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  1. Here you go: https://add0n.com/stylus.html That's how I got my boards to look like this: My eyeballs have been very pleased by it - I recommend. Plus, it gives you various options of styles to choose from (even between only KSP-forum specific ones)
  2. yeah, the bought version is the real one - playtest is probably not gonna get updated once it's closed. It'll probably live on as a demo later though, KSP had done this as well. In practice, there is one very key difference in gameplay, which isn't even of our making but a quirk of Steam, which is: Play-Tests don't get to use the Steam Workshop for sharing stuff. (I'm actually quite excited to see what comes up in there as ppl start using it)
  3. You can edit waypoints by adding a "Waypoint Route (Local Player)" module and clicking "Edit Route" - then note as it says on the top-left, hold Shift to place new waypoints. You can also hold space together with shift to adjust the height of each marker as you place them. The module shows a convenient roller-coaster-track like representation of the route being created, with hex markers previewing the orientation and size of each waypoint. You may them adjust the waypoints some more with the gizmo after they're in place. Note that the selection bubbles only appear when in "Edit Route" mode. There's also a known bug that if you save the mission while editing, it'll get messed up and you won't be able to edit properly until you press "reload" (which should be fine, since you just saved the mission) The Racing scenario setup still uses the older waypoint route system, which doesn't consider the possibility of missing gates or getting penalties for turning around and flying the wrong way. But you should be able to use it for route editing and then just copy the waypoints from the .scn file onto the racing route module if you want. They're really the same structure and should load just fine
  4. It's a Steam related issue - Players can only use the workshop for games they own. This seems to rule out games they're about to own by way of play-testing... It's nothing we can fix on our end, alas. Quite an inconvenience. But it should pretty much fix itself when the game is actually released proper
  5. If you're on Career mode, you'll gradually unlock more and more parts as you gain XP. Otherwise, the ones available are what there is for now - We are naturally planning to add more parts as soon as possible, and the game is ready for modding just like KSP Also, there are a couple of Adaptive Fuselage parts too - those will automatically bridge between any two types of cross section, and they have adjustments for length, slant and tilt (this also works with propellers)
  6. And that, kids, is how you start a thing! Welcome aboard!
  7. Which you can actually do, in fact. There are Action Figures - And these, in a Toy-Story-Esque way, are how you accumulate the glory of missions you do and combat victories and such. All such accolades are credited to these little guys, and you wouldn't wanna lose a plane that had your favorite hero aboard (even if it should cost more to recover it out of the sea than to build a new one) Balsa does feature realistic flight dynamics and a build-from-parts interface that should be very familiar to any KSP fan. Unlike its predecessor, Balsa has multiplayer as a core part of the game, and thus you may pit your aircraft designs against others in RC dogfights (yes, you can shoot ppl's planes to bits) or race them, do stunts and airshows and whatnot. There is a very flexible mission editor built in, so you can have your way with it as you like. Similarly, you can actually custom paint your aircraft so that they look however you please. Anyways, This interview is actually quite recent (last week as of this post) - It mentions Balsa having been released previously as a VR-focused title, but since then things have come a loooong way. It's a whole new game now, and you won't need a fancy VR set to enjoy it. (though it'll be supported again later) And you can take my word for it, of course, because this time, I'm officially involved with development.
