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  1. is there are any chances to make Bobcat's Soyuz IVA work with your Soyuz? is Vzor Periscope actually working? should i install some plugin for it, or i want to much?) anyway, you did great work. Thanks!
  2. it looks good, but where shoud i put "r7 1st retro engines/boosters"? and rocket is always fliping when i trying to make gravity turn
  3. Probably I figured out what the point. So, it happens when i at 90-110 km above the planet and "SM3 Terrain Shaders" (in game settings) is on, if i higher or lower - i can see the oceans. But if i turn off "SM3 Terrain Shaders" it work normal and i can see the oceans at 90-110 km to. When i tested it, i find another bug: ))) Anyway, it is cool mod and i hope you will update it soon.
  4. I am not using RVE, only EVE. But even EVE removing is not helping. Anyway, thank you for answer.
  5. That mod is just what i looking for! But can somebody help me with this: no oceans this happens sometime.
  6. i remember when i played IVA in BobCat's old Soyuz. i was tried to dock with another Soyuz with out RPM but with VOID. its fun) actually, i docked but loose left solar panels on bouth ships)
  7. Beale, it's cool when Author work with his mod and make it better. Thank you! Q: will you remake Soyuz command module and internals?
  8. I like both colors (release's and this), but yeah, the last ones is better. Raidernick, will you do old type of Progress ship?
  9. unfortunatly it not work (or i do it wrong). not big deal, real chute must be deleted!)
  10. in game, even in sandbox, i have only two base. there is no 5m 3.75m, 0,625m. so, what is wrong?
  11. I have some problems( 1)Soyuz's solar panels don't extracting. 2)In game i have only Salyut 6, but it's has no texture.
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