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  1. I built, launched, and docked an RCS refueler with escape pod to my Orbital Refueling Station, in honor of the lost Orbital Sciences ISS cargo launch from yesterday.
  2. Yeah but its worse than just building damage... our poor space program...
  3. Looked like an engine blew up or something... then it fell... They forgot the struts...
  4. oops... what a shame... *shakes fist* ...Jebediah!!!!
  5. http://www.nasa.gov/multimedia/nasatv/index.html Enjoy. T-24min
  6. I like to name mine after famous scientists. Tyson class interplanetary, Kaku class rover, Sagan and Hawking class probes, Feynman class SSTO, etc.
  7. Well what would you call it? Keeping in mind that planetoids themselves are in fact asteroids...
  8. Just in case anyone somehow still hasn't seen it:
  9. What does it mean to get repped by an official account?
  10. Successfully rescued Shepvis Kerman to orbit from being marooned on Duna for 3 months when his original lander toppled.
  11. I'd also say it's for everyone. My 4-yo daughter asks me all the time if she can watch me play "my rocket game". She loves watching the "fail youtubes". She helps me pick Kerbonauts from the lounge based on how interesting their names are to her (sometimes I have to send them on suicide missions later because she picks names I hate - hmmm ok Merory Kerman, you will go jet-bike testing lol). She tries to construct rockets and gets angry at me when I correct her (well your rocket needs a fuel tank honey). I'm sure she'll be hitting me up to start her own save before long. I on the other hand am 40 yo and I do play 3-5 games at once, and I have s***loads of money to spend on games. Pigeonholing different "classes" of players for a game like this just doesn't work. And btw, orbital mechanics ARE intuitive... just like the Universal Law of Gravitation itself... never underestimate the intellect of others, especially kids.
  12. First of all, its absolutely true that the brains in all Science fields are not in it for the money. Same as Academia. The paychecks in Science and Academia will quite simply never ever measure up against Industry careers. Scientists (in contrast perhaps to scientific administrative staff) are in it for the Science, not for the paycheck. On the other hand, you'd be working for all Mankind instead of doing your part to get one rich guy that much richer. Check NASA summer jobs, and indeed summer job openings at any science facility near you - it's a great way to get a foot in the door and see if what actually goes on in their labs and facilities is what you're interested in. And if you want Science AND money, then perhaps look at Space-X. They'll be expanding dramatically before long. But they'll be extremely picky.
  13. In the ongoing dragging-out Lars Kerman rescue mission, Jack Kerman tried to dock a Kaku-class Lander with the Tyson-class Interplanetary Station in orbit over Duna, only to find that somehow his Clampotron Sr had come loose - though still attached to the Lander, it could not dock with the station... back to the ole drawing board.
  14. You really can't already see the auroras if you're 200km up? That's pretty far...