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  1. I think Kejchal is talking about taking data from the mk1 lander can as a kerbal in EVA, so it can be transferred to another part. Since this action requires you to right click on the crew hatch, scaling could be a potential issue.
  2. okay, so it is working as intended i guess. I don't think my dish is working at all however. as I mentioned before I am using one of the dishes, I have it targeted at Kerbin, but it still loses connection after a certain distance that i within it's range. do I have to have it target a more specific place like cape Canaveral? edit: I figured it out, all is well.
  3. I don't see what you're talking about. the second post in the RO thread has a link to city lights and some calc.xls thing. also, I'm getting a malware alert when I click on the RO link in your signiture. it links to some strange website. Actually all of the links in your signature. you might want to check that out.
  4. In my RO game, I'm having trouble with remote tech. I've been using the largest omni-directional antennae as well as one of the smaller dishes and I lose connection after going 10 million meters away from earth. this is well within the orbit of the moon. Basically, I think the remote tech parts are very underpowered for RO. Is it supposed to be this way?
  5. I used RSS without RO for a while (because I didn't realize that I hadn't installed RO yet.) it works, but it is actually harder. Since all the engines are balanced for stock KSP, they are actually underpowered when everything is scaled up 10x. So basically, realism overhaul (and all mods associated with it) will make it easier for the most part.
  6. I was using the 8192 textures, I'm going to try a different resolution and see if that works. I'm doing this because the game loaded fine before I installed the textures. edit: it worked, now using 4096 textures.
  7. updated to the latest version, this fixed the problem. I love the new launch site selection process by the way. Ah, and before I finished this post, my game crashed. I'm attributing the crash to this mod because it happened while editing kerbin. here is the log https://www.dropbox.com/s/7v9x2r2exec3cym/output_log.txt?dl=0
  8. updated to the latest version, this fixed the problem. I love the new launch site selection process by the way.
  9. Oh, LOL. I thought I was up to date, I'll update now and see if the problem is fixed. I never saw the specific error mentioned in the changelog, so I wasn't certain if it had been fixed yet. Unless it was this "*Finally fixed (I trust) all remaining issues from the loader rewrite". I did see that, But I wasn't sure it was referring to this problem. Awesome mod by the way.
  10. Alright, sure, thanks for the help. I thought I only needed the output_log.txt for crash reports. Here it is : https://www.dropbox.com/s/7v9x2r2exec3cym/output_log.txt?dl=0
  11. It was pointed out that I posted this to the wrong thread, so yeah. I'm fairly certain I installed everything correctly, but earth's SOI is only 84,000 km, which isn't even as far out as the moon. it appears that the escape velocity for earth is accurate, but the SOI is too small. The same probably goes for every body in the kerbin system, but I haven't tested anything other than earth yet.
  12. How's this: 1 Earth's SOI is way too small. It appears to be the same as kerbin's SOI in stock KSP, 84,159 Km. It ends before the moon's orbit, so it has to be wrong. Strangely enough, escape velocity seems to still be accurate, it's just the SOI that is too small. I'm fairly certain I installed Realism overhaul and all required mods correctly. 2 The Rocketdyne F-1 listed in the supported mods sometimes becomes invisible when attached to a vessel. I'm not entirely sure how to replicate this yet, as it has only happened to me once. This bug is obviously not as important as the SOI one, which makes the game pretty unplayable. If the SOI thing is not a bug and is intentional, how am I supposed to work around it?
  13. Deadly reentry keeps killing my fairings during launches, not sure what to do about it. It happens about 30 km up at around 1000 m/s.
  14. Alright, i fixed my original problem by igniting the center engine first. Now I have to deal with my rocket acting as if it is made of jello. Yes I do have joint reinforcement.
  15. I'm experiencing a problem where my center rocketdyne R-1 engine on my S-IC stage of my Saturn V replica isn't igniting. The other 4 ignite without a problem, but the center one never does.