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  1. Yeah, I'm into hobby photography for almost 3 years now. Shooting at night, with my old hometown nearby. Not me in the photo. And I got this one while waiting for the ISS I was close to a streetlight, so the light was reflected and dispersed on the inside of the lens. From an astrophotography standpoint it's rubbish, but it's just so beautiful. Got a lot more stuff, if you guys wanna see.
  2. Seems like there's an earthlike planet orbiting proxima centauri.
  3. Wow, this is amazing. Thank you for doing this and being so dedicated despite time constraints. Just stay that awesome!
  4. I was out on vacation with my girlfriend a few weeks and couldn't really follow the thread. Now to see it again, absolutely stunning work, @Pine. Can't wait to see what you can make out of my screenshot.
  5. Does anybody else have problems with getting the craft file importer working in the newest blender version?
  6. I feel like in the game we often lose this sense of scale, so I tried to get us closer to actual Kerbals' level again I fully recommend viewing it in full screen if possible
  7. @Pine No, it's alright, just do it however you like.
  8. I hope I'm not robbing you of sleep, if I make a request. Really love your artstyle and the artwork you've shown here. It's a bit older, but I hope it checks out
  9. Don't worry, I'm lightyears aways from being able to draw anything like this. No, it's all Blender and a little bit GIMP to get rid of some render errors. No need to give up. *or be impressed I know the idea of the picture is pretty stupid, I just imagine how the Kerbal on the right took the whole pot out of the spacecraft as his "experiment", which is why the other looks like he's questioning his intelligence.
  10. "The Biological Experiment" or "What were you thinking?"
  11. Thanks, that's great to hear from the man himself I worked a little bit more on the hair
  12. I love you for this, that's just really awesome. One request: with the new update it's possible to move the camera around inside the vessel, by enabling the interior view. Unfortunately the 'camera sensor' is too big, so half the time it's clipping into the faces of some kerbals or into the walls. Would it be possible to add an interior mode that reduces the size, so the camera can fly through vessels without clipping into someting? Many thanks!!
  13. I'm not a modder and my coding experience is close to zero, but wouldn't it be possible to make an inofficial patch? I don't know how well this would possible with the licensing, but as it seems to be abandoned maybe someone could do that. I was really looking forward to start making bigger cinematics in 1.1 and Camera Tools just doesn't cut it without a pathing feature. Alternatively, maybe we can persuade @BahamutoD to add this feature to camera tools. Not sure how much work it would be though.
  14. Well, derp. I thought I still had 3 hours until this starts.
  15. So I just tested KerbCam in the 1.1 pre-release and it's not working. Is there a chance for it to be updated? I checked and huin hasn't been online since last november so maybe someone would be able to hack up some inofficial patch. I would hate to see this mod die.
  16. OK guys, I just tested kerbcam in 1.1 and it's seemingly not working. Do you think someone could hack up an inofficial patch to get it working again?
  17. The train is hyping. Prerelease shows his fangs. People be crazy.
  18. Ok, thanks for clearing that up. I just thought it would make sense, as there is the swordfish, which has a similiar looking feature. Back on topic (before the mods get nervous): So @pizzaoverhead was right. I just wonder how this is any different from doing this in a 3d modelling program. I like it though.
  19. Wait guys, I thought we call Orcas Killerwal and Narwhals Schwertwal. Kann ich so wrong sein?
  20. Sounds very interesting. I sent you a pm.
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