  8. No matter how old a version of the forums you can dig up - you will inevitably find: I was already there.
  9. 10 years ago around this season, my brother had me play a very early prototype of a little game about rockets. It was an idea both of us shared back in university, from which we had graduated just the previous year. He had just been given a chance to make it, having threatened to quit his job thus causing his boss to offer him the opportunity to do so while under their pay. Squad had been a company for electronic media and advertisement stuff up until then. To this event, I recall my reply was "Hey! I was gonna make that one!" - With the idea for that game just as much mine as it was his at that time, and I even actually had a working prototype. I had just myself made a Flash-for-Mobile game like this, called "Delta Vee". It was required work for me to complete a pending class for my own graduation, and this had had the feature of allowing one to reach orbital velocity (a setup which required me to work physics inside out to achieve in limited 2d Flash) I still have that game, and if you can get Flash to work on your PC, you can even play it: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wTqgzMCL0X3HfSQn9fKyOBoAM1fuNnOU/view?usp=sharing You can play DeltaVee.Swf with a program such as this freeware Swf Player: http://www.swffileplayer.com/ Anyways, that was back in 2010. By 2011 (ten years ago today-ish) my brother had his prototype mostly underway. So, after a brief play with this first take on implementing his version of our idea, I convinced him that the casual "how-high-can-you-go-before-explosion" challenge would be more fun if instead of having only 2D physics, it should allow full 3D flight, and even getting into orbit should one manage it. It already had 3D graphics, so why not? When I made mine, I was limited to 2D by the Flash platform. He was using Unity, so really making it work as if it were 2D was not just unneccessary, but also far more trouble than just allowing it to go as these things do in three dimensions. He had kinda thought of this himself, yet had all but ruled it out, concerned about how difficult it would be to properly control the ship while looking at it from the outside. Plus, all that stuff about axial tilts and orbital planes made things a bit too complex for comfort. For this, I suggested that he add a feature which has since become known as the "Nav-Ball" I also put forward that the whole process would be far more approachable (compared to Orbiter, our shared source of spaceflight understanding) if the launch center was located at the exact equator of a miniature planet, with zero axial tilt to the ecliptic. Very much simplifying the concept of how orbits naturally work without having to cut back on physics by artificial means to that end. And why not, if someone manages to actually fly up into orbit, let them get on with it. If the point is to go as far as possible before inevitable disaster, then why not let it go as far as possibly succeeding with a mission? Anyways, what resulted from that bit of advice I gave should be quite self-evident to anyone who's found his way into these forums. --------- moreover ---------- Sadly, I never got any official credit for that (IMHO) critical bit of advisory. Or even any acknowledgement for having come up with Kerbals in the first place, back when they were little tin-foil men strapped to cardboard model rockets of most inadvisable repute. Perhaps KSP2 could remedy this by featuring the "Based on characters created by:" entry on its credits roll. This time with BOTH brothers' names on it. Would be nice if they did. Though I do hate having to ask for it...
  10. Who won't reply? Anyways, If I guess HarvesteR next it'll probably not happen anyways. He hasn't been around here for a while, being quite busy with his model airplanes these days...
  11. No sane person would ever call a .gif a "jiff" - Doesn't matter that this was the original notion of the inventor, it will be "Ghiff" forever, the way normal ppl say it! Back on topic, The name is Moach, it rhymes with "Coach" or "Roach", or "Poach". For english speakers it's hard to get it wrong. For Latin language natives, on the other hand, it's almost guaranteed they'll mess it up from reading without having heard it out loud beforehand. - Unless they're well familiar with english, and correctly assume that a random person on the internet expects his name to be pronounced with english-based phonemes. And yes, I've had people outside the internet (IRL) address me by that name. I suppose they found it catchy...
  12. Another build today! Mk.1f4-NT is now live! Bunch of bugs got fixed on this one - simulation feels lots more cromulent! Game is still free, so please keep telling people about it so that one day this may become a real thing that I can make a living from... I wouldn't have the gall to charge for it until more game-making features (like things to shoot at and get shot by) are in - Until then, it's all about spreading the word.
  13. For the last few days it's been "Born Bad" by The Gone Jackals Many folks will know this tune from "Full Throttle"
  14. Yeah, it'll be up on steam when the time comes for it to enter official "early access" and pre-order phase. For now there's not enough game to justify asking ppl for money yet - But I plan on having it grow out of that infancy sometime this year. Then there'll be a free demo version and the option to pre-order the full game, and it'll go the same way as KSP with regular updates and all. He's actually my identical twin brother, though I like to think I'm the better looking one.
