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  1. What's an NVME, and how do I tell if a motherboard can use it? Due to getting a new CPU that is incompatible with my current mobo, I'll have to upgrade to a new one - a Gigabyte GA-A320M-S2H Micro ATX AM4, to be specific - and I'm wondering if it'd have a slot to put it in. Hey, KSP isn't the sole reason I intend to get an SSD for - I have plenty of other games that are extremely slow to load (Paradox games, heavily-modded Starbound, heavily-modded Fallout: New Vegas, etc), so there are still plenty of reasons for me to get an SSD ^^; Hopefully the 16 gigs of RAM would greatly help out as well. I also hope that my new build will also be enough to run KSP 2...
  2. Oh, neat! Still, I don't really think my current computer could handle 1.9, since it's already aging, and I was wanting to wait 'til I could afford a Ryzen 5 3400G CPU and upgrade to 16 gigs of RAM (versus my current 8 gigs) and an SSD anyway. And yeah, but the point I was trying to make is, if KSP 2 fails like 76 did, people would overwhelmingly stick with KSP 1 anyway
  3. You... do realize that there are several old games that still retain a massive fanbase to this day, right? Just because a new game is released, doesn't mean everyone suddenly abandons the old one. For example, there're still a lot of people (myself included) who continue playing Fallout: New Vegas and modding it to this day, despite it having been released in 2010 and two entire new Fallout installments (Fallout 4 and Fallout 76) having been released since then. Most fans of the Mario & Luigi franchise also greatly prefer the original 2003 Superstar Saga and 2009 Bowser's Inside Story over their 2017 and 2019 remakes, to the point AlphaDream went downright bankrupt after releasing the 2019 remake because none of the old-school fans of the 2009 original wanted to play the remake. There are also several fans of Need for Speed that greatly prefer playing the old 1994-2006 installments over the more recent games, to the point the old games still retain an active modding scene to this day... really, I could go on and on. Honestly, if anything, I really wouldn't be surprised if KSP2 actually flops and gets terminated early on due to the majority of the fanbase preferring the original game over the second. Humans tend to hate change in general. Oh, did they optimize the game? I haven't played KSP in a very long time (it was still in 1.4!) since it ran way too poorly in my computer, and I was waiting to be able to afford to get a computer upgrade before getting back into it. That's reassuring... but I still don't expect my puny lil AMD FX-6300 to be able to handle the game well ^^;
  4. Hey, I apologize in advance if this is the wrong forum to make such a thread. But I don't really know where else I am supposed to go to, so here I am. There's an old UI mod I'd very much like to toy with again, but sadly, I've forgotten what it was called. And no amount of Googling could help me find it again - all I found was a screenshot featuring a mod that seems to resemble the one I'm looking for, but the person who posted the screenshot never said what mod it is: Now, I'm still not sure if that screenshot is showing the exact mod I'm looking for - because, while it shows the exact kind of UI bar in the lower half of the screen featuring the space program's flag, and text to the right of the flag, the mod operated more like news headlines, and it was meant to be used in AARs to simulate news coverage of spaceflights. It even had the option to have the game be in sepia, black & white and CRT to simulate the transition of time instories, which is the feature I found to be the most appealing of it all. It's a darn shame I can't find the mod anywhere, I really wanted to toy with it. Does anyone know what the mod's called? I'd really appreciate any help, and once again, I apologize if I wasn't supposed to post this here.
  5. So, I'm not sure if this is an Alternis problem in specific, but science experiments don't give me any unique flavour text. For example, if I collect a Crew Report while landed on Laythe, it only tells me something along the lines of "Collected data from Surface of Laythe," despite the mod having an actual configuration file for science definitions. Is it because I'm on Sandbox mode? I recall that restriction being lifted in a past update, so I am confused. Additionally, Distant Object Enhancement does not give distant planets their appropriate colours. For example, when looking at Eve's glowing dot from the orbit of Jool, it glows purple instead of yellow. The OP says the planets have their proper dot colours, so I am confused. Also, any chances of the city lights being reintroduced in a future update? I think those lights are what make Kerbin truly special, and it'd be even more notable when observing it from the surface of other joolian bodies.
