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  1. Maybe because no plugins from before 1.8 will work in 1.8? Does the mod say it's been updated to 1.8 yet in the title?
  2. I've said it before but I'll say it again, every time someone asks for an update a month is added to the release time. We are already on over a year before even the 1.7.x update and probably going to be 3-15 years for 1.8.x
  3. have you not checked the OP at all? the mod is not managed here anymore. I update it on the RO git(it still works in stock). I still make update posts here though when I update it. Currently it supports up to 1.7.x(despite saying 1.6.x on the release) on the git and 1.8 just came out and you are demanding updates to that already? Seriously? Chances are it won't even need to be updated btw, I haven't needed to actually update it since 1.3.x since it doesn't contain any plugins. You'd know this if you tried it though.
  4. please don't post patches here. It starts conversations unrelated to RO itself and support requests for things not even officially in the mod. If you want to contribute make a PR on the RO github instead with this patch.
  5. you should probably be asking this in the rssve thread not here, this is just for base rss
  6. You are using the stock craft files....why would you expect those to work in RO? I can assure you RO has up to date craft files for all the delta parts. I made them myself and tested them extensively in 1.6.1. To get the craft files and subassemblies for RO check the github page for it.
  7. no it's not, I only ensure that the parts LOAD in stock, I have stated many times that they will likely not be balanced at all. I made most of my mods before career mode even existed so once it came out I only added basic support to the configs so that the parts would at least load. I only actively maintain my parts for RSS/RO and somewhat RP1
  8. you are posting this in like every single part mod thread. Clearly all of these mods are not broken, the answer I gave you in my other thread applies here also. EDIT: the answer also applies to any other mod I work on so don't post this same question in my other threads.
  9. well considering that i've never seen that ever before and I don't have the problem in my game, I can't help you. You probably have some other mod installed that's causing that to happen.
  10. ignore it, it's not a real error. The textures exist in other folders. I make the mod size smaller by keeping all shared textures in one folder instead of having many duplicates in each folder.
  11. my test install for RO is on 1.7.x and I have no issues
  12. if you are using RO/RSS you can use engine group controller, if not, well you are out of luck.
  13. my guess is the ignoring of the RO release version and trying to install it on 1.7.x or something similar. Although RO does work on 1.7.x but you need to force ckan to install the 1.6.x versions of the dependencies that haven't been updated yet.