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  1. (C) Jebediah Kerman during flight-testing So, here is the decoupler. It turned out entirely different than I originally imagined, but I like this idea more. It is passable (for Connected Living Space), blends in with S2 body, and has some internal surfaces to attach separation motors, parachutes or maybe some science stuff. Please note that explosive node is top, like in stock decouplers: by default it will remain attached to the ditched stage, whereas on the screenshot above it is simply rotated. There is currently no indication of the direction, and no explosive effects, I'll
  2. I was not able to reproduce the issue @jensgw reported.Thus the only solution I can offer is to update everything to the latest versions. And speaking of latest versions, I've published another release on github. Exactly one year after the previous update. Not much of an update really, just one new part, the S2-Mk2 adapter. Next planned thing is S2 decoupler.
  3. Ok, I'll look into it. Didn't see this problem yet but I might need to update my B9 installation. The symptoms are reminiscent of incorrect direction for attachment points but these seem to be set correctly in part.cfg. There should be an "ignore attachment directions" option somewhere in the cheat menu, it might help in your case as a temporary workaround...
  4. Oh hi. Got distracted by real life again, sorry. Sort of. I have a model for S2 to Mk2 adapter somewhere, and I really want to make a decoupler so stay tuned. No immediate plans for smaller cargo bays for now. CKAN, and Tweakscale for that matter, were out of scope initially. Never used either, so no idea how to handle the support. I would imagine CKAN people could add the relevant index files for the mod, after it has only one well defined origin point (github repository). But I don't really want to manage these definitions myself, or host them in that repository.
  5. Right, thanks. And it did make sense to wait, tank types in Fuel Switcher configuration changed a bit. So the new release is up, first post updated. I need to apologise for forgetting to include an internal space for Mk1 Crew Cabin back when it was released. Now it should be there. Its external appearance also changed because bac9 completely overhauled his Mk1 fuselages. Also, this release will break saved crafts because of changes in part names (had to normalise naming, and this also allows my parts to be subject to B9 MFT and RF configs, which nicely determine tank volumes from Fue
  6. I accidentally two new parts, is this dangerous? https://imgur.com/a/OkEIZ https://imgur.com/a/37rYJ Note: consider this a teaser. There is no new release yet, waiting for B9 to make sure everything works. However, all the stuff is on github, GameData directory from master should work with KSPv1.2 as long as all the relevant B9 textures (and configs for MFT/RF) are present.
  7. Hi @Raptor831, Do you, by any chance, happen to be aware of any size0 or size1 engine configured in RF Stockalike to use Kerolox and having significant number of ignitions in Kerolox mode? By significant I mean around ten (maybe less but more is of course better). Why would I want such a thing, you might ask? Well, I am thinking of playthrough or maybe a mission report series where fuel components toxicity can influence the development of a space program for some environmental or political reasons. It is not unheard of in real life: Sergey Korolyov soundly opposed the idea of human-rat
  8. I am slowly getting back to KSP and have an update ready. With KSP 1.x an important shortage in my two-seat cockpits surfaced its ugly head. Or, should I say, surfaced pilots head through the roof of cockpit. I didn't notice it in IVA view but internal overlay makes it hard to miss. Moreover, at some point an external mesh has been changed but internal model remained the same - interior overlay shows this too. So I set upon fixing that, and ended up completely reworking SRS internal mesh from the external one. Now it is an honest copy (even with some faces from the frame left intact - to displ
  9. Definitely related, I do run KSP with -force-glcore switch (without it most of UI is not rendered — so I can't start new game, load a save etc, a known bug of Linux version of KSP/Unity iirc). Though I didn't specify an exact version until now. Tried 32, 33, 42, 44, 45, all with the same result. Oh, and the surface does indeed react to SPH lighting now; so it is not a black body, just shiny black. Also, side edges are rendered fine, only surface is black.
  10. Oh, sorry, should have mentioned it. It's black, J menu works. Actually, it's somewhat usable at this state; solid black has some aesthetics of its own...
  11. Player.log Shader compilation failed. And surface is all black again.
  12. @Van Disaster Thanks, but nothing changes even with your shader. BTW by "release" I mean v0.40.7, definitely not anything pre-1.1.
  13. @fallout2077 log location is platform-dependent, Linux version of Unity player writes logs to ~/.config/unity3d. As for module manager, I don't have it in this clean install but tried with another, its presence does not change anything (also, I believe module manager adjusts some wing parameters for FAR, RF, MFT but is not actually required for PWings) @Van Disaster wingshader is there; I've also tried the shader from release with library from master and vice versa — it seems that behavior depends on library alone (i.e. always black surface with older library, always misplaced something
  14. Ah, there are commits after release, why didn't it occur to me to check out master... Anyway, it's different, something wrong with edge opacity and/or location: and I was not able to bring up wing editor window (J button does not work). Now there are NREs in the log: Player.log, KSP.log
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