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  1. It works perfectly fine. Sounds like a personal problem if it's not working for you...which I won't help with.
  2. RO is ready to release. I plan to put a release out as soon as Deadly Reentry and Real Fuels are officially updated for 1.9.x. They currently work but give version warnings on load and won't show up in CKAN so I want them marked as compatible first. As for 1.10.x that is completely on Kopernicus and the 10 or so other mods that aren't updated for it yet.
  3. There is no universal guide. You learn by looking at someone's existing patches and figuring it out yourself. It's how everyone else learns it. Start simple and work your way up.
  4. RO smokescreen is only used for KSP 1.7.3. For any earlier or later versions of KSP just use regular smokescreen from the normal thread. You can get the link yourself easily.
  5. Nothing to revive. The mod is scope complete and only needs posts when it's updated for a new ksp version. I've basically quit KSP at this point so I may or may not ever update it to 1.10+ or whatever version KSP is currently on, don't much care anymore.
  6. Use it on versions of KSP that it supports maybe? Seriously it says right in the release what KSP version it's for and none of the RO/RSS mods are updated for 1.10...
  7. This is entirely the wrong place to be asking for help with this problem, and you aren't likely to get help with anything unless you ask in the correct area. May I suggest the thread for the mod you are actually having the problem with, the RO thread perhaps.
  8. I know this is an outlandish idea, but you could always try it yourself to see if it works.
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