly, I'm not very good at this) If you would like to join me in my climate modeling shenanigans, I now have a discord server! Invite link: https://discord.gg/SdSh8BVdCd Changelog: Credits and Acknowledgements @sarbian, @ferram4, and @Starwaster for making the Modular Flight Integrator that allows interfacing with KSP's physics system. @R-T-B for lending a VM to run ExoPlaSim to generate climate data. @Aebestach for donating Chinese Localization support. License Information Modular Climate & Weather Systems is licensed under the MIT license.
  2. Release thread: This thread is for the development of a mod I am working on called Modular Climate & Weather Systems (MCWS), which is meant to allow climate and weather data (and possibly simulations) to interact with KSP's physics systems in a modular fashion. I am creating this thread to get feedback and suggestions. I also currently don't have any climate data to use with this thing, which is something I would like to have before a full release. Completed features: Functioning API to take in data from other plugins and interpret it for use in the flight scene. Can currently take in wind, temperature, and pressure data. A very refined stock wind simulation. GUI that displays various aerodynamic and thermodynamic information. New set of prograde/retrograde markers that display prograde/retrograde but adjusted for wind. Reader plugin that can read .bin files of climate data based on configs. Current To-Do List: Make some kind of climate data for this thing. (insert additional things that may come up) Installation Download from: Github: https://github.com/CashnipLeaf/ModularClimateWeatherSystems/releases Dependencies: ModularFlightIntegrator ToolbarController ClickThroughBlocker HarmonyKSP (Bundled with download) Documentation (WIP): https://github.com/CashnipLeaf/ModularClimateWeatherSystems/wiki Source: https://github.com/CashnipLeaf/ModularClimateWeatherSystems/tree/main License: MIT
  3. While KSP simulates atmospheres with variable depths and densities it lacks dynamic weather limiting its utility as tool for exploring concepts in atmospheric science. Kerbal Weather Project was developed to remedy this. In KWP, weather and climate data from a state-of-the-art global circulation model was incorporated into KSP gameplay. This was accomplished through a global hourly climatology, enabling players to experience diurnal and spatial variations in atmospheric conditions. In addition, point weather data is provided for Kerbin launch sites, giving players the option of experiencing dynamic weather conditions that change from day to day. KWP features a text-based GUI showing remotely sensed weather data (in space) and in situ weather data (in the atmosphere). Compatibility KWP works with stock KSP and should work with the vast majority of KSP mods. KWP has been tested, without major issues, in a KSP 1.10 playthrough with 220 other popular KSP mods. That said, KWP may conflict with mods like real heat that modify the stock game's aerodynamic or thermodynamic system. KWP can still be used with these mods as KWP's override of the stock thermodynamic system can be disabled in the settings menu. KWP is compatible with the aerodynamics overhaul: Ferram Aerospace Research (FAR). Note that since FAR overrides KSP's thermodynamic system, pressure and temperature data from KWP will not affect flight dynamics when FAR is installed. Note that FAR may not be compatible with the latest version of KSP. Background Kerbin weather and climate analyses were produced using the Model for Prediction Across Scales (MPAS; Skamarock et al., 2012) a state-of-the-art atmospheric general circulation model developed by the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR). MPAS was run for six-years (1st year: spin-up) at a resolution of 2 x 2 decimal degrees. Fortunately, Kerbin’s atmosphere has the same chemical composition as Earth’s. In MPAS, terrain and biome data from KSP were used to classify land use, vegetation type, green fraction, and other geographical datasets. In addition to land surface modifications, several changes to MPAS were made to enable more realistic simulations of Kerbin's atmosphere. These changes are listed below: Axial obliquity was set to zero. Orbital eccentricity was set to zero. The solar constant was set to 1360 W/m2 The day length was set to six hours (21600 s) The Coriolis parameter was multiplied by four. An hourly global climatology of Kerbin was developed by averaging the results of the five-year MPAS simulation, by the hour. Results from this simulation were incorporated into the game via KWP. Required Mods Toolbar Controller Click Through Blocker ModularFlightIntegrator Recommended Mods Kerbinside Remastered - adds launch sites compatible with KWP. Note that the lite version of KWP does not include weather data at Kerbinside launch sites. KerBalloons - Launch weather balloons! Atmospheric Autopilot - makes flying during windy conditions a little easier. Downloads and Installation Instructions Full Version (84 MB): High resolution climatology, 5-years of weather data at stock and Kerbinside launch sites. GitHub: https://github.com/cmac994/KerbalWeatherProject/tree/master Spacedock: https://spacedock.info/mod/2607/Kerbal Weather Project Lite Version (13 MB): Low resolution climatology, 1-year of weather data at stock launch sites. GitHub: https://github.com/cmac994/KerbalWeatherProject/tree/lite Spacedock: https://spacedock.info/mod/2611/Kerbal Weather Project - Lite See the links above for information on how to install KWP. Alternatively, you can just use CKAN. KWP Animations Weather Animations Simulated Infrared (IR) Satellite Imagery for Kerbin (Each Frame = 1 day) Light colors = high clouds or cold surface; Dark colors = low clouds or warm surface Precipitable Water (PW) on Kerbin (Each Frame = 1 day) Note vortices of high PW in tropics... those are tropical cyclones (hurricanes)! Upper level winds on Kerbin (Each Frame = 1 day) Surface Temperature on Kerbin (Each Frame = 1 day) Climatological Animations Average Temperature by