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  1. I have a suggestion/request: in the phys warp settings, allow us to configure timestep and timescale independently. For example, I want to have 10x timescale but keep timestep at 0.02s, so there is no loss.
  2. In the current version, 1.3.1, the AGU is very hard to use. Specially in missions where you need to recover parts from space. The problem is that it requires a very small angle range to catch the target. For big ships or asteroids, it is not hard, but for small parts, it is. In the part.cfg, I changed captureMinFwdDot to zero. Now it works just fine for grabbing floating parts. So, I suggest that this parameter should be lowered. Maybe it does not need to be zero to work, but it needs to be lowered.
  3. Tried that, but ran out of fuel. I am going to wait a bit longer until these bugs are fixed before coming back to KSP. Thanks all for the help.
  4. Situation: SUB_ORBITAL It seems the information tab recognizes it is sub-orbital but the contract tab doesn't.
  5. The KerbalX does not have reaction wheels. So it relies on the engine to turn around. If you exit the atmosphere not aligned with the maneuver node, MechJeb might try to turn too hard, making the rocket spin when the engines kick in.
  6. I don't have FAR installed. I just tried Kerbal-X and MechJeb 449 managed to put it in orbit at 75km with 500 dv still left in the mainsail stage.
  7. If you check my screenshot, you'll see that stock toolbar button is missing. So, it is probably the same issue.
  8. MechJeb Dev 453 is a bit buggy. I tried a clean install of KSP and MechJeb 453 with no other mods installed. Started a new sandbox game. As soon as I place the AR202 on my ship, the debug windows gets spammed with NullReferenceException. 452 and 451 also have this bug. 450 doesn't have this bug, but it is also unusable due to other bugs. So it seems that 449 is the latest "stable" version.
  9. PreciseWarp gives you more control over the physical time warp feature of KSP. Standard physical warp speeds up time, but also reduce simulation accuracy. With PreciseWarp, you can control speedup (timeScale) and precision (fixedDeltaTime) separately. You can also pause the simulation and still be able to issue commands, create nodes, etc. Increasing timeScale will speed up time. But this demands more CPU. So, there is a limit on how fast you can go. Increasing fixedDeltaTime will reduce simulation accuracy, so your ship might break up if you increase it a lot. On the other hand, it also speeds up time, up to what is set in timeScale. So, the key is to find a balance between the two. Download: Dropbox Source included in download. License: MIT
  10. Great to see that this mod is still being maintained. I have a feature request. There is another mod called Time Control that features high physical warp but without sacrificing physics accuracy. It's called hyper warp. But unfortunately it is no longer maintained. I would love to see this feature implemented in BetterTimeWarp.