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  1. Thats simply the so called "Fish eye lense" effect. Wake up and do your own research! Don't listen to the kovernment shills or all the paid actors here in this thread claiming Kerbin is round. Thats laughable!
  2. True. Tried that. Works. Thanks for the hint. But it already kicks in at 2m/s.
  3. Hmmm, weird. When I start a new Sandbox game and copy the .craft file over and load the ship, the engines work instantly. But in my Career game they still "flame out" ... ?!
  4. Hey Did I miss some change regarding the TORY Nuclear Ramjet Engine from the KSP Interstellar Pack? I remember some KSP versions ago, you just put them on and they were good to go. But now in 1.2.2 with the latest KSPI, I can't seem to get them working. They say "Prop. Requirement Met: 0.00%" (Propellant = Atmospheric). But I have plenty of Air Intakes and two Engine Nacelles. Even put some Radiators on to satisfy the KSPI Heat Management. And when I throttle them up, they go from "Status: Off" to "Status: Nominal" for ~2 sec and then to "Status: Flame-Out!" "Cause: Air combustion fa
  5. Agree. I used the first versions of this mod and it was pretty simple and straight forward and worked. Now the new version is an overly complicated "clusterf*ck" of buttons and panels and doesn't even seem to work anymore. Like I want to HOVER a quadcopter. I set "Enabled", click on "Hover" and nothing happens. I click on "AutoThrottle" and it goes to full throttle. Now I can set "Alt. (m)". I set it to 1000.0 click on "Set" nothing happens. I click on "Hover" again, nothing happens. But now I got a trackbar to set "V.Spd." I put it to 0.0m/s and it goes full throttle again all the way up
  6. There are no "Kerbonauts". Space doesn't exist. Mun landing was fake. Kerbin is flat.
  7. But before you can do the "drag & drop" thingy, you have to manually open X (different) pages, click here, click there, double click to open Zip, click, click, click, ... Thats the annoying part with updating. I gave CKAN another shot. It still suggested me installing other stuff and when I open the game I get update recommendations for various mods from "KSP AVC". So CKAN seems to have some outdated versions. But it was the least hazzle so far.
  8. I remember when I tried CKAN back then, it offered me / required "dependencies" and other stuff for various mods, so I always ended up installing more than I wanted and didn't need when installing the mods manually. But I will give CKAN another try. Didn't know the situation is so bad about Curse Client. :/
  9. I didn't play KSP since 1.1.2 and wanted to spend some time with it. I see there is version 1.2 already, great! But here comes the problem I think everyone ran into already: Updating ~40 mods each time a new version is released is painful and always takes me like 1-2 hours and frustrates me to a point where I rather play something else. Isn't there an easy "one-click" solution to update all mods? I know about CKAN or Mod Manager, but personally never got used to them because they still require too much user interaction and configuration. Since KSP Mods are hosted on Curse, I won
  10. Thank you very much for keeping it alive. Fortunately for me, I'm quite busy with some RL work projects since last year and also haven't been playing KSP for quite a while. So unfortunately for this mod, I don't have much time and energy left to spend on getting back into C# and Unity stuff. I already had some ideas in the past, like a part which you can put on a probe and deploy it on a surface and it will tell you the time on that spot, etc. Maybe I will get some time later this year when the biggest workloads are off. Until then, I updated the OP and the title with your link.
  11. Is there a way to disable Life Support shutdown due to Electric Charge loss? So Interstellar mod users can use your mod without the problems I described above? Or any ETA on Interstellar compatibility? Great mod btw. It covers alot of things I wished for since a long while. Will for sure donate some € if I can get it running properly with Interstellar mod.
  12. Having a problem with Kerbalism and Interstellar Mod. I'm having a mothership in orbit of Duna with 1 Kerbal aboard. On Duna I have a lander with 3 Kerbals and ISRU, which is meant to fly refuel missions for the mothership. Both ships are equipped with nuclear reactors and a thermal electric generator. So they don't need batteries, solar panels and basically will never run out of electric charge. However, when switching to the lander on Duna and timewarping for mining and refining ore, I'm still constantly getting stopped after some seconds by warning messages, that the mothersh
  13. Well yea, I could. But thats also unnecessary payload. So you could stick to Air / LQ fuel or LqHydrogen. But however you turn it, you still end up needing a refuel after getting into Orbit. Isn't it possible to build a SSTO with a Fusion reactor and Plasma thruster or something (anymore?), like the guy did in the video?
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