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  1. This is the final image of the N1 stack I'll be posting. It's the exploded view of all the parts in the completed rocket. I'll be releasing this alongside the next RO update, which will be in about 10 or so days.
  2. Now that's not a fair thing to ask at all, it's just cruel.
  3. The part would still be visible even if it was missing the textures. If it's completely invisible it sounds like you may have the normals reversed(in conjunction with multiple textures). To fix this you'd need to flip the normals in whatever program you used to model it. This problem can also happen if you use multiple textures on a single mesh only without flipped normals. KSP only supports a single texture per mesh and if you apply multiples and then import it into unity, any parts of that mesh that use the textures beyond the first one listed will be invisible. Another thing that could be wrong is that your colliders have too many vertices, there is an upper limit of 256?(I think), and when a part has more than that it exports a corrupted mesh file, the game will load it but it won't show up in game.
  4. [1.3.1] Realism Overhaul v12.0.0 [03 Apr 2018]

    It does if you are using the right ksp version. I can assure you 100% it shows up for ksp 1.3.1, I tested it, so did many others and people have been installing it that way since. It won't show up in 1.4 versions but like I said it's not updated for 1.4 and neither are most of the dependencies.
  5. [1.3.1] Realism Overhaul v12.0.0 [03 Apr 2018]

    First of all it doesn't work in 1.4 at all so don't even mention that because you won't get help with it. Second, you are not installing the mod and it's dependencies correctly, or at all, or you are installing the wrong versions. Go back, read the OP, install everything again from scratch on a clean 1.3.1 install. If you can't do that try using ckan it will do it automatically.
  6. yeah install the dependencies like the directions say to...
  7. FASA Chutes problem

    I'm not really sure why you'd be having that problem then. @Theysen and I both tested the parachutes when making that 7.2.2 release as the whole point of that release in the first place was to fix the chute problem with it not slowing down. If it REALLY is an issue in a 100% stock game with just FASA, can you please post that config to the github as an issue and I'll look into it further. If I determine something needs to be fixed I might add it into the mod officially and make a new release.
  8. FASA Chutes problem

    An apple computer? I don't know anything about Mac if that is what you are talking about so I can't help you with that sorry.
  9. FASA Chutes problem

    I don't know why it says that. I didn't write that post. The version posted there is 100% stock and doesn't contain any RO configs. The RO configs for FASA are IN RO itself, so unless you have that, there's nothing to delete. Although if you downloaded RO why would you be deleting the configs in the first place, it's a confusing post that should probably be fixed I will try and contact frizzank to fix it.
  10. FASA Chutes problem

    I'm not sure what you are trying to say, what does function in "pages" mean?
  11. FASA Chutes problem

    By stock game I mean people not using RO/RSS. Although if you DO have mods that are breaking it, that's not really my responsibility to fix. If it works in a 100% stock game with just FASA installed(which it does i tested it), then it's really your problem if it's not working for you. No mod author is going to take a bug seriously if the person hasn't tested the mod first with only the bare minimum installed to rule out other things conflicting.
  12. FASA Chutes problem

    why would having mods matter? It's a parts pack, unless you have another mod besides realchute that changes the way parachutes behave, nothing will affect them. If that is the case then you'd have to post the bug report in that mods thread.
  13. FASA Chutes problem

    Just as a quick question, are you guys even using the updated version of FASA I have been posting or are you not listening and using the old 1.0.5 version? I get a question about this almost every day from people not using the newest version. The old versions parachutes need realchute to work otherwise they don't slow the craft down. The newest version I've been keeping up to date, this has been fixed and the parachutes work perfectly fine in stock...
  14. [1.3.1] Real Solar System v13.0 [02 Apr 2018]

    Sorry yes, you are right I wasn't paying attention to what he was asking about. It's actually my fault that this happened as I was pushing to have RSS released to get RO out because of how long it had been between releases. I wasn't aware that these new bodies had not been fully tested and they do appear to have a problem. The 2 people who can fix the issue have been made aware of it already though and it will be fixed in the next RSS release.
  15. [1.3.1] Real Solar System v13.0 [02 Apr 2018]

    This is already known about, there are 2 open issues on the rss github. However, seeing as how the issue is caused by the mod that adds these bodies and not RSS you really should be posting there and not here.