  15. Now with constant-speed propellers! https://www.motorwings.net/updates Still free for now! Only cost is please tell everyone who will listen (or can be held in place with rope or something) about it so that we can build up a proper playerbase. Enjoy! Now hear this: I will grant players who make videos showcasing the game, it's concept and potential, the title "Media Partner" and with it, a free copy with all updates and future expansion packs when it becomes a commercial product. This offer stands as long as it takes to make it popular. The MotorWings theme music is free to use in any videos of the game. (or in videos of other stuff too, as long as you mention where it came from (I wrote it myself))
  16. Aye, mate, most of this is in the plans in a way, at some point or other along development. Flying boats especially, given the nature of Outlandish* infrastructure. Not sure about the computer, though - It's a bit of a stretch from the central concept, but definitely a modding possibility I'll make sure to provide for. *The world of MotorWings is called "The Outlands" - It's a very fragmentary frontier land, where every homestead and it's outhouse may claim itself a sovereign kingdom at a whim's notice. The state of public transportation facilities in such a place is pretty much what you'd expect from any arrangement so cross-purposed and unwieldy. Now, I'm not sure if physics would play along with Flapters, Where does the engine(s?) even go on those things? But it raises a good point: I hadn't actually thought of ornithopter-type designs up until now - So that's one to mull over a bit.... Washing machines could also be possible, but they might disappoint in their washing capabilities... Also, they might fly once but not do as well on a second try. As a general rule, I find that most things are thus; By unspoken convention, most categorize the exceptions of any artifacts that do fly more than once, under the overall heading of "aircraft" Flying carriers are a big part of the design concept already - Those big airships you see should all have internal hangars, Just like in Crimson Skies. (not yet implemented) And gliders, those can be built even now, though there's still not much one can do to tow them aloft at this time. Nevertheless I had already given some thought as to how best to implement tow planes and glider operations - This is kind of a tricky one, for it requires AI assistance or Multiplayer cooperation, since flying more than one airplane at a same time is hardly what you'd call a user-friendly endeavor. I short, most of the things you wanna build should eventually become possible, be it by design or by modding as it may. There'll be a fully capable SDK out sometime soon. (basically as comprehensive a set of tools as that provided for KSP)
  17. My Bulldog says "What do you mean 'if' ?!"
  18. I'll confirm that Crimson Skies does indeed run on Windows 10 (there's a patch, use XP compatibility mode) - I have it installed on two computers and it runs perfectly fine. Only the startup MS logo plays weird and the initial loading screen gets mangled a bit, but everything else runs quite well and at super-smooth framerates unthinkable back when it was a hot new title. I've never played ther xbox sequel, perhaps mostly due to me never having owned an xbox.... Anyways, a few more parts added today: Also gave the old runway a good revamp, with an overlay arrangement for much sharper textures This should be in the next build, but for now there isn't enough new stuff to be worth doing a whole release just yet. Gonna make some more new parts first
  19. I think the fuzz is to obfuscate the names of these boats, as it could cause Image Usage Rights trouble with their owners on publication.... Same reason for Google blurring out car license plates and people's faces on Street View. It's amazing the kind of mess one can get himself into by having people unknowingly featured in photographs. This is mostly if you sell or present your pictures in some very much public way - For personal everyday use, it's usually fine and nobody cares
  20. Or do like me, make yourself a game developer and then you can start calling it your "career"
  21. Duun Duun | Duun Dun-Dun-Dun | Duun Duun | Duun Dun-Dun-Dun | Duun Duun | Duun Duuh | Duuuun... Notation: each "u" in dun represents a whole beat note, dashes indicate tuplets; "|" separates bars
  22. I'm pretty pleased with how that one turned out. Got kinda carried away there - But hey, it's all part of the game! It's actually a screenshot from the game itself that I took, then I started editing it and stuff, then one thing led to another and next thing I know I'm "Hey it's daylight outside again? When did that happen?" So I had to make myself stop before either my mouse or wrist broke down... I like drawing explosions and such... Fly safe out there!
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