Height Average Wind Speed by Height If the above charts are bit challenging to decipher check out the chart interpretation page on the mod webpage. KWP Gameplay A crewed weather balloon being carried away from the launchpad by northeasterly trade winds. An uncrewed glider flies into a strong headwind and ends up traveling retrograde! A polar orbiting satellite passes over the KSC providing remote sensing weather data along its track SRB Recovery with and without wind. Additional Information For more screenshots, animations, and information about KWP check out the official mod webpage. The science behind KWP, as well as its potential as an educational tool, will be presented at the 101st Annual Meeting of the American Meteorological Society (AMS) in January 2021. A link to the AMS poster presentation is provided here. In addition to weather and climate analysis, the mod webpage provides several demonstrations detailing the effects of KWP on atmospheric flight and reentry. A series of short-stories are also included to highlight how KWP can be used for both shenanigans and serious science! What KWP Does: Adds climate and weather data to the stock game Climate data varies geographically, vertically, and diurnally. Point weather data varies with height and time and is valid only for a fixed location. Modifies air pressure, density, and temperature on Kerbin affecting the aerodynamics and thermodynamics of flight. The scale height of the KWP atmosphere is higher (8.5 km) than in the stock atmosphere (5.6 km). Consequently, air pressure and density will decrease more slowly with height when playing with KWP enabled. This makes re-entry and SSTOs a little more challenging. As noted above, if you'd prefer KWP not affect KSP aerodynamic and thermodynamics this can be selected in the KWP settings menu. Provides a text-based GUI for visualizing ambient weather, vehicle velocity, ground track, vehicle relative winds, and aerodynamic variables (e.g. mach number, shock temperature, etc.) What KWP Does NOT Do: At present, KWP does not add any parts or new visual effects to the game. KWP provides a framework for understanding what the weather on a planet with Kerbin's geography and orbital characteristics might look like. The results of the MPAS simulations (detailed on the mod webpage) could provide inspiration for fellow modders to create more realistic cloud cover and visual effects for Kerbin. KWP does not include orographic circulations or other small-scale circulations (e.g. thunderstorm cells). This is a limitation of the coarse resolution MPAS simulations from which KWP was derived. In KWP vertical wind speeds are typically very small (< 1 m/s) so unfortunately, aspiring glider pilots will not be able to stay aloft indefinitely by riding the wind. Future Work KWP provides a framework for implementing weather in the stock game. A rudimentary weather and climate API has been included with KWP. With this foundation laid it is my hope that real-world science missions, like the Global Precipitation Measurement Mission (GPM) and the Geostationary Operational Environment Satellite (GOES-R), could one day be emulated in KSP or KSP2. Mods such as SCANSat and Orbital Survey Plus may be one way to realize this concept in KSP, by facilitating the mapping and visualization of climate data for science. Other possibilities include real-time charting or logging of weather balloon sounding data, similar to what is performed twice daily here on Earth. These pursuits could serve as educational tools for teaching basic concepts in atmospheric science. Acknowledgements KSP Developer Squad and KSP creator Felipe Falanghe. KSP modding community - specifically forum users @linuxgurugamer, @JoePatrick1, @Fengist, @DaMichel, @NathanKell, and @DMagic. These mod developers, by publishing their code publicly, provided a valuable teaching tool which facilitated many of the advancements implemented in KWP. Without their prior work, incorporating weather data into KSP would have been exceedingly difficult. License: MIT
  4. Hello! This post is not a request. The KSP2 team has complete creative control. This is not a post about wind or floods or heavy snow or other gameplay changing related features. This is just a list of videos created using Unity that show how beautiful and immersive a celestial body can be if it has weather and other environmental visual effects in addition to clouds and atmospheric scattering / lighting (things that have already been confirmed). I think visually simulating alien climates / seasons / weather .. even vegetation .. would be revolutionary in gaming (weather caused by a different atmospheric chemistry and different physical properties like temperature and pressure). Rain Storm and Lightning Snow storm Vegetation Volumetric Lighting and Flowing Fog Volumetric Clouds Tornado and whirlwind Sandstorm Avalanche (could be with snow, dirt, mud & rocks) Lava, melting ice, mud slides (could not find examples for all) Snow / sand / dust footprints Snow / ice environment Oceanic and flowing river water, dynamic waves Just thinking about how all this would look like on exotic celestial bodies is beyond imagination. I repeat, it's not a request, it's just something I dream of seeing - on alien planets - someday. Weather, climate, seasons.. they are part of the planet with atmosphere as much as the terrain and lighting.
  5. I'm wondering what people imagine Kerbin would have looked like in an ice age and what its continents may have looked like in the past.
  6. I know,i know that there is wonderful mods that add sandstorms,blizzards and other stuff. But i am asking for changing climate. How would it be? After a month passed (in ksp) Enviroment changes,ice caps grow or vanish,mountains have snow on top or completely lack it. I don't ask for weather, i am asking for dynamicly changing textures. For example-we have texture for summer grass (it is green(obviously) and then after a month ,it changes and turn into something slightly yellow-ish and so on.
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