  6. I use a mod(KAS) that adds fuel hoses, trivializing the refuel process. You can see the hose part attached to the z4k battery in the side-view of my lander prototype. I play on Sandbox, so the tech tree is maxed out. The docking port does not need to be a Senior; the space station is not even designed yet. I made it a Senior port so I could attach it directly to the bottom of the lander without having to make adapters.
  7. I'm sorry for the late response, but: Yes, I did think of spaceplanes; I didn't choose them because I'm not exactly stellar in flying and designing spaceplanes, or planes at all. However, when analyzing the situation more closely, I do think that a spaceplane carrier would be more efficient than a rocket-lander, considering its higher fuel efficiency and precision. I just hope it won't be too extraordinarily hard to pilot(and perform rendezvous with the station)
  8. I've been planning to establish a long-term colonization on Laythe for a while now, considering so far the only non-Kerbin planet I ever sent Kerbals to was Duna, with a very lackluster base. Because of it being long-term, I plan to have a space station orbiting Laythe with two landers on standby, which must be almost completely reusable and be able to ferry at minimum six Kerbals from the station to the base(s), with maximum efficiency. With those restrictions in mind, and considering that I plan to keep the space station at an altitude of 150-175km(to make the rendezvous easier for me), I managed to design a hefty lander packing 3.8 m/s of dV, space for seven Kerbals, and a jumbo docking port on the bottom, which also counts on being refueled when landing on Laythe by virtue of the base(s) being equipped with fuel refineries and rovers able to ferry the fuel: As you can see, the reason for the unusual placement of the docking port(below instead of on top) is in favour of a RealChute parachute, designed to work flawlessy(mostly) on Laythe - which is why the lander is not completely coated in 'chutes. Unfortunately, RealChute has a hardcoded limit of 10 uses per parachute part, after which it will no longer work; as it will have to be replaced by a new parachute part through KIS, this is why the lander is only 95% reusable - and not using parachutes at all is a terrible idea as the lander completely loses control when entering Laythe's atmosphere - being the very first craft I've seen that prefers to fly face-first when I intend it to fly butt-first, while it's normally the other way around. (Re-entry heating is disabled in my save file because I have barely mastered proper drag-friendly crafts, let alone drag-friendly heat-freindly crafts) Nevertheless, using HyperEdit, I did multiple simulation flights with Laythe and, despite those shortcomings, de-orbiting and landing in Laythe is something the lander can do(with some trouble regarding loss of control; it can end up flying sideways and therefore gliding far away from its intended destination). The true problem is taking off again and reaching orbit: It just doesn't have enough fuel. Sure, it can attain an apoapsis that's above the atmosphere(thanks to a planet pack, the atmo height is raised to 66km instead of 50km; pressure and grav are unchanged), but it will be left with just 900-800m/s of dV left, when over 1100m/s are needed to complete the circularization. And this is without accounting the fact that the lander would still need to rendezvous with the soon-to-be space station at 150-175km of altitude... Either the lander is fuel-inefficient, or I am doing a wrong ascent profile. And I did check a guide for ascent profiles, but when I tried that, it just resulted in the lander deciding to fly into the ground. (Considering that guide was aimed toward large Kerbin crafts, it's possible its advice just doesn't apply for this situation) Thus, I'm wondering if anyone is able to help me with either/both problems. I'm looking to try and optimize its fuel consumption as much as I can(the aerospikes are the most efficient engines available: the Terrier is too weak, and everything else is either too powerful/inefficient, or has a mismatching size) to be useful in case of an emergency, and find out a more efficient way to get the lander up into Laythe orbit. As well as possibly find out what's causing the lander to completely lose control when braking into Laythe, as that will definitely end up causing problems later on regarding landing precision and the time spent ferrying Kerbals and fuel. And yes, the Center of Mass is above the Center of Lift, which is above the Center of Thrust. And here is the lander's .craft file, in case you need it or just want it.
  9. As there was no shown solution to the "ships teleporting inside Jool" bug, and the 1.3.1 update made my game crash with the outdated mods, I had no choice but to abandon that save and create a new one, HyperEditing my crafts back on Laythe again. (Trust me, it's harder and more frustrating than it sounds like; at least I could redesign the base to be more part-efficient and have some things I forgot to send) I managed to place it in an area that actually has trees, and boy... I see you added even more alien-like trees to Laythe. Compared to the trees that had golden rings or sunflowers growing on them, the trees with giant eyeball textures actually look pretty unnerving for me. Guess I'll have to take care not to let these specimen somehow escape to Kerbin. A sudden burst of eyeball trees isn't something people would like to see. (Though I'm sure there'd be lots of Kerbals who would like to try out the eyeballs as if they were alien fruit) However, please do try to find out what was causing that Jool teleportation issue sometime, please(even though I'll probably use this new savefile in the future). It was reasonably simple to restore what I did since I only set up a ground base and a few probes around(though it was frustrating), but if it happens on a save file that's very advanced with bases on Laythe, Duna, Eeloo and space stations on Eve and Tylo... well, it's going to be extremely frustrating, to say the least. In another topic, I looked at Eve with the cloud pack, and was amused to find that there's a huge plateau located right above the clouds. Reminds me of the concept for Fonso(a planet with mountains extending above the atmosphere), as well as the idea of having flying cities on Venus, skirming at the upper atmosphere due to being more habitable than the lower atmo. My question is: does that super-tall plateau actually extend above the atmosphere? If so, how difficult would it be to land over there, considering parachutes cannot be relied upon?
  10. Hi, unfortunately updating my mod from v2.0.2 to v2.1.1 caused all of my crafts on Laythe to teleport inside Jool and explode. What should I do to fix it?
  11. Can you continue with the Minmus & Company series? I need it.

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  12. @GreeningGalaxy The download link for your Kerbal Heads is down. It's a shame, I'd really like to get the Serious variant. I've also noticed that many other textures are outdated or also down, while the income of new textures is at an all-time low(the only reliable pack is the Renaissance mod, and it adds too many things I don't care for). I'd just like a good-looking pack of Kerbal heads for either gender(prefferably with non-bearded males, and females without makeup). Also, @Cosmic_Farmer I really like some of the IVA suits in this image showcasing your head mod - specifically the ones from the first and fourth Kerbals(though mostly the foruth) from left to right. It resembles casual clothes which astronauts do wear while within a space station or in a ship idling as it's more comfortable than an IVA suit. Could you or anyone else point out where to download those suits, and possibly to find a pack with more casual clothes like those?
  13. That worked. It's a little stiff and seems to want to stall at times, but I have that problem with all planes, so it's okay. Thanks!
  14. None of the solutions worked. Pushing the vertical stabilizer back hardly had any effects, while adding canards gave the plane so much lifting force that steering it even as softly as possible causes it to spin uncontrollably - and unless I'm very high up in the air, this'll result in me crashing.
  15. I've been planning to set up a base on Laythe, and one of the things I intend to send there are plane-rover hybrids to explore the myriad of islands across the moon. However, upon designing such a plane and testing it on Kerbin, it displayed severe flight issues, such as: • Flipping out of control when taking off - airplane must taxi at ~70m/s and make a jump, then shove throttle to 100% to accelerate quickly. It will spin out and crash when doing a conventional takeoff. • Easily losing control when turning around on the atmosphere - When turning around, it'll wackingly spin around and then go back to its initial position. To steer, you must do so slowly and carefully. • Hard time landing - It's hard to properly orientate the plane because it will not budge when steering unless doing a full bank turn, and when trying to land, it will bounce right up and start spinning uncontrollably. I'd like to fix the problems I have with the plane, so if anyone could point out some bad design choices I did, it'd be welcome. I have taken five screenshots from the plane in order to help.