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  1. Could you add options in the settings for RSS sizes? A line like RSSsizes = true/false, which would change the next/previous size scaling to go up/down by 0.5 m instead of the stock sizes, would be great.
  2. Try removing every folder from GameData except for Squad (to isolate the issue and get rid of long loading times while you're fixing) and put a freshly extracted RO folder in there with it, that worked for me (strangely enough after reinstalling RO enough times). And brooklyn, IIRC that's a FAR issue that was fixed a few updates ago, try getting the newest version.
  3. Uhhh...well no I don't have RCS Sounds (though good thing you found that bug anyways haha), and after re-extracting ROv3 yet again this time it worked...completely confused but I'm not complaining lol. Weird stuff. Finally get to enjoy RSS in all its glory thanks all the hard work all of you here put in.
  4. See the thing is that there's no crashing, it's just that the game stops loading, so I unfortunately don't have the output_log.txt to upload. The KSP.log message is consistent however, showing the same thing as I originally posted. I went and downloaded a fresh and made sure I have a single ModuleManager 1_5_6 dll. I did some further testing too and found that this issue is specifically between RCS_Squad.cfg and RealFuels (even removed every other folder from Gamedata except Squad). Realfuels works on its own, RO works on its own, both work if I remove RCS_Squad.cfg.
  5. I'm having a problem where RCS_Squad.cfg is causing the game to stop loading (everything works without this file). It doesn't crash or anything, the loading bar just stops moving when it gets to loading the linear RCS part. In the log the error appears to be: [ERR 16:04:56.372] Cannot find a Module of typename 'ModuleSPU' [ERR 16:04:56.373] Cannot find a Module of typename 'ModuleRTAntenna' [WRN 16:04:56.374] Could not create PartResource of type 'Aerozine [WRN 16:04:56.375] Could not create PartResource of type 'N2O4 [LOG 16:04:56.378] Aerozine not found in resource database. Propellant Setup has failed. [EXC 16:04:56.379] NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object [EXC 16:04:56.385] NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object Which appears to be an issue with RealFuels, so I reinstalled RealFuels 4.1 (along with the RTFS engine cfg if it matters) and nothing has changed. Help?
  6. That's what I thought it was supposed to do Nathan, so I originally did that and it didn't do anything. Thought I was the one missing something, otherwise I would have said something earlier haha.
  7. I agree with J_Davis that the option should always be there for a Kerbal config OR a RSS config. Maybe this should be two seperate polls (if that's possible), for each type of player's opinion. On option #2: Without RSS, I play with the stockalike config, but with all of the @mass and origMass lines removed, because I find that otherwise things become way too easy (real world TWRs in a scaled down game), and I'm not sure who this option is meant to appeal to.
  8. Cool stuff. So when in KSP is it appropriate to use the less massive balloon tanks?
  9. Hey Nathan, just wondering what the rate of boil-off is for hydrolox in a cryogenic tank? Also do you mind explaining how the service and balloon stretchy tanks interact with Realfuels? Thanks for all the awesome mods by the way.
  10. Out of TAC, IonCross, and ECLSS which one do you prefer and why?
  11. Is this mod non-functional for everyone on .23 or is it just me? Not clear reading through the thread
  12. How many of the parts are actually resized at this point in time? I set up a separate installation for this mod and as I'm starting career mode, I have a 2m pod with 1.25m fuel tanks and engines (which are also renamed???). Help please...Gets me thinking that this mod is still a huge WIP but then I see things like replications of Voyager and Cassini and I think I'm just doing something wrong here. Asked in the RSS thread and didn't get much of a reply.