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  1. It's working fine now. Just was a bug from editing the ship into the .sfs file.
  2. It was happening in orbit too, but I tested on the fresh install only on the ground. I'll test in orbit, thanks! I suspect it wasn't working in orbit for me earlier since I had to edit the .sfs file, due to a bug caused by a different addon, and the ship with the problem was from another save file.
  3. I am having a problem where oxygen is not being consumed at all. It was working fine before, so it's odd. I also tested on a fresh install with no other mods except TAC:LS and Toolbar, oxygen is not being consumed but food and water are. Can anyone help?
  4. I've found a bug. I'm using remotetech 2 also, if this is a stock bug please let me know. I was setting up a satellite network with 3 satellites that have close to the same orbit and SMA as Mun, upon going back to the space center and back to the tracking station, the satellites will be in random orbits, sometimes around Jool, Kerbin, or even on a hyperbolic orbit of the Sun. This also affected my satellites orbiting the Mun once and set them on an escape trajectory from the Sun. I also tested by controlling one of the sats and warping at the highest speed, they never entered the SOI of another moon. The bug only happens when reloading the tracking station or launching a new ship. I was having a lot of fun with remotetech, but it looks like I need to remove it from this save due to this bug, or set up satellites in a different orbit that is not on the same orbit as a celestial body.
  5. Perfect, have been waiting for a mod for this since editor tools broke!
  6. I'm using the Alternis Kerbin plugin where Kerbin orbits Jool. I was using DTS-M1, which has a cone angle of 45 degrees. I was targeting a Kerbin from Mun and Bop (Kerbin's moon) was within the cone, but a connection only formed to satellites orbiting the Kerbin, and not Bop. I had the satelites around Kerbin and Bop pointing towards Mun, and all were within the dish's distance.
  7. I have noticed when targeting a planet with a dish, it won't connect to a dish in range around a moon. The same is true if I target a moon, the dish won't connect to sats in range around the planet. Are there any plans to fix this, or a way to make it work?
  8. With further testing, on some re-entry profiles mechjeb can't hold retrograde. Can you adjust the COM on your next version?
  9. An easier way is to just make a copy of the GameData folder, and add alternis to one. Example two folders "GameData - alternis" and "GameData - original". I have two seperate saves that use different mods, when I want to play a particular save I just rename the folder I want to GamaData.
  10. Congrats on the release!
  11. I have FAR installed and noticed the tumbling problem. I'm able to keep it stable on re-entry with mechjeb smart A.S.S. pointing retrograde. I realized my re-entry profile was incorrect for DR by testing with a mk1 pod. I'm new to DR and forgot that when I was entering before, I was applying retrograde thrust also, but I figured out a good profile without needing any thrust, so a config similar to the 1.25 heatshield or mk1 should work fine, thanks!
  12. edit: nevermind
  13. I like your pod, I would love it if you made it deadly reentry and raster prop monitor compatible. edit: Just saw your post that you are going to make it compatible, yay! =) I have tried to make my own deadly reentry config for it but it just keeps burning up.
  14. I have noticed the same thing. Lagging and flickering. However, the lag does not occur in map view.
  15. I have not tried alternis and PF together, but I noticed alternis does not always show the archive, so it may just be that. I have had to load a ship and go back to space center then the archive shows.