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  1. I'm guessing some coding work would need to be done to link the two. RPM integrations aren't something I was ever that familiar with, I'm afraid.
  2. Not sure if other people are seeing the same thing, but I just noticed that on quickloading my SSTO to re-try a landing, the engines which had been switched off were all enabled, which was disconcerting 500m from the runway as I went from having 1/3 throttle on 2 Whiplashes to having 2 Whiplashes and 6 Rapiers giving it the beans. Pretty sure that's a new one.
  3. Feel free to fork. I've been away from KSP from some time now, and am more than happy if someone else wants to take a look at KeepFit.
  4. I'm on a beach right now (he said smugly) so I can't check for sure, but I think I missed 1.2.2 specifically, as the 1.2.0 release worked fine with 1.2.2. I find github releases a but eadiervto navigate for old versions. Just look for the last release before the one where I rebuilt for 1.3 Hope that helps
  5. I relented and built a release for 1.3.0, by popular demand and because I've only found Stock-ALA on the game settings screen ... maybe there's scope for ALA-lite now, which just modifies the Stock-ALA setting via Applauncher/Blizzy toolbar? Annnyyyway ... new release on Spacedock/Github - please try it and shout if I broke it. edit to add : I've now done a test of Stock-ala, and I can confirm it bugs the life out of me, as it takes too many button clicks, but be warned, Mod-ALA overrides Stock-ALA settings.
  6. I can do a build for 1.3 but the release notes claim ambient light adjustment is now stock ... I just haven't seen where/how to adjust it yet, and I have been playing again on 1.3
  7. Hi, Honest answer is not until next week at the earliest, as I've got other things clogging up my diary during this week, and the weekend I'll be away. Hopefully next week though, dependant on how much of a PITA the 1.3 update is on the coding front. T.
  8. Hi, Can't say I've tried it, having been away from KSP for a while now, but I think the notification would have been from AVC rather than module manager, and is a notification/warning rather than an outright 'your doomed' notification. Tim
  9. I'm taking a KSP break right now due to being old and broken and lacking in KSP mojo - I suspect it'd be fine in 1.2.1 from what I understand are the scope of changes, but I don't want to make that official without someone else confirming.
  10. Ok, finally got to it - pulled in @Kerbas_ad_astra's fixes and additional configs - many thanks, and also (I think - got a bit confused during merging and conflict resolution between branches during the process, so maybe @Kerbas_ad_astra already fixed the CLS assembly loading code too). anyway ... new release up on spacedock and github, and first post updatified. Timmers Dammit - just remembered I also need to deal with Neutral tooltip colour not working any more - grr.
  11. Thanks all for the pointers, new release on first page with fix - tested (briefly) with and without toolbar. Tim
  12. I suspect the same fix that was needed for Toolbar is also needed for soft-dependency on CLS ... I should have time tomorrow to look into it. tim
  13. Haven't had any spare time to really play 1.2 yet ... once I have then I'll be in a position to comment on this - it depends how 'hookable' the tolerance levels and consequences are for modders. See below - its tied into me not having had time to do more than rebuild KeepFit for 1.2 as yet - pity the poor timmers who has no time to play any games (though he did buy a new motorbike so possibly has himself to blame). Thanks - I've got a github pull request I think which may be the fix for the toolbar stuff, but ... again ... ought to really do more than a quick rebuild in order to check these things out.
  14. Bah ... and today my servers at work went all clown-car on me - not the best day! Looks like the github upload failed. Should be better now. Thanks, T
  15. No problem, I've been very tied up recently, but 1.2.0 came out a day before my game did, so ... well now I'm even busier (but in such a way that I can push up a rebuild of my KSP things).
  16. Ok, have rebuilt for 1.2.0 release and pushed it up. First post updated.
  17. Yes, I will get to it, but not until Monday at the earliest as im taking family on a weekend break, so it would be bad manners to then spend it on laptop (again). In the meantime thanks again to Boop for producing an interim build T
  18. Thanks for that - I'm in pretty busy times right now so haven't had a chance to go near KSP for a couple of weeks, let alone the 1.2 prerelease!
  19. Sorry for the heavily delayed reply - returned from holidays to find the sky had fallen in at work - what fun. If you are still suffering from issues here, perhaps you could send me your KSP log output? That may shed some light on this. T
  20. If you don't have blizzy's toolbar, but ambient light adjustnrnt is installed correctly, you should get a stock applauncher button instead.
  21. For the toolbar (which is optional) you'll need blizzy's toolbar mod, which you can find on these here forums. I would attach a link, but I'm in the back of beyond right now, so it'll take ages just to open the page. Timmers
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