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  1. Every time I watch an Antares launch the only thing going through my head is "I really hope the AJ- 26's don't show their N1 heritage". Alas...
  2. SpaceX asked for that much, Boeing also asked for that much. All that shows is how SpaceX is saying that they can do a better job (reusable and all) for less than Boeing. It may not seem like it, but that is sort of a slap in the face to Boeing, seeing that they need 1.6x the money to do the same job.
  3. The first stage was coming back for revenge on the Castor B for leaving it behind.
  4. Unfortunately, yes I think it will.
  5. If Planetary Science takes a hit then no. NASA has this obsession with Mars, even with a whole other solar system to explore. Dont get me wrong, I am all for a Mars mission, so long as Planetary Science gets an increase, or remains at about $1.5 billion. I however could see a manned mission exciting the public, and hence increasing the funding for all divisions of NASA.
  6. I thought that Angara was yet to have its maiden flight... My understanding is that it is to occur this June.
  7. No, as far anyone can tell so far, it appears to be a faulty vernier rocket in the third stage, which caused the rocket to loose control. Maybe Russia could start sending their satellites into orbit with trampolines?
  8. I would agree with that and I wish that would happen, but i just dont think that Roscosmos has enough funding to move any faster with Angara.
  9. The rocket itself is a pretty reliable rocket. Most failures are problems with the different attachable upper stages, like the Briz- M. Im no engineer, but with all the failures with the Proton recently I think that Roscosmos needs to take more time after this failure, and pound out as many problems as they can, but like I said, Im no engineer and there could be other factors involved that would make scrubbing all the launches for the next year pointless.
  10. So a Proton M crashed today after its launch from Baikonour. Thoughts? [News Stories]
  11. Its great to finally get an update on this mod and I hope to see an update soon!
  12. I have it installed as KSP-GameData-ISS. Inside the ISS folder are folders titled BobCatind, ISS_Community, KAS and TSAS. Hope this helps.
  13. You should have the Mir Core Module, ISS FGB, Quest, Unity, Node 2/3, Columbus, Destiny, Leonardo MPM, JEM, SO Truss, P1/S1 Truss, and the P6/S6